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  1. About time the US recognizes her talent!
  2. Her and Shakira killed it, one of the better halftime shows in recent years.
  3. She did a great job on the National Anthem
  4. One of the best performances of the Grammys. So good to see her back on stage.
  5. Nothing against Billie but Ariana deserved one of those
  6. Wait did he say they were performing Walk This Way? And here it is
  7. I couldn't stop looking at her fingernails but that was a good performance
  8. That was a good choice by Camilla probably more memorable than My Oh My would've been
  9. Camilla singing to her dad or Shawn? So her dad got it
  10. No surprise Speechless won that song was massive. Also Usher is killing it
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