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  1. im saw proud of ricky last night he nailed it yet again
  2. hope he will give a amazing performance I hope he is feeling better
  3. lets hope will is about to nail his performance and prove a lot of people wrong
  4. dont forget to vote as hard as we can this week lets get Ricky to next week i hope he nails it
  5. Katie is performing first lets hope she nails it
  6. i cant wait to here Katie sing tonight
  7. i am excited to here rose sing tonight i loved her studio recording
  8. lets hope Katie nails another performance this week
  9. I think his fan base is big enough to keep him this week lets hope is song is amazing
  10. I am really looking forwood to seeing Ricky performance moday night
  11. who is excited to here katie sing next week
  12. lets hope will gets amazing song choice this week
  13. i cant wait to see katie performance next week
  14. i really hope we still get to see max in the final
  15. congrats everyone voting Katie to the top 11
  16. congrats ricky making it to the top 11 he did amazing this week saw im not suprised lets hope he gets to at least go to the final
  17. i am really looking forwood to will performance next week
  18. i am not happy max left but it is what it is at least he made the top 13
  19. get ready he needs to be saved lets hope he is back and can do another amazing performance
  20. Twitter Facebook Instagram V6tvrUTY0Sk his voice is saw lovely i cant wait to see him next week in the battles round if you want to be added jsut say add me 1 jamescasaki 2 sorenaraya 3 mjdorlorico 4 clawsteph 5 mcjrdqf 6 x factor 22 7 Istersay 8Regina felange 9 ellie music 10 caterfilez 11 Guitorman 12 voxy 13randomArgoniam 14 survivor 15 best idol 274 16 cornan the kaba 17 emmi 341 18 the voice fan 45 19 jeremy 20 ngm 21 spenk 22kobe 23 stark guy 24 sadora 25 EMI 341 26 Taiyaa 27 Blue skittle 28 jork 29 wasterdinmemphis 30 Kaito 31rpma. 32 Wallace 33Cookie 34 Tshering 35 Hamza tufail 36 Bouli 37 Davud 68 38 B-B 39Jyn Mycle 40 Jordan Smith Fan This post has been edited by jamescasaki: Mar 11th 2018, 6:58 AM
  21. lets hope max makes the top 11 good luck everyone this evening
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