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  1. Commercial: 1. India 2. Courtney 3. Paige Editorial 1. Courtney 2. India 3. Paige
  2. Or unless it means the last 2 shoots of the cycle; like we're voting on the Rimmel and the Paper Magazine editorial at once.
  3. 1. India 2. Cody 3. Tatiana 4. Courtney 5. Paige
  4. 1. India 2. Cody 3. Courtney 4. Tatiana 5. Paige 6. Binta
  5. 1. Marissa 2. Tash 3. Cody 4. Kyle 5. Tatiana 6. India 7. Paige 8. Cherish 9. Courtney 10. Binta 11. Giah 12. Cory Anne 13. Krislian
  6. That's disappointing, I wanted to see how Justine would fair with her post-show photos
  7. Agreed, I'd rank India low on the winner's list, but it's not really her fault. Cycle 23 is just such a lukewarm cycle that I don't think about and that really tarnishes her legacy as a winner. The fandom pinned her as the winner from day 1 because everyone loved her casting photo and she looks like Gigi Hadid. I don't think her win was undeserved, but it was definitely anti-climatic. Cycle 23's most memorable and compelling photoshoot to me is the Casting photo (and even including the Grocery Couture shoot, which was great and the only other shoot that I loved). That is sad. It's
  8. My thoughts, and then I saw the Tom Ford SS2014 campaign and was like ok, I guess at least they got it from...fashion? Not as good in terms of execution of course.
  9. These are much better than I remembered them being lol 1. Tash - Gorgeous face, the legs are divine. Great! 2. India - This suffers a lot from the angle (how her head looks huge compared to her legs); otherwise this would've been a complete knockout. 3. Courtney - She just looks really cool and I like how it's a bit more lax and candid in comparison to a lot of the other girls who look a little contrived. 4. Cody - A little dead in the eyes and I wish she had titled her head up a little, but she looks stunning. 5. Binta - Swamped by the styling, saved by a stunn
  10. Week 1: Molly Week 2: Brittani Week 3: Brittani Week 4: Molly Week 5: Brittani Week 6: Brittani Week 7: Molly Week 8: Brittani Week 9: Molly Week 10: Molly Week 11.1: Molly Week 11.2: Molly Week 12.1: Molly Week 12.2: Brittani Final Runway: Brittani - Even with her mishap, Brittani just has a stronger presence on the runway. Winner Pick: Molly Both are amazing models. I do think Brittani is the stronger fashion model all around and her post-show career is evidence of that. But Molly dominated Morocco and has a more compel
  11. I kinda expected whoever would be the third model to make it to the CG shoot would have an advantage (at least in the photo portion) because as much as I love Molly and Brittani as models I really don't like their CG photos. But in their defense, it's partially because imo the style of photography (the use of direct flash is edgy and "current") clashes with the styling (it's kinda dated and ages both Brittani and Molly). Ad 1. Hannah - I remember during the early 2010s, Covergirl was going through a phase of rebranding itself to be more edgy ala Revlon or Maybelline. So given
  12. 1. Molly - This is the only photo I really like out of this shoot, and even then I'm kinda underwhelmed with the execution of this shoot overall. Refer to AusNTM 7's amazing shoot in Al Bastakiya in Dubai for a much stronger and editorial route they could have taken with this photoshoot. 2. Brittani - Even though I'm putting this at second, I don't love it. I like her face, but the body language is awkward imo. I've seen this photo get a ton of praise and I've never understood it. 3. Dalya 4. Jaclyn - It's not her fault, but if she had been styled better then this could have b
  13. 1. Molly - Slay. 2. Dalya - Was not expecting Dalya to do this well. Her photos since her original elimination have been quite good. 3, Brittani - This photo is almost perfect. It's the tension in the face that takes it down a notch for me. 4. Hannah - I like this photo, but I definitely think her performance on set was much stronger than what this photo reflects. 5. Monique 6. Jaclyn
  14. 1. Hannah 2. Brittani 3. Molly 4. Jaclyn 5. Dalya 6. Monique 7. Mikaela
  15. 1. Jaclyn 2. Molly 3. Monique 4. Dalya 5. Mikalea 6. Brittani 7. Kasia 8. Hannah - Love Hannah, but this is a no.
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