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  1. I also don’t need to be told otherwise. No I don’t expect everyone to react the same way as me. I wasn’t even the first person to bring up Kelly’s silence on the issue. All I did was have an opinion about it and I expressed it and you got all upset about it and felt the need to tell me and the other people in this thread otherwise.
  2. We are allowed to have our opinions. I don’t think anyone was being rude or disrespectful. In fact I even said I didn’t blame her for cutting Nikki out of her life but I felt the silence about her death was a bit much. You’re being way too sensitive
  3. Yeah the details of Kelly’s relationship with her father are very public so I don’t think any of us needed this part explained to us. We have kept it real about Nikki’s addiction in this thread so we definitely don’t need to be told to do that.
  4. I don’t want fake compassion. I hoped Kelly would really feel something that’s what’s disappointing for me. I honestly had hoped they would make up before Nikki died but that never happened. Nikki absolutely deserved more compassion and understanding when she was alive no disagreement there. She also deserved more success then she got as well
  5. Tried taking a screenshot from my mac and it says the file is too big
  6. I don’t disagree with this at all but I do find it very disappointing. I also wonder if she just feels awkward about it since they were no longer speaking.
  7. I use to run a Nikki McKibbin message board which lead to me being in touch with her management. When she got a fb she added me! I do! I have an iPhone which is what I took the original screenshot from so I doubt it’s different then my Mac. But next time I am on it I can give it a try
  8. I already tried to upload a screen shot but it said the file was too big. RJ posted it on his fb and tagged Nikki in it. I can see it because I am fb friends with Nikki but it is not a public post.
  9. It looks like two weeks ago RJ Helton posted about Nikki’s death and their relationship on fb. It’s very sweet. “So, as you all know one of my dearest friends, Nikki McKibbin passed away this past October. I've not mentioned it or talked about it with anyone mostly because I'm not ready to admit that she's gone. It still hasn't hit me. I met Nikki in the summer of 2002 while auditioning for American Idol. She came up to me and said, "Damn boy..you sure are pretty." And we became inseparable throughout the entire experience and for years to come. She was the first human I ev
  10. Or it could be related to the story I told. We don’t know if there is more to the story or not. So anything more is pure speculation.
  11. The elephant in the room is Nikki mckibbin’s death. when an addict goes to rehab like Nikki did one of the things that is apart of their recovery is that they have to make attempt to make an amends with those they wronged. So It was part of Nikki’s recovery to apologize to Kelly. Whether Kelly choose to accept it is Kelly’s business but I do think ignoring Nikki’s death is a bit much.
  12. The version of the story I heard was that Kelly sent Nikki tickets and back stage passes to her show and when Nikki came back stage after the show that’s when Kelly could tell she was under the influence and wasn’t happy about it. I haven’t heard anything more specific then that. Maybe there is more maybe there isn’t because I understand why Kelly would be mad even if there wasn’t. oh and if you go down nikk’s Twitter feed you will see some apologies to Kelly and Tamyra even. Not sure what happened with Tamyra.
  13. Yeah I think Nikki tried apologizing multiple ways but as I mentioned Kelly broke off all communication with her.
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