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  1. Pulling these numbers with a re-recorded album is crazy. Will be short lived though when Adele leaves her and Drake both in the dust with a million+ this week . :haha:


    Only a matter of time before she has sole possession of this record. 1989tv will almost certainly tie her with Barb.


    Poor Carrie got a bit robbed here, Red isn't a country album.😂


    Also a winner tonight at the AMAs :thumbs:

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  2. After a couple listens through the album along with Easy On Me I absolutely love Oh My God and Can I Get It, they're so catchy. I Drink Wine, Hold On and especially To Be Loved are great as well with the latter possibly being one of Adele's best vocal showcases ever.


    When it comes to the albums as a whole I still prefer 21 and 25 but 30 certainly has some incredible moments.



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