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  1. Those are the best seasons of The Voice IMO, she would've had no chance lmao
  2. This season may be in real trouble if these are the 4 chair turns
  3. Nah that's fair I hate Idol auditions too after being spoiled with The Voice's BAs for so long and while I liked several people from the Idol premiere I can't even remember who they were off the top of my head.
  4. 1. Joanna Serenko - All My Loving 2. Tayler Green - Issues 3. Darious Lyles - How do you Sleep? 4. Todd Michael Hall - Jukebox Hero 5. Todd Tilghman - We've Got Tonight 6. Nelson Cade III - Pride and Joy 7. Megan Danielle - Remedy 8. Tate Brusa - Perfect
  5. Add me she was a lone bright spot on a night full of blah
  6. Well this girl already has a fan thread so she can't be too terrible
  7. Season premiere's for this show haven't been what they used to be for some time now but this is the worst
  8. To be fair with the way they seem to be just handing out 4 chair turns these days maybe they had to get specific lol
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