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  1. 27 minutes ago, Steven_ said:

    Reminder that the deadline for rankings is by the end of the day tomorrow. 


    4 minutes ago, *Wallace said:

    Ooof tomorrow? I was thinking end of the day Sunday. 🙈


    Never mind, it is due Sunday. :duh: 


    Rankings due by the end of the day Sunday night. 😅




    Karun appears in the movie Eternals. He is Kingo's personal valet and assistant due to Kingo choosing to live life on Earth as a Bollywood star. After the Eternals reunite to stop the Emergence, Karun tags along to film the experience. Eternals has a more serious tone compared to a lot of other MCU films, but the addition of Karun was to place a comic relief character in the film. Karun's enthusiasm and wholesome reaction to everything around him provides some funny moments, so he ended up being a well-liked character by audiences. Nonetheless, he's not a significant character overall, so I believe it's fair to eliminate him from the rankdown now.


    Saving Ajak. 




    David Lieberman appears in twelve episodes of the TV series The Punisher. He was a former NSA analyst and part of the conspiracy hacktivist group called Rising Tide that exposed S.H.I.E.L.D. to the world after the Battle of New York. He worked under the codename Micro while he was with Rising Tide. He was a clever enough hacker to have effectively faked his own death and worked to expose the government without them keeping tabs on him. Micro was forced out of the shadows after his family was threatened by Rawlins and Billy Russo. He worked with Frank Castle to take down their enemies. His story ended with him being reunited with his family. And now out he goes from the rankdown.


    Saving Curtis Hoyle.




    John Garrett appears in six episodes of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and he's portrayed by Bill Paxton. John was a former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who ended up joining HYDRA. He dubbed himself the Clairvoyant after masterminding the Centipede Project (a super soldier program). His goal was to recreate the drug called GH.325 from Kree blood to repair his failing organs. He thought the drug would help him take over the world too, but it made him lose his sanity. Nonetheless, he did receive enhanced strength and durability with the drug. However, John was defeated by Phil Coulson with the use of Peruvian 0-8-4. And now out he goes from the rankdown.

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