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  1. Week 1: Kahlen Week 2: Kahlen Week 3: Kahlen Week 4: Kahlen Week 5: Kahlen Week 6: Brittany Week 7: Kahlen Week 8: Kahlen Week 9: Brittany Week 10: Brittany Week 11.1: Kahlen Week 11.2: Kahlen Final Runway: Kahlen Winner Pick: Kahlen
  2. Personally I would have had Alyssa higher. I do think Lineysha and Ivy are underrated, but I would've put Alyssa above them. Admittedly on S5, while Alyssa was a fantastic, amazing, spectacular hot mess, she was a hot mess nevertheless. She peaked and came into her own after S5. So based solely on S5, I don't think ranking her at #7, especially based on runway looks and challenge performance, is that off.
  4. Sure, keep creating that narrative in your head Cute!
  5. Cute, but clearly this has more to do with you having an overt anti-Kahlen bias rather than the forum having a significant Kahlen bias. And that's perfectly fine! You're entitled to your wrong opinion
  6. Ooof before you wanna go around calling people "bias", check yo self in the mirror
  7. Ad: 1. Kahlen - People criticize this photo a lot for the cheesy grin but I think the smile looks good and doesn't look cheesy or overdone at all. I think this pic perfectly fits Covergirl's brand at the time. It's fresh, youthful and energetic. The glisten in her eyes is beautiful. I love this photo! 2. Michelle - Her face looks soft and pretty; the photo just lacks umph and she just looks hesitant. If the styling and photography were better and if this was more cropped in on her face, I think this photo has potential. 3. Brittany - I like the energy and the enthusiasm, but the smile is borderline snarly and I don't like the shadow going across her eyes. And also I just don't think she looks very fresh. Commercial 1. Kahlen - Solid commercial. 2. Brittany - I imagine her doing a good job, but of course hard to judge without an actual commercial. 3. Michelle - Given she was kinda timid and awkward, I can't imagine her doing a good commercial.
  8. Gurrl please 1. Brittany 2. Michelle 3. Kahlen 4. Christina - Kahlen's is not good, but still better than this Party City mess.
  9. 1. Brittany 2. Kahlen 3. Michelle 4. Christina 5. Keenyah Out of the photos from the actual shoot (including Naima, excluding Michelle), Brittany and Kahlen are soooo far ahead of the rest. But that is a great photo of Michelle!
  10. 1. KAHLEN - Iconic. Maybe my favorite photo of the cycle? 2. Brittany 3. Michelle 4. Keenyah 5. Christina - She's technically doing everything right in this photo, but it's so aloof and robotic that the photo lacks impact. 6. Tiffany - This photo for Tiffany was a choice
  11. Yikes! I knew Naima was going to be in the B3, but I definitely thought she'd have a good enough overall score to stay safe. These are moments when I wish we did a Comeback. 1. Kahlen - Iconic. Give this girl the FCO please. 2. Christina 3. Tiffany 4. Keenyah 5. Rebecca 6. Brittany 7. Michelle
  12. Possibly, given that she has her fair share of haters draggin her down... 1. Brittany 2. Michelle 3. Tiffany ---------------- The photos under this line are dreck. 4. Rebecca - Would be massively improved if her face was lit. 5. Kahlen 6. Christina 7. Tatiana 8. Naima 9. Keenyah
  13. 1. Kahlen - FABULOUS, by far the best photo. 2. Brittany 3. Michelle 4. Naima 5. Tatiana 6. Tiffany 7. Rebecca 8. Brandy 9. Christina 10. Keenyah - Gurl...what are you doing?
  14. Besides the blackface, these are hard to judge because they're all basically doing the same pose and the differences are very subtle. 1. Keenyah 2. Rebecca 3. Kahlen 4. Brandy 5. Tatiana 6. Naima 7. Tiffany 8. Michelle 9. Noelle 10. Brittany 11. Christina
  15. I mean y'all did the Hapa shoot in C13. I would just do it; we can judge the photos while acknowledging the shoot's problematic nature.
  16. 1. Michelle 2. Kahlen 3. Keenyah 4. Brandy 5. Rebecca 6. Tiffany 7. Christina 8. Brittany 9. Tatiana 10. Naima 11. Lluvy 12. Noelle
  17. I think the point was that yes, Tiffany did officially receive FCO because that's how it was shown in the episode; so Wikipedia is correct. But if you watch the episode closely, you can see the entire Top 14 waiting for their photos, and then it cuts to Tyra calling Tiffany as FCO and then when it cuts back to Tiffany walking down to take her photo, Kahlen is missing from the line-up. Which means that the way it was filmed, Kahlen was called first and Tiffany was called second. But I guess for whatever storyline reasons, it was edited so that Tiffany was called first and Kahlen was called 4th.
  18. 1. Tiffany 2. Christina 3. Tatiana 4. Keenyah 5. Michelle 6. Brandy 7. Kahlen 8. Rebecca 9. Naima 10. Lluvy 11. Noelle 12. Brittany 13. Sarah
  19. 1. Kahlen 2. Keenyah 3. Rebecca 4. Naima 5. Tatiana 6. Brandy 7. Michelle 8. Lluvy 9. Brittany 10. Noelle 11. Tiffany 12. Christina 13. Brita 14. Sarah
  20. Agreed, her Springbok was one of the best photos of the cycle, her Kloofing is gorgeous (2nd behind Brittany's) and I personally love her Covergirl.
  21. I remember back in the day on IDF aggressively fighting for Kahlen in the +/- ANTM games, so I'm curious to see how Cycle 4 goes
  22. Great winner! Nastasia was definitely one of the most consistent girls this cycle and ended on a slam dunk! And for all the crap Laura gets from the fandom, she definitely wasn't an undeserving winner. Yes, her rich girl, whiny personality could be irritating and she definitely faltered near the end (which made her win less compelling), but Laura turned out some incredible photos. While Nastasia's portfolio is definitely more consistent, Laura's highs were much "higher" for me. Also btw, I hosted an ANTM 19 Redo on Reddit and we ended up with THESE results, if anyone wanted to compare. We landed on the same winner!
  23. Week 1: Laura Week 2: Nastasia Week 3: Laura Week 4: Laura Week 5: Laura Week 6: Nastasia Week 7: Laura Week 8: Nastasia Week 9: Nastasia Week 10: Nastasia Week 11: Nastasia Final Runway: Laura Winner Pick: Laura
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