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  1. I changed my mind I want Kaysar to win this HOW now. forget about POV's and social game. Be a comp beast!
  2. Keesha calling Cody and the Meow Meow out!
  3. Does anyone have CBS all access? I'm tempted to get it just for the free trial lol but maybe keep it. OT: Let's hope for a battle back!
  4. Yaaaas Queen Da'Vonne #justiceforbreonnataylor
  5. Welp. I never thought she would've been the first evicted! So lame!
  6. Ugh I don't want Queen Keesha going but she didn't really campaign tbh so I'm not as upset as I thought but still this really sucks! But I'm glad I didn't draft her. Also, have I been sleeping on David?
  7. To be fair, it is one of the most attractive casts imo. lol
  8. I'm behind on the live feeds but isn't he targeting Kaysar and Janelle? Plus I feel like he's just taking Cody's pecking orders but overall I like him ok. If Meow Meow surprises me then I'll take back my comment lol.
  9. Memphis needs to stay a while too for my viewing pleasure.
  10. I could be here for this Kevin/Nicole A. final two.
  11. I could be here for this Kevin/Nicole A. final two.
  12. Y'all I'm nervous...hold me! Prayer circle for Enzo not winning this HOH!
  13. Really? Thanks! I don't have the feeds. I still respect the move. At the end of the day, even if it's a game -- people have feelings! I would hate to be straight up blindsided!
  14. So I heard the elimination isn't going to be live tonight. I'll post anything related to it in the live feeds, but who are we all hoping wins this HOH? Will it be shown live tonight at least? I'll honestly take anyone but Enzo or Nicole F. but really hope Nicole A. or Da'Vonne win this one. My draft picks suggest should I want a Kaysar or Memphis HOH but I'd rather them fly under the radar for a couple of weeks. I think Kaysar could be in trouble this week, however!
  15. Came in here just to say I couldn't be more pleased with the Kamala pick! I was afraid for a minute she wasn't going to be chosen. I'm excited for this ticket!
  16. The Cubbies are on a roll! It's always a good time when you sweep Cleveland. If they could only solve our bullpen woes, they'd be set! Rizzo and Bryant are returning to true form and Heyward is on fire!
  17. I love how basically on all of her albums everyone has different favorites!
  18. I've always loved Da'Vonne but this makes me respect her even more. I really hope she goes far!
  19. So after a few weeks what are everyone's top favorites from Folklore? My top tier of songs are: illicit affairs mirrorball the last great american dynasty peace august Biggest growers my tears ricochet invisible sting hoax
  20. I don't want either to go!
  21. Meow Meow played that veto smartly.
  22. I wouldn't hate Tyler going far. I forgot how charming he is.
  23. Kaysar after my heart!
  24. I'm hating this for Keesha!
  25. Justice For Cruel Summer and Miss American & the Heartbreak Prince
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