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  1. I hate Dallas AND the Lightning, so I wasn't thrilled by the games. I don't think games should have been jammed together like they were, having them every day. Dallas doing so well made the Flames look good, but really I don't know how Dallas managed to squeak through. It was almost out a few times. January seems likely, but I think it will be hard. Sweet. Congrats! The news today is so weird. First Flames let Quine and Rieder go to Edmonton and to Buffalo. I liked both of them. Rieder was particularly good in the playoffs. (and both were not expensiv
  2. And Dallas is in trouble. I wasn't even paying attention after they were up 3 games to 1, then they lost game 5, then they lost game 6, and now Colorado is back in it. The weird moment when one of your arch enemies starts knocking off your other one (Calgary lost last yr in the playoffs to Colorado/this yr to Dallas).
  3. It isn't going the right way. I could say that about lots of these matchups. Maybe if I cheer for the other side, they will lose hideously in the 3rd period of the last game.
  4. Hmm. I'm supposed to cheer for Vancouver now. I don't know about that. It's nice to see someone stick around in the playoffs....(sigh) There are a lot of weirdly high scores in these playoffs. Don't ask me how I know. That is a good point. Ha! No win for me. Bieksa. I remember now why people hated him. I still love this video. Someone in the comments claims they got Fiddler to 'do the face' in warmups when he was playing for the Predators and he did. LOL, watching games and drinking. It sounds like you can play hockey and you c
  5. Flames lost 2-1 to Dallas on Tuesday. The game was at 3.30 pm. I don't think the weird schedule is helping. So now they have to win tonight or they are out. Thursday update, game 6 which is on for some reason at 8:30 pm. Spoilers. Also, not for the faint of heart: Just when you thought it was safe to watch hockey. Flames have a great first period and are up 3-0. Looks like a different team. Lucic takes a penalty for shoving someone. Dallas scores 1 goal. Second period: Part way through the chaos we pull Talbot who is not having a great night and
  6. Flames lost game #2, by 5-4. Tkachuk was speared in the groin, and then later was squished between two players, and is still out. Probably concussion, I think. Game 3 was the very next night, and Flames won 2-0. Brodie has a really hard shot. One of the Dallas players deliberately broke a pane of glass, hitting it with his stick because he was frustrated, and it had to be replaced. Today was game 4 at noon Calgary time, and they lost in OT 5-4. That was so annoying. Dallas tied it with seconds to go. The Flames went back to getting lots of penalties. Won a go
  7. I saw the end. That's crazy long! I hadn't realized though that because they have only their 2 sheets of bubble ice, that any games scheduled for after a game will get bumped once there is too much overtime. This could get tricky. Congrats on Lafreniere. What's it like to win the draft lottery?
  8. Oooh. Canucks are still in. It's on. Hit him in the head. That's dedication. Flames won their first game vs Dallas 3-2. Not bad. He went from "oh noes I didn't get the team I wanted" to "this is my team and I'm sure I can make it work out" to his present Corner of Despair. Ha! What a salmon. So that's where the Royals came from. I think someone on this board may have won the lottery... Friedman: The Castaway Years. I saw Bieksa. I'm like, whoah, that's him. Finally someone who won't diss Vancouver. How did t
  9. It makes me sad, but maybe he should have retired already. I thought for sure the Flames would be flat. Last year only the goalie and maybe one player showed up against Colorado, and all the stars did nothing at all. All the players are working really hard. Also, Winnipeg has terrible luck with injuries. This time Flames lost game 2 by 3-2 but it was close. But they took lots of penalties. They won game 3 by 6-2, still lots of penalties. And they clinched it Thursday night 4-0, while mostly avoiding penalties. I'm excited, and doubly so bec
  10. Well, boo. I think they were stuck. Sharks are cool but taken. Orcas ditto. How is being a salmon cool? Best known for being served with a slice of lemon. Boston has bears. Octopus wouldn't be a bad idea, which is sort of what they went for. Otters might have been OK. They had reportedly trademarked lots of names including Cougars, Eagles, Emeralds, Evergreens, Firebirds, Kraken, Rainiers, Renegades, Sea Lions, Seals, Sockeyes, Totems and Whales. Sporting News - Guessing the five NHL Seattle team name finalists (evergreens? Really?) This
  11. This WE scandal seems to not be going away any time soon. It's fascinating. I don't think I ever realized the kind of money the Kielburgers have. I'm always seeing their column in the newspaper about how we should all do more. I've never really liked them. I am not comfortable with people who want to be seen doing charitable things and getting praise for it. It's beginning to look a lot like they got rich off it too. My favourite scandal was when Morneau forgot he had a villa. They really don't live like normal people.
