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  1. of course Janelle helps Ian
  2. Plot twist: Victor breaks up with Ratcole after she gets evicted.
  3. You know I got mad love for you Wally.
  4. Which alliance Tyler, you have one with basically everyone except Jaysar. So of course they're coming after one of your own LOL!
  5. I'm having to pull a Wally and catch up. What have I missed so far lol? Any highlights?
  6. I love/hate how she keeps adding and/or restocking more merch! I've spent so much all ready but I really want the Mad Woman tee and the mug.
  7. Prayer circle for Jaysar HOH! We need some Grodner riggage lol. Would Ian or Daygo after Jaysar as well? I'd be down with either of them winning...
  8. Sounds like I signed up for CBS All Access at the right time Although, I hate seeing Nicole A. continue to fall into oblivion -- but like many others, I blame Kevin.
  9. I love her work with Better Oblivion Community Center. Punisher is great too. I need a Tay/Phoebe collab.
  10. I'd give anything for Nicole A. to stay but this was hard to watch. As someone with anxiety, she was on the verge of a panic attack. Day continues to show what an amazing person she is. I'm living for their friendship!
  11. This was posted on one of my BB Facebook groups. Credit goes to BB reddit lol.
  12. I've read that many people believe they edited "boy" to "buddy" which apparently had racial undertones. I'm a bit ignorant on that term, but it makes since, however I don't *think* Memphis meant it as a racial slur. Personally I think he's got HOHitis. If he did mean it in that way then I hope David is personally responsible for Memphis' exit...even though he's in my draft lol. BB has no room for racism, but we all know there has been much worse with nothing done or said.
  13. Is it too late for Memphis to try and back door someone? coughcoughRatcoleorKevincoughcough. Has the veto ceremony been held yet? I know he said he planned not to use it. I'm living for Kevin's DR's but it's a sacrifice Id be willing to accept lol. Nicole A needs to stay!
  14. Welp Cubs imploded lol. Here's to hopefully a better week of games!
  15. *Laci

    NBA Thread

    Bandwagon Lebron fan here lol, so I'm hoping for L.A. to get another title! (Secretly hoping it will be a LA/MIAMI final.)
  16. Oh snap Memphis being cocky. I would love it if it were against Ratcole though lol.
  17. at the look on Memphis' face when Christmas picked Ian!
  18. Oh I would suck at this competition, along with most of them.
  19. They are so pressed. I'm loving it lol.
  20. I did lol. I think being short helps but two months in and when people don't ask for ID I realize I'm old and exiting my prime. I miss Keesha all ready.
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