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  1. I should be able to post it soon in about an hour.
  2. Ike - Diagonal Down Lara Croft - Micaiah - Pikachu - Right Princess Peach - Left SHODAN - Diagonal Down
  3. FREDDY & KENDRA I've nominated Freddy & Kendra multiple times, so of course I'll have to cut them myself to finally see them out of this rankdown. And why have I continuously nominated them? Well, here's a quote from Kendra: "This city is wretched and disgusting! And they just keep breeding and breeding! And this poverty - I can't take it!" Throughout the race, Kendra would insult the culture of the countries they visited. Any time the race took the teams to a developing country, Kendra would make her displeasure be known loud and clear. Fans have nicknamed her KKKendra for a reason, and she is a reason why she and Freddy are known as one of the most hated winners of The Amazing Race. Some may say Kendra wasn't racist - she was just a spoiled girl that came from a privileged background. Regardless, her comments were still completely inappropriate and offensive. There's no excuse for her to say racist stuff like that. Anyway, Freddy & Kendra were an engaged couple who won the sixth season of The Amazing Race. They were under-the-radar throughout the race, but they found themselves in the finale and got better flights than Kris & Jon did. That helped them gain an advantage to win the race. I don't have much else to say about them, but out they go from the rankdown. And I'm saving Jill & Thomas.
  4. Save Jill & Thomas Cut Freddy & Kendra
  5. Congrats to the Top 5! Aladdin (1992) The Lion King (1994) Toy Story (1995) Monsters, Inc. (2001) Toy Story 3 (2010)
  6. 6. MULAN (1998) 11.375 Chris - 2/30 Diana - 3/30 Public - 5/30 Wallace - 8/30 Dee - 11/30 Elliott - 12/30 Denise - 24/30 Victoria - 26/30 CHRIS DIANA PUBLIC Alex WALLACE DEE ELLIOTT DENISE VICTORIA
  7. ^ Okay, that was me testing something. One of the write-ups will have to be in two parts.
  8. On the next page. On the next page.
  9. Okay, I'm ready to post #6 now. One of the write-ups has over 20 images, so I don't know how I'm going to post it. :fear:
  10. Sorry, I’ve been busy all day and I’ve only been able to login to IDF for a few minutes at a time today. I’m still on my phone, but I’ll post #6 once I get on my laptop.
  11. 7. THE INCREDIBLES (2004) 11.5 Dee - 4/30 Diana - 4/30 Elliott - 5/30 Victoria - 10/30 Wallace - 14/30 Denise - 16/30 Public - 16/30 Chris - 23/30 DEE DIANA ELLIOTT VICTORIA WALLACE DENISE PUBLIC Alex CHRIS
  12. :sorcerer: Any guesses before the reveal?
  13. Anyone else going to help spam? :lol:
  14. I'm going to start formatting #7 now, so stay tuned and help spam to the next page if you want.
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