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  1. The Preds have underperformed their underlying numbers a lot, I think because the goaltending has been bad. Similar to the Sharks, only you expected it more with SJ. At some point goalies of Rinne's age just fall off. Canucks lost their last three and finished their road trip 2-2-1. Luckily, the other Pacific teams stopped winning at the same time, and the Canucks still have a 3-point lead atop this really bad division. And we start a 6-game homestand now. Pettersson got injured on an illegal hit by a Bruins player that went unpenalized, but it's the Bruins so I'm not surprised. Really hope he's good to play against Calgary tomorrow, cause we're screwed without him as long as Boeser is injured. I have seen that weird thing where they play the end of the period at the beginning of the next period then blow the horn and switch ends before! It's a thing to behold. I feel like the average Canadian flatbacks onto the ice at least once a year. Yeah, I don't think you quote segments of a post in this build. Oh well.
  2. If he appears to be on a trajectory to be the nominee, they will throw the kitchen sink at him, if they're not already. It's my hope that anyone supporting any Dem candidate will vote for the eventual nominee, but it will be hard to blame Sanders's supporters for staying home if they screw him with super delegates at the convention. Any firm, pro sports team, military division, organization in general, makes personnel and culture changes at the top after a prolonged period of embarrassing failures. Just not the Democrats. Has to be the same people and priorities, forever. And yeah, it feels like Trump's re-election prospects are strong at the moment. I do think Bernie could eat his lunch with some midwestern voters. I don't think it matters that he's a socialist because Republicans have wasted that label on centrist Dems way too often in the past. I can't see any of the other candidates winning the general. Bernie could cost the Dems congress seats and end up with no legislative power as president, but I can at least imagine him winning the electoral college.
  3. Sure, just release a random segment of the results, so you can have a preferred heralded winner for now, and release the rest of them when it no longer matters who actually won. Everything seems on the level. In fairness though, despite all the shadiness, the anti-democratic slant of the caucus seems kind of baked in to the system.
  4. Disgraceful: - Pete declaring victory before any results are out. - Biden encouraging people to distrust the results when they come out. Trump is right to make fun of the Dems for this. The Iowa caucuses are an anti-democratic disgrace. There's no way this Mickey Mouse state should be going first at all.
  5. I'm watching the Battle of Alberta tonight. If you're a Canadian who isn't a fan of either team, it is very fun. I'm sure it'll be a 3-point game though. As is the case with most software upgrades, it looks nicer but the functionality is needlessly worse. I can't figure out how to reply to segments of a post either. The old IDF had a very "early web" feel, with user able to edit the code on their posts, which is what I liked about it. Canucks sent Pettersson to the all-star game, then Hughes got voted in by the fans, then Markstrom got added because of an injury. Toronto today has been constantly changing between rain and snow. Gross. I slipped and fell at a major intersection today. Not embarrassing at all. And the worst is probably yet to come... in the four years I've been here, February to April is the snowiest time of the year. The Canucks have somehow now won 14 of 17 and have a small cushion for 1st in the Pacific. I don't even think they're playing that well right 5-on-5 right now, but that is hockey for you, I suppose. It will be a close race until the end, but it looks like the Canucks will probably make the playoffs, which I could not have imagined in November.
  6. Speaking of Pete, this is the best interview of this cycle. The way the guy asks the question at 0:27. Also this Warren/Bernie fight is really dumb. I'm guessing what Bernie said was some variation of "sexism hurt Hillary Clinton and swing voters in key states prefer male candidates," which was the woke progressive thing to say in like 2017. It's not the same thing as saying the Democrats shouldn't nominate a woman.
  7. Woah, new UI. It is... not intuitive. I think the bar for firing NHL coaches is starting to get ridiculous, and Gallant's firing is probably the oddest one yet. But I kind of don't fault them because Vegas should realistically be 15 points clear of this dogpile. The Canucks have won 11 of 14 and are somehow entering their break as the division leaders. The Battle of Alberta is definitely back. With all the warnings, I don't think anything major will happen on the 29th (maybe late in the game), but there's a rematch three days later that I suspect will be a royal mess. I'm not surprised Francis is still being a shameless shill about this whole thing. Mind you, all the guys on the Edmonton side are being just as bad. I think a fight in the press box might break out on the 29th. Tortorella was mad because too much time came off the clock after a whistle, which he thinks resulted in his team's goal being called off because it was after the buzzer, which resulted in his goalie getting injured later. There is usually some nuggets of truth in Torts' rants, but this one was silly. 1. Has Tortorella heard of the time-space continuum? The butterfly effect? If the time doesn't come off the clock, the whole sequence of events leading to his team's goal that was too late doesn't happen. It doesn't mean the goal is just moved up by the amount of time that elapsed after the whistle blew. Same for the injury. 2. The wrong amount of time comes off the clock after literally every whistle. They don't review it every single time because it would disrupt the pace of play and makes games substantially longer. But we only have to talk about this when it affects John Tortorella. It is horribly cold in Toronto too. Even colder than Calgary (I just checked). I miss BC. Vancouver and Victoria got snow a week ago and both cities basically shut down for two days.
  8. RWG

    Baseball Thread

    The Red Sