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  1. You're welcome! I'm so glad you liked it! You're welcome! Much love to you as well!
  2. I knew you both would be super understanding but I've still felt bad. I apologize again for how long these took but here they are... --- Kelsey, idk why I made the one with the green line at the bottom, I think I wanted less of the background up top but yeah, here's both versions. If you wanted the placement of the album covers different or literally anything changed, don't hesitate to ask! --- And Diana, also don't hesitate to ask if you want anything changed!
  3. Hey Diana, I’m kinda glad you wrote this cause it makes me feel a little less guilty about how long I’m taking to make these for you guys. I have had a pretty difficult week or so and have been a bit upset so I really haven’t been able to focus on making these. Kelsey, your set is almost half complete and Diana, I hadn’t started yours at all, so I will make the Taylor one now. I’m hoping things are calming down now and I’ll get a chance to finish these for you both in a few days. I’m so sorry for the delay.
  4. I loved the vibrant colors in this one! Haha. Glad you like it! Hi Kelsey! I’ll get started on this soon but I had a few questions. How do you want the two Kris album covers incorporated in the sig? Also, I’ve done sigs with a number of people on it before but they tend to be a bit squished, haha. Is that okay? And finally, do you want the O Holy Night picture included in the sig or just used as the avie? Sorry for all the questions but just want to make sure before I start making it! You are never annoying! I’m happy to be able to make stuff for all you guys. Don’t worry about it at all! I’ll get started on this asap. —- Though to both of you, it may be a few days just cause I’m very busy especially the next like 2 days so hope that’s okay! I promise I’ll get to them as soon as I can after that!
  5. Oops, sorry Diana! For some reason I hate having to get rid of any of my messages so I usually only delete a few as needed so I never have much room. lol I'll make sure to do that now! And sorry this took a few days. Hope you like it!
  6. Np! Glad you like! Thank you! And you're welcome! Glad you like it! If you want anything different, let me know!
  7. Hello you two! Here's what I made, hope they are okay! Please let me know if you want different fonts, etc! I made an all black and white version as well just because, haha.
  8. Thank you so much Jazz! I’m so glad you like them! I’d love to see it and I do have an Instagram but I don’t want to share it so yeah, don’t worry about the tag! Hope your story goes over well and everyone enjoys it!
  9. Hi, so sorry I took awhile to do this! I made a couple versions here. The sig is 800 pixels long. Idk if that's too much? I can try to make it smaller but it was hard to fit them all in, haha. And I made a second version of the sig just to rotate Beane. lol I thought it looked better if he was facing the same way as everyone else but here's both versions so you can pick which you like best... Then for the instagram post, I originally made one that is 500x500 pixels. I liked that one best but I have no idea what size it should be. I don't make instagram posts often but when I have, I've always made them 1000x1000 so I'm worried about the quality being too low since it's only half the size? So then I made a 800x800 version too. Some of the pics you wanted are so small though that I had to stretch them and that loses quality as well so idk if the 500x500 one might look better anyway? Ugh, lol idk. I don't think I can make a 1000x1000 one without losing quality on almost every pic so I hope one of these works but let me know! I'll be happy to try and fix anything for either the sig or instagram post so please let me know how they work out or if you want anything changed!
  10. Aw, that's so nice to say, thank you so much Jazz! Sorry this took awhile, I hope you like it! Please let me know if there's anything you'd like changed!
  11. Aw, haha Thank you so much Kelsey! You're so sweet!
  12. Congratulations to our new American Idol, Chayce! So, last night wasn’t great. For the first time ever I didn’t watch all of the finale because I got pretty distracted with Arthur not showing up and missed most of the end of the show. I’m still pretty confused about what happened and why he wasn’t on at all. (Wasn’t Lionel’s part pre-recorded? How was he not a part of that at least??) I really wanted to see him perform one last time so I’ve been pretty sad and I’m also concerned with him being taken off the Live with Kelly and Ryan thing and hope he didn’t say something behind the scenes to TPTB that could hurt his career now. Anyway, I’m actually pretty glad Idol is over. Idol’s annoyed me this year quite a bit so yeah... I enjoyed making the sigs/avies as always and like I say every year, if anyone wants a sig/avie or whatever, I take requests all year, whether it's Idol related or not. Either post your request here or private message me. I'm happy to make anything for anyone! And finally, here's my last sigs/avies for the season... How are these? Haha, I did but I love Archie!
  13. You're welcome! --- New sigs...
  14. I wasn't entirely sure what you wanted so I just kind of messed around and made a few different things. Let me know if you had a different idea in mind!
  15. Only made one sig... and a few things of Arthur even though he got eliminated. I know everyone kind of seems to hate Arthur on this forum but he was my favorite last year and I was happy to see him come back and get to perform again. So yeah, I'm just gonna post them anyway since I made them...
  16. You're welcome! So glad you like it!
  17. Did you want this the actual size of a sig or larger? I made it a sig but let me know if you want a different size... or different text, color of the text, etc. Whatever! --- And some things from Sunday's show... --- And some from the comeback show... so crazy to be making sigs of these guys again!
  18. Aw, thank you so much! You’re welcome! Glad you like it!
  19. Hope this is okay! Made a version with their names and without! How's this? --- And a couple new ones this week...
  20. Made a few. Let me know if there's any specific pic you'd like better! Aw, sorry! --- And a few new sigs...
  21. How's this? I wasn't sure if you wanted text or not so I made two versions. Let me know if you want anything changed!
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