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  1. Week 1: Allison Week 2: Allison Week 3: Allison Week 4: Dominique Week 5: Allison Week 6: Allison Week 7: Allison Week 8: Allison Week 9: Dominique Week 10: Allison Week 11: Allison Week 12.1: Dominique Week 12.2: Allison Final Runway: Dominique Winner Pick: Allison
  2. Ad 1. Lisa 2. Dominique 3. Allison Commercial 1. Lisa 2. Allison 3. Dominique
  3. To be fair, she was supposed to portray the "Long Jump" so she kinda had to jump in this one. 1. Allison 2. Dominique 3. Bre 4. Bianca 5. Lisa - The pose is great; the face ruins it.
  4. Ok but damn that's a gorgeous shot of Lisa; so much better than her actual shot! Props to the BTS person! 1. Dominique 2. Allison 3. Bianca 4. Lisa 5. Bre 6. Shannon
  5. 1. Allison 2. Lisa 3. Dominique 4. Shannon 5. Bianca 6. Bre 7. Brittany
  6. I miss the earlier season when they would just treat the Final 4 round like any other round and have a B2 LSFYL and cut it down to 3. At this point the Final 4 episodes have become so routine and "pointless" that I had time to watch the episode live and yet I was like "eh, meh, nah" and just waited to watch the recording; cause I didn't really care. I want Symone to win 100%. However I would not mind Gottmik winning, who's undeniably done an amazing job. I know Rose's track record puts her easily in the Top 2, but I've truly failed to connect to her throughout this ent
  7. LOVE 1. Coco Rocha 1. Allison - Honestly one of my favorite photos of the cycle. Obsessed with her face and hair in this photo. I also love the angles in her body language, especially the bend of her arm. She has one of the few shots that feels candid/caught-in-the-moment and yet still feels like there's enough attention to angles to make it editorial. Almost everyone else looks overly contrived/forced or like a really bad actress. 2. Dominique - Striking and ravishingly gorgeous. 3. Bianca - This photo truly shows how gorgeous Bianca is, because she's making an ugly growl
  8. 1. Allison - I've always been obsessed with this photo. I just love her expression. 2. Dominique 3. Kayla 4. Shannon 5. Lisa 6. Camille - I don't mind this shot. Expression is a bit dead, but she looks good and the body language is good. 7. Bre 8. Laura 9. Bianca - She looks gorgeous but this is an awkward photo. 10. Angelea - I don't like this photo. There's just something about the pose + the expression that is reading a little tacky to me. 11. Brittany
  9. 1. Allison 2. Lisa 3. Dominique 4. Sheena 5. Bianca 6. Laura 7. Angelea 8. Brittany 9. Shannon 10. Bre 11. Kayla 12. Camille
  10. They hate hate hate Lisa so much on reddit (even before her social media controversy) and especially on this shoot, so it's strange but refreshing to see her not receive visceral hate here 1. Allison - The only photo that I love. 2. Brittany 3. Dominique 4. Sheena 5. Lisa - Even though the mouth full of food is a bit jarring, I appreciate the exaggerated body language; a lot of the other photos are cute but really stilted and bland. 6. Bianca 7. Shannon 8. Laura 9. Camille - Could have been a stellar shot, but the expression is so f
  11. I think Mr. Jay in his Jay's Chats mentioned something along the lines of C15 and C16 didn't have the best ratings and that's what caused production to make such a major theme switch into C17. Which is not what we wanted.
  12. In my world this photoshoot simply does not exist lmfao 1. Kayla 2. Bianca 3. Isis 4. Camille 5. Allison 6. Shannon 7. Bre 8. Dominique 9. Sheena 10. Laura 11. Alexandria 12. Brittany 13. Angelea 14. Lisa
  13. 1. Symone - The roast was cringe but not cringe enough to pull her from my #1 spot. It was interesting that what usually makes Symone really entertaining and funny, which are her overt mannerisms and inflections, is what made her roast really difficult to watch. But she looked stunning and this is one of my favorite runway looks from her. 2. Gottmik - Even though she is the probably the most predictable winner choice at this point, I wouldn't mind it because she deserves it. Utica - While I've found her kinda annoying these past couple of weeks and while her roast was sooo
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