  12. How soon the Flames slide back to square one...finally have a game, against the Oilers, and they score on us after a bit more than a minute, and then again. Have to admit, I gave up and watched CSI instead. Final score 4-1. Only Calgary goal was Lindholm. Described as an even game. Calgary had a bad first period. To me, it seemed like the normal Flames habit of showing up late in games. The only good thing about the quarantine is that it sorted out any possible labour dispute. Reminds me, there was a big storm the other week and Rogers Place was flooded. Ca
  13. Hockey is coming back! Anybody? Yay, Seattle went with Kraken. I knew it. Once they mentioned that name who could pick anything else? The question is, will people want to watch hockey in the summer? Some Calgarians in the newspaper pointed out that summer here is short so they can't waste golf time watching the NHL, LOL. Some Flames players chose not to be part of the bubble. Hamonic is one of them. Fun fact: Craig Conroy was being a referee for the practice games. (once a player, now in management) They couldn't add a referee to their already full
  14. It's raining here. "Not the Real Stanley Cup" should be on all the t-shirts... You mean after spending the season biting and clawing your way to getting points, they just think it is ok to scrap all that, and start over...Admittedly they left out some of the worst of the worst teams, but it will not have the same quality as it would have before shutdown, and I think the athletes will be super rusty. I'd have to get back into the hockey habit again. But this would be a weird fantasy version. I hate going out in the second round. Flames have done that a lot over the y
  15. Congrats to N. Angel, but I would have preferred a Turtle win. I thought his voice was more consistent, and I really hated her Alannah Myles cover.
  16. The Fox knows all! It was nice to see him back. I liked the Rhino's back story, but I didn't like the tone of his voice a lot. JAGGGGG! Too funny. Wow, the audience doesn't get to see the reveal? That would drive me crazy. Hmm, Night Angel is actually behind Frog in that poll. A little bit surprised by that.
  17. *feels smug because I don't have snow...crosses fingers* Where I live people sneak round walking their dog and stuff after dark, because it is nice and peaceful. All it would take is for one single person to have it to cause chaos. Bettman and the rest of them don't want to let it go. I don't think at this point it would really count as a cup won the right way. Might as well draw straws. Aw. For me the best series that we won was against Detroit because they were a beast, and we were totally outmatched, at least on paper. I remember everyone had pictures in
  18. That was a cute moment and the virtual audience got very excited when the answer was yes. I have to admit although the Astronaut was not my favourite, I thought he was more interesting than Rhino, so I was surprised he left first. Don't know about the results tonight. I was surprised. Also, I really like the details on the Turtle costume, like the amazing boots and the spikes on the sleeves. It is done in a very realistic way like the Turtle went out and bought it himself, LOL. The Palin reveal still amazes me and now I get to imagine her in
  19. Thank you! I think I was doing it wrong.
  20. I'm back. It was really nice weather so I sat outside a lot...distantly. LOL at Tiger King. I see Nicholas Cage may be playing him in a series, which would be a show by itself. Little bit startled to find Bettman seriously determined to bring back hockey no matter what the form. Won't this season always have an asterisk besides it, even if they finished it? And most of the players have become semi-couch potatoes by now. But they are all, which city should we choose, and the Flames management are totally on board. How can this fit between this season and next, unle
  21. I'm back. Oh, that's evil. All those poor players being like, all I have been doing is bench pressing my dog...how do I cope without a warmup? I don't see how the weird playoff stuff could work. No time! Bruins be cheap, LOL. I was already spending too much time at home. Now, watching too much tv, check. Reading, check. Haven't figured out the exercise part, but have the snacking part down. The weather is colder than usual, except for one day (today). I need supplies but I don't want to go and get them. Random things during the shut down:
  22. I've tried embedding a video with the embed code and nothing is happening. What am I doing wrong? (desktop)
  23. This is so sad. So many things cancelled. All those songs are not eligible next year! Wow.
  24. It seems like the more the judges know someone, the less likely they are to guess it is them! You are very good with the clues. They seem to be getting trickier.
  25. That's sad. What's it like at The Garden? I imagine the Flames would have tried to win in the 3rd period. I miss them driving me crazy. I think it will be difficult to squeeze in a normal playoff run. The problem like you said is the conditioning. There was an article about it, where a trainer said it is difficult for players to stay fit without training properly, and they would get injured if they had to just start playing with no lead up time. He also said after four days they were going crazy with sitting round. A local mall had a worker diagnosed, but fo
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