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  1. He's too kind and overall good for this season anyway.
  2. This convo between Kaysar and Day!
  3. Suppose I'll still watch even though I know I don't like how this will end.
  4. My signed cd came today! https://imgur.com/ayZ1xX6
  5. Remind me why I was excited for this season again?
  6. I'm debating keeping it and canceling Hulu. I have Disney Plus and the bf has Netflix and Amazon Prime lol.
  7. I'm gonna take a dinner break and then hopefully see Kaysar celebrating!
  8. Glad I have a free trial of the feeds lol.
  9. So is there anyone who would not nominate Kaysar?
  10. Nicole is such a beeotch.
  11. Sucks Tyler couldn't work with the Queen.
  12. Oh how that would be glorious if it were to backfire! Not for my draft but worth it lol.
  13. What @ Dani? Did the vote flip?
  14. Points for Bay trying to keep Janelle. This episode is the epitome of 2020.
  15. Wow. Dani is SUPER pressed about Janelle lol.
  16. That punishment escalated quickly
  17. OMG I would be so annoyed with this punishment lol.
  18. Memphis why wouldn't you throw this?
  19. I've been wanting to make some for WEEKS! This isn't helping lol. Ugh at Kaysar!
  20. This POV comp is gonna make me hungry.
  21. I want to try Janelle's face creams lol. My skin in my late 20s/30s hates me.
  22. David has third place written all over him it sounds like. Still praying for a Kaysar/BayDay HOH -- (assuming the queen leaves these peasants sans Kaysar).
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