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  1. 4 was the #1 choice for me, as it was the only time the winner prediction was correct. Also had to choose 10, as it was a huge roller coaster of a season, and was to see how a new judging panel would fare out, post-Simon. Other honorables were 6 and 9 for local influences, and 7 for the Cook/Archie final. I have not been impressed with the ABC seasons, but season 3/18 could have been good, especially that it had an earlier start to the season. However, Coronavirus came, shut everything down, and all plans had to be changed.
  2. Favorites: 4 (put in poll/only one I actually got right), 6 (city represented in Top 12), 7 (the Cook/Archie final), 10 (just to see the new look, even with the Pia shock elimination) Least favorites: 11 (the entire Joshua Lidet butt-slurping, also ended up chasing the parents away from the show after the season), 13 (led by the botched Survivor-esque attempt for a save in the top 5), 14 (put in poll/did not seem the same as past years), 15 (I was still watching, but checked out by then)
  3. "The Strange Ones"...just out there as it gets.
  4. I guess this is the equivalent of the group that could not get along until the end in past years.
  5. Picking chicken wings over rehersing...where's the head banging off a wall emoji?
  6. And we get the pre-requisite medics scene.
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