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    NFL Thread

    The Cowboys still continue to be an embarrassment. :'(
  2. The old thread died along with Alabama's 2019 season. Discuss all the games/news here! :sorcerer:
  3. I know it's gonna make me cry lol. :'(
  4. these! I might snag the reindeer, as an avatar if that's ok? :flowers:
  5. New Christmas song tonight! :santa:
  6. Unfortunately all of our old data has been wiped. It wasn't anything intentional. Crazy that I was 14 when I joined, and I'll be 30 in June. I remember you! Hope you are well! <3 Anything and EVERYTHING to do with the summer tours. I loved reading M&G and concert recaps. Hate I didn't get to save mine either! :'(
  7. I had to make another quick sig from the recent photoshoot pics.
  8. Thanks for the update! :sorcerer: I'm excited and a little sad at the same time. :teehee: I personally hope we still have the emoticons or some form of emojis.
  9. <3 One of my faves. Watched it this weekend. A Thanksgiving holiday tradition for me, along with the dog show. :whistling: Sometimes we all need a fresh start! :sorcerer:
  10. In before the reboot! :wave: :teehee: ETA and I finally hit 79,800. The OCD in me couldn't handle having 99 at the end, if we lose our post count.
  11. (!) This! I would be willing to contribute, or would at least like more info about the cache save option. I would mainly want to save some old fan threads. :'( <3
  12. Watch it be from like 2016! :fear: Lol idk how this stuff works, clearly.
  13. (!) Agreed. Is everyone else getting the "too many redirects" message?
  14. :wave: Hey everyone. Just noticed IDF is messed up again. :playball: If the site does finally RIP -- follow me on instagram: SunflowerLace Y'all are also welcome to add me on Facebook too. You can dm me on instagram for it. My worst nightmare is losing contact with longtime posters.
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