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  1. I kinda expected whoever would be the third model to make it to the CG shoot would have an advantage (at least in the photo portion) because as much as I love Molly and Brittani as models I really don't like their CG photos. But in their defense, it's partially because imo the style of photography (the use of direct flash is edgy and "current") clashes with the styling (it's kinda dated and ages both Brittani and Molly). Ad 1. Hannah - I remember during the early 2010s, Covergirl was going through a phase of rebranding itself to be more edgy ala Revlon or Maybelline. So given that, this photo perfectly suits that. Definitely my favorite. 2. Molly - It's saved by how beautiful she looks, but the expression is very stiff and contrived. 3. Brittani - It looks like she was attempting to give a very cheeky, "Twiggy" kinda look in the face but she just looks confused. Commercial 1. Brittani - The hunchback is killing me, but overall cute. 2. Molly - A little stiff. Also whoever gave her that annoying scarf made a choice. 3. Hannah - I know she was playing up that voice for the character, but I can't picture her delivering a CG commercial without it sounding at least slightly whiny. I think my vote is useless, cause tallied together everyone ties lol
  2. 1. Molly - This is the only photo I really like out of this shoot, and even then I'm kinda underwhelmed with the execution of this shoot overall. Refer to AusNTM 7's amazing shoot in Al Bastakiya in Dubai for a much stronger and editorial route they could have taken with this photoshoot. 2. Brittani - Even though I'm putting this at second, I don't love it. I like her face, but the body language is awkward imo. I've seen this photo get a ton of praise and I've never understood it. 3. Dalya 4. Jaclyn - It's not her fault, but if she had been styled better then this could have been a really strong image; the pencil skirt and the shoes are terrible. But she looks very Lindsey Wixson in the face which is very cool. 5. Hannah - Not terrible. I do like how caught-in-the-moment it is but she just looks uncomfortable.
  3. 1. Molly - Slay. 2. Dalya - Was not expecting Dalya to do this well. Her photos since her original elimination have been quite good. 3, Brittani - This photo is almost perfect. It's the tension in the face that takes it down a notch for me. 4. Hannah - I like this photo, but I definitely think her performance on set was much stronger than what this photo reflects. 5. Monique 6. Jaclyn
  4. 1. Hannah 2. Brittani 3. Molly 4. Jaclyn 5. Dalya 6. Monique 7. Mikaela
  5. 1. Jaclyn 2. Molly 3. Monique 4. Dalya 5. Mikalea 6. Brittani 7. Kasia 8. Hannah - Love Hannah, but this is a no.
  6. For some reason it's showing up as broken for me as well (as well as every non-canon photo from the previous weeks; the all-antm link might have to do with it). But I've been able to view them by right clicking and opening the image in a new tab, so I don't really mind; just an FYI for rdhaley.
  7. 1. Hannah - Iconique. High art. 2. Mikalea 3. Monique 4. Brittani 5. Jaclyn 6. Alexandria 7. Ondrei - Would be one of the best if she didn't have a big question mark on her face. 8. Molly 9. Dalya 10. Kasia
  8. Deserving, or at least as possible given she didn't actually have a commercial, but I was definitely curious to see more of Nicole due to her uber-hyped preshow portfolio.
  9. 1. Kasia 2. Monique 3. Molly 4. Hannah 5. Jaclyn 6. Alexandria - Ok, but a little overdone. 7. Brittani - Not terrible, just very forgettable. 8. Mikaela - Timing was off. 9. Dalya - Just looked really uncomfortable 10. Ondrei 11. Nicole
  10. 1. Dayla - It's a shame she doesn't deliver like this ever again... 2. Brittani 3. Hannah 4. Molly 5. Jaclyn 6. Alexandria 7. Nicole 8. Monique 9. Kasia 10. Mikaela 11. Dominique 12. Ondrei
  11. No bad photos in this shoot! 1. Monique - Slay me kween! 2. Mikaela 3. Brittani - Love a good giraffe neck. 4. Molly - Super underrated photo by the judges. 5. Hannah 6. Alexandria - A little dead in the eyes, but I love the strength. 7. Dayla - Not that bad looking at this now. She gets by on her beauty, but the way the light hits her bone structure is sublime. 8. Nicole - Also not that bad looking at this now. I love the asymmetrical shoulders! 9. Jaclyn - This would have been higher if it were just her face and neck, but I find those baseball mitt hands so distracting. 10. Ondrei - Gorgeous face but she just looks terrified. 11. Angelia - I'm shocked she survived the first round, but this is a pretty good photo and fits the brief fairly well! 12. Kasia - I like how her bone structure looks, but those eyes are wonky AF 13. Dominique - It's technically not a bad photo, but there's something about it that's flat and forgettable.
  12. Whoops! 1. Molly 2. Alexandria 3. Brittani 4. Hannah 5. Dayla 6. Mikaela 7. Jaclyn 8. Monique 9. Ondrei 10. Dominique 11. Rune 12. Kasia 13. Nicole 14. Angelia
  13. 1. Molly 2. Alexandria 3. Brittani 4. Hannah 5. Dayla 6. Mikaela 7. Jaclyn 8. Monique 9. Ondrei 10. Dominique 11. Rune 12. Nicole 13. Angelia
  14. Cycle 2 - Cycle 7 - Cycle 12 - 2 Cycle 16 - 3 Cycle 20 - 1 Cycle 23 - 1
  15. Week 1: Jaslene Week 2: Jaslene Week 3: Natasha Week 4: Natasha Week 5: Natasha Week 6: Natasha Week 7: Natasha Week 8: Natasha Week 9.1: Natasha Week 9.2: Jaslene Week 10: Jaslene Week 11.1: Jaslene Week 11.2: Jaslene Final Runway: Jaslene Winner Pick: Jaslene
  16. I think some people may have thought going in that Jaslene dominated the cycle and deserved the win by a landslide; that, I disagree. However while she dipped after the first two weeks, she remained fairly consistent throughout the competition. She's lucky that the few times she stumbled, enough of the other girls also stumbled so that her performance was ok in comparison. Jaslene's main issue was her lack of versatility, but her portfolio is overall solid and she still was a deserving winner. Jaslene peaked at the beginning, Natasha peaked in the middle and Renee peaked at the end. And Brittany could have won, but that's on her for throwing a fit at Priscilla's.
  17. I agree that I'm surprised that Brittany didn't get saved over Natasha, but you can't use the sum of their total points as a fair measure. If you did, since each round has a different number of models and a different amount of votes, each round would count differently.
  18. Photo: 1. Renee 2. Jaslene 3. Natasha Commercial: 1. Renee 2. Jaslene 3. Natasha
  19. Women's 1. Renee 2. Natasha 3. Jaslene 4. Brittany 5. Dionne Men's 1. Brittany 2. Renee 3. Jaslene 4. Natasha 5. Dionne
  20. 1. Renee 2. Natasha 3. Dionne 4. Brittany 5. Jaslene 6. Felicia
  21. 1. Natasha 2. Brittany 3. Dionne 4. Renee 5. Jael 6. Jaslene 7. Felicia
  22. 1. Natasha 2. Brittany 3. Jael 4. Samantha - If she had 3 other photos potentially would have given her first, because this photo is stunning. 5. Dionne 6. Renee 7. Jaslene 8. Felicia
  23. Shame we won't be able to see her incredible transformation into the miraculous Moe.
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