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  1. Enjoying this season so far!
  2. Yay! I'm excited about my draft pics. I feel somewhat good about them lol.
  3. Maybe Memphis will use Cody as a shield and drop him before top 3.
  4. I love both Keesha and Ian but Ian would be a smart move for Cody. Dude can play well at comps and has a decent social game too from what I remember. The obvious choice would be Christmas since she's already got a cash prize and he could use that as an excuse. I can deal with Xmas/Ian nominations...
  5. Cody proving again why I never can stan. He is eye candy though If Keesha or Kaysar leave this early...I'll be so annoyed I honestly wouldn't mind a Janelle BD because at least that's somewhat a smart move even if she's IDF's darling, I'm really hoping for a Nicole A./Kaysar/Ian/Keesha/Da'Vonne alliance... is this even possible lol?
  6. I noticed this as well! He’s aging like fine wine!
  7. The Lakes has leaked....I'm not gonna post where I found it but it's floating around on twitter/reddit.
  8. Sorry if this has been answered already, but is Pop tv or Showtime airing BB After Dark this year?
  9. Thanks for doing this! It's my first time doing the draft, so could you give me a brief rundown of the rules and what I need to do in my pm? Sorry I'm dumb lol
  10. Fun episode tonight overall! Looking forward to this season!
  11. Legit my least fave of this cast is gonna win HOH isn't he?
  12. So anyone early predictions on alliances? Sorry I'm way behind on catching up to posts lol.
  13. yay Memphis!! COme on Kaysar!!!
  14. Anyone but Cody honestly
  15. Can someone fill me in on why no one seems to like Nicole A?
  16. I'm here for Keesha and Nicole A. to work together, doubt it will happen but...
  17. Thanks for the help/info! I'd love to try it out!
  18. I'm interested in the draft! Y'all will have to help a girl out though, I usually don't participate so I may have questions. Do I need to do anything prior to the show airing? It's my dad's bday so I'll likely be out of pocket until right before the show! Excited for tonight!!!
  19. May not be the most popular take but I'm hoping for a Keesha/Nicole A. and Da'Vonne alliance!
  20. https://twitter.com/sherloredswft/status/1290295253266620418?s=20
  21. Cups sweep the Pirates!
  22. Kimbrel is garbage. That is all.
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