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  1. Anyone else watching tonight?
  2. I was able to snag one of the limited signed cds from her website. Did anyone else get one of find one in person?
  3. I missed Sunday's episode. Do I even need to watch?
  4. Sounds like it's a good thing I have been away from the feeds/recaps over the weekend. Is Janelle more likely to leave? I hate this season already if so. Maybe Kaysar can still somehow do some damage. If he can just win a few comps some doors will have to open up for him!
  5. Ugh well this probably won't be good. Who will Tyler put up?
  6. Well at least Cody won't be HOH. Maybe him not trying again will backfire.
  7. So I changed my mind. I kinda want a Kevin HOH. I can't figure out if I stan or can't stand. I mean obviously I want Jaysar but Kevin would be entertaining.
  8. Welp down one in my draft but Nicole let me down this week so bye girl. I still love ya but it happens.
  9. Dani shares a bday with her daughter? How cool!
  10. Lol @ how Ratcole didn't even hesitate.
  11. Maybe to try to pull David in? They could be pissed she hasn't believed them all week.
  12. Wow @ Jaysar not saving Nicole!
  13. Prayer circle for Jaysar HOH!
  14. Enzo evicted David! Did I miss something?
  15. I know it's a choice, but I adore Nicole's outfit.
  16. The only thing I can imagine is they mistake her confidence for snobbiness and are threatened by how comfortable she is with herself and overall genuine person she is. Plus she has proven to be a beast at this game.
  17. I really hope Julie spills the tea to Nicole A. about how Jaysar was really there for her. Assuming she goes.
  18. Kevin should've left last week!
  19. Kaysar is such a beautiful human.
  20. The way Day said Kaysar needs to take her out to dinner first!
  21. Memphis is making good points.... OT: For those who have watched all/most of Survivor, which seasons should I binge? I recently got a CBS access free trial but have only seen the last several seasons in full.
  22. It's ok Nicole A. I would've been the first out too.
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