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  1. I feel like Nicole A. and I should be friends even if she is has a horrible read this go around. I still can't help but pull for her!
  2. Everything hurts now, and I have yet to be carded since lol!
  3. I'm older than Cody ew. Only by a couple of months but ugh at this realization. I hate being 30 lol.
  4. Kinda turning me off to them both tbh. I'm more of a Dan fan so this is annoying me.
  5. What a good strategy to get people to compete in the suite by Memphis! Even if he was cold to Nicole A.
  6. From what I've picked up from the feeds he's kinda being a jerk which I hope is somewhat part of the gameplay. I'm blinded by how he's aged into a dad-stud so I don't want to believe he's a bad person.
  7. Black girl magic! Awww Day's DR is making me get emotional. She is BEAUTIFUL and a Queen!
  8. Still hope he can eventually go to their side.
  9. Gotcha! I still bet they will edit it in some way lol.
  10. Cody shut up and stop trying to run this HOH. Sit your fine a$$ down.
  11. Kevin sucks, I want to stan and I kinda low key do. He can be this season's villain. Ratcole's gonna leave soon. I'm willing this to happen. Was Kevin this cut throat in his season? I honestly don't remember much but did watch it lol.
  12. Oooh they are gonna show the putdown to David! NVM edited it out apparently.
  13. Dani is in such a good spot atm.
  14. I hate to see the unraveling of Nicole A.
  15. I low key wish Josh would've been selected. I'm in the minority probably with that opinion but yeah he was entertaining at least.
  16. I could've been down with that. Tyler likely would've saved or won the POV... Cody or Memphis had to be in her mind but she likely didn't want to make a huge move early. A smart, underrated Queen. She really deserved better!
  17. She's one of my picks as well. I really saw her going to at least top 5/6ish lol.
  18. Prayer circle for Nicole A. because she's actually working with the right people lol. Nicole A./Janelle/Kaysar alliance would be perfect if they could snag either Ian, Tyler or Memphis from the other side. Day/Bay need to turn on Cody as well! Why does he have to be so handsome? Otherwise, he kinda sucks lol. Also, has Ian really picked a "side"?
  19. I figured as much. Maybe David will leave. I mean, I'm coming around to him but yeah he can go lol. In a perfect world Cody/Franzel or Meow Meow would be put up but that won't happen. I actually liked Nicole F. until the Amazing Race wish I could stan again since she'll likely be here for a while...
  20. Memphis wouldn't put up both Nicoles would he? Nicole F. is going to at least top 5 isn't she?
  21. I would NEVER! lol I actually want both Day/Bay to go far, especially Day but I think Bay is a better pawn and more dispensable tbh.
  22. I like Bay and Dani but prefer Day so much more. So I'd be ok with either of them being sacrificed over Nicole A. or David lol.
  23. I think it would be smarter for Ian to be backdoored, and I'd live if he got evicted. I just think he has a decent chance at getting veto. Nicole A. or David would be weak evictions for Memphis, but tbh I don't see them working together in the future, so I get it. -- Really wish he would put up Dani/Bay and then backdoor Ian just from a game perspective.
  24. A lot can happen maybe he'll turn on the newbs! Ugh I hope.
  25. yay Memphis!!! Please don't target my faves lol.
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