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  1. I'm so excited to follow along! I never followed the last one.
  2. Thanks! That is good to know. I'm glad that I can anticipate that to stop happening! That was a lot of catching up to do!
  3. I am having issues with this. Is anyone else? I am clicking on the circle/star for threads I was just in within the past couple of days. Yet, it does not take me to my first unread post. It is taking me to posts around January 20. Even though I have read the thread this month. At first I thought maybe I accidentally logged out. So I made sure I was logged in and tried another thread I was reading and had the same problem. I don't know anyone else is having this problem or if it is just me and maybe I'm doing something wrong?
  4. Yes, that was me! I tend to be kind of forgettable since I don't really talk a lot. Usually by the time I log on someone else has already said what I would say! And I usually just watch! That sounds like a cool idea! It also sounds like a lot of work! I'm glad to see a sub forum for rankdowns! It will make it easier for me to lurk and follow along!
  5. Glad to have a Harry Potter fan thread! I am Hufflepuff! I did find out my Ilvermorny house but I can't remember it and I don't see it on my account. I don't really care for the new Wizarding World site. I kind of preferred Pottermore.
  6. Thank you! It was fun to look back at my photos again and reminisce.
  7. Thanks so much for sharing this! That is great! I've always wished they would put out the seasons to purchase. I would definitely buy some of my favorite seasons.
  8. Ok! I thought that was kind of weird. Since it definitely did not work when I tried it myself! I can definitley pick out some more to resize and share since I didn't post photos of everyone (thinking my link worked and I was the only one who couldn't get it to work!) I also went to the season 5 tour. I honestly can't remember if I took pictures or not! I can check and see if I did and post those to if I have any. If I do I doubt they will be any good because I was a lot further away for that one! I was really close for the season 9 tour.
  9. So, I got so many good photos of Siobhan! It's so hard to narrow it down to a favorite of mine! Well, darn it! I posted that, clicked on it and they wouldn't show up for me! It said I had a broken link! So I was trying to pick favorites and resize them. Face palm on my end. Maybe I'll wait to post more to see if that is working! Of course this would happen to me! And then I posted to quick so it combined with my last post! Oh my gosh...tonight is not my night!
  10. Hi everyone! I lurk a lot... But, I went to the season 9 tour. I can start sharing some after I resize them...they are huge! Here are a couple...I hope they aren't too big!
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