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  1. I watched the NBA finals/South Park instead lol. I suppose I'm pulling for a Dani/Tyler HOH? Still want Enzo to win at this point, although Memphis could end up taking it all if he survives this triple eviction imo. (I only want Memphis to last because of my draft. He's disappointed me this season.)
  2. Oh gosh this is making me so emotional for Day. BLACK LIVES MATTER!
  3. Omg Day's DR eyeshadow looks so gorgeous on her!
  4. Ugh another sucky episode. If Day leaves, I hope Kevin can somehow win HOH. Not that it would matter much past this week but I'll take what I can at this point.
  5. At this point I'm just ready for the Amazing Race to get here. Also, this season has sunk so low I'm pulling for an Enzo win. Cody can even stay for the eye candy.
  6. My draft does even if Memphis has disappointed me. Hoping for a miracle and he somehow puts up Nicole or Dani.
  7. I'm actually kinda ok with Ian leaving.
  8. So I've been a little out of the loop this week. I just tuned in a few mins ago. Does Cody still suck? Because him not backing down to Ratcole is kinda making me stan.
  9. Suddenly I feel more mature than ever.
  10. SO happy to see Day win the veto! I loved her tiny veto.
  11. Another horrible eviction night.
  12. At this point I even miss Josh and Paul at least they would've shaken things up....maybe.
  13. A highlight of 2020 tbh.
  14. I'll say it again. Kaysar was too good for this cast.
  15. OMG KAYSAR I STAN!!!!!!
  16. Ian and Kaysar linked up too late.
  17. Please hide Kaysar in the basement. If Labor Day leaves they can keep it and have it be unaccessible like the have not room on reveal night.
  18. I honestly don't even know who to route for at this point if Kaysar leaves. DayBay are on thin ice. I kinda want Tyler to shake to shake things up. Ian works too.
  19. Kaysar please don't leave me.
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