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  1. Cute! I like it! And np, I kind of like the at home Idol. It's interesting to see what the contestants come up with to make the backgrounds look nice. haha ------------ A few new things...
  2. haha, probably should have thought to make matching avies with them all. Sorry! I made them the usual square ones. I think it should fit fine but if it cuts off too much let me know and I'll try to make circle ones!
  3. Aw, thanks! I feel bad I haven't done as much as usual this season tho... ---- And a few new sigs from the first home episode...
  4. You're welcome! And I know. I'm hoping I can still make some stuff but it's gong to be harder cause I assume the quality of photo's aren't going to be as good now. I'll have to see but hopefully I can still do something. I feel bad I've barely made anything tho so far even! Thanks! How is this? I wasn't sure which way I liked better... ------------------------------------ Also made a few other ones...
  5. Sorry I'm so late with this! How is this?
  6. Sorry I didn't see this until now! I'll get to work on this soon!
  7. Made a few sigs from the last auditions. I actually have not even watched the first Hollywood week episode which I've never done before. I always watch Idol as it airs but with everything going on, things have been so crazy and I just haven't felt like even watching it yet. I assume the show will be postponed/cancelled this year now so it probably doesn't even matter to keep making the graphics but I think I still might as I watch the episodes but I'm not 100% sure. Either way I'll still be open to requests, idol related or not, at any time. Stay safe everyone.
  8. Aw, thanks! That's so nice. And I'm excited for Hollywood week too, it's always easier to make more when it gets narrowed down!
  9. Made these the other day and didn't get a chance to post them...
  10. Just a few more sigs I made... Couldn't decide which for Margie I liked more so figured I'd post both...
  11. Thank you! I didn’t even think about saying specifically what it was for! I don’t watch the voice so didn’t realize it’s the same! So glad you like it! Thank you! And not at all! Glad you like!
  12. Hello everyone! Excited to start my graphic thread again for the new season of idol! I'm still a bit confused on the new rules since the forum update so I haven't made any animated avies since I'm not sure what length I can make them anymore. Also don't love that the avies are circles instead of squares now. haha I want to make sure nothing gets cut off. So hopefully I'll figure it out later if I get more time but I made a few sigs for now and I can make stagnant avies if anyone wants one. As always, I'll take requests all season as well as post whatever I make myself.
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