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  1. Watching episode four now and omg frenchie is such a mess. The French kiss alliance? Lmfao. 

    Travis doing a lap dance for Ky was awesome. First moment I haven’t found him annoying. 


  2. I’m soo far behind on this season, I just finished episode three but I love Sarah Beth, Kyland, Claire and the cookout alliance. 

    I liked frenchie a bit at first but he tries too hard. 

    I cannot stand Christian and not huge on Travis either. I’m glad Alyssa isn’t actually with Christian (well as of episode 3 atleast lmfao). 

    I like the diversity of the cast this year and it’s refreshing to have some new faces. 

    I just teared up at the segment where Sarah Beth talks about her girlfriend and being bi. Does anyone have links to the full convo? I knew I wasn’t straight and had a girlfriend in college (I thought I was a lesbian at one point too) but then after being with my ex guy for so long people assumed it was a phase I had gone through. All the while I had crushes on guys and girls over the years but couldn’t and wouldn’t do anything about it cuz I was taken and I don’t cheat. But having been separated from my ex for a year now (and out of love for almost two years), I found myself fall hard for a friend I met at work and she’s my girlfriend now and that entire segment felt like it was me talking. 

    I need to start doing the weekly rankings! I need to catch up so maybe will binge watch tomorrow before work. 

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  3. Both?


    I like the pop/alt guys and indie/alt girls usually. 

    Top faves of each season:

    1. Dia Frampton

    2. Juliet Simms

    3. Cassadee Pope

    4. Michelle Chamuel 

    5. Will Champlin 

    6. Christina Grimmie

    7: Matt McAndrew

    8. Travis Ewing?? I had to check the list cuz I don’t remember 

    9. Korin Bukowski 

    10. Owen Danoff 

    11. Brendon Fletcher

    12. Hunter Plake

    13. Noah Mac/Addison Agen

    14. Brynn Cartelli

    15. Reagan Strange

    16. Maelyn Jarmon

    17. Didn’t see

    18. Allegra Miles

    19-20 didn’t see 


  4. On 6/13/2021 at 12:41 PM, Jyn Mycle said:

    What I meant is that I never thought she was part of lgbt because she have a 'boyfriend' but I read something that she's non-binary that why I was a little bit confused.

    I learned not to try and label anyone after going back and forth on my own sexuality for years. I went from thinking I was straight, to bi, to lesbian, to bi, to straight with a couple questions exceptions of women I’d do, to bi… I recently had someone tell me I’m prob pansexual but I don’t even know what that means. 

  5. Just now, *Wallace said:

    Ugh yep this happened to me. :/ I turned off my cable box and turned it back on and then it worked.

    That's good for me because that's the only thing I have to go back and watch later on. :haha: 

    Yeah I just saw your comment and realized it wasn’t just me. You’re from MA too so bet it was a local thing. 

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