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  1. get ready to vote as hard as we can for Ricky tonight lets get him at least to the top 2 or top 3
  2. I cant wait to see Katie final performances
  3. I cant wait until tomrro night to see ricky perform for the last time on the voice this year
  4. What song does everyone hope Ricky will sing in the final
  5. i am saw excited to see ricky perform again this week in the final
  6. i am excited to here his original in the final
  7. I wonder if he can top his performance last night in the final and hopefully win
  8. good luck ricky fan base lets just hope he is in the top 4
  9. who is excited to here ricky next week in the final if he makes it
  10. lets hope he is in the top 3 tonight and dosant have to be sAved
  11. wow what a performance that was incredible cant wait to see what else he can do if he makes the final
  12. ricky is up next with his duet with will i am excited about this i feel it will be fun
  13. dont forget to stream both ricky duet and solo performance tonight and lets make ricky proud tonight vote as hard as we can
  14. i am looking forwood to seing Ricky tonight i really hope they dont bus him tonight he has been doing amazing all season
  15. we have vote as hard as we can for katie to make the final she 100 percent deserves it i know a lot of people think she will but everybody still needs to vote
  16. who does everybody want ricky to duet with tomorro
  17. tonight is the night we have to vote as hard as we can for ricky im shoire he will be amazing like always is but we have vote harder for him to get to the top 4
  18. I hope he plays guitor again this week I loved last week performance
  19. i have a feeling it will be a very emotional performance
  20. i am excitied i hope he makes the final i have a good felling he will
  21. i cant wait to see ricky perform this week i really hope he nails both his performances his duet and hi solo performance
  22. welocme to the semifinals ricky we will have to vote big time next week lets get ricky next week to the final
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