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  1. Well she spent the first half of the competition picking more obscure pop choices and the judges kept telling her that she needs to sing the classics. Seems like she's following their advice for the finale
  2. Gabby was amazing on I Have Nothing
  3. Top 3 Finale Questions 1. Which singer will be crowned as the new American Idol? (100 points) - Grace 2. Which singer will be in 2nd Place for this season? (70 pts) - Chayce 3. Which singer will be in 3rd Place for this season? (50 points) - Willie 4. What will be the gender ratio of male and female singers in the Top 2? 2 males or 1 male, 1 female? (30 points) - 1 male 1 female Bonus Questions 5. Will Chayce perform without any musical instrument for any of his performances (competition performances only) (20 pts) - yes 6. Will we get to see another duet performance from Willie & Grace? (20 pts) - no 7. Will Katy Perry wear any type of necklace this Sunday? (30 pts) - yes 8. Will any singer (excluding the final 3) duet with any of the judges this Sunday? (30 pts) - yes 9. How many performance this Sunday, you think will not involve any of Season 19 contestants (Only Judge or Guest Artist or Alumni). Pick A, B, C or D (50 pts) A. 1-3 performance 10. Will Ryan reveal the total number of votes, before the announcement of who is the American Idol? (50 pts) - no
  4. I wouldn't count Grace out yet, the most viewed performance on Youtube this week is her cover of A Moment Like This (actually surprised it's this performance out of them all..)
  5. They all got significant iTunes boosts after tonight: 1. Chayce Beckham - 23 25. Casey Bishop - Love Me, Leave Me 30. Grace Kinstler - Love Someone 39. Willie Spence - Never Be Alone
  6. Casey is also much higher on iTunes than Grace & Willie. It's a dead platform anyways.
  7. A Moment Like This - Kelly Clarkson Glory - Willie Spence I Was Here - Angie Miller
  8. 1. Grace 2. Willie 3. Chayce
  9. it's what I predicted pre-show but honestly kind of shocked after the performances
  10. I;m sure they see the results instantly & don't need to count.
  11. omg I hope Grace sings that Demi Lovato song again!
  12. Casey killed it. I'm really not sure who will leave now.
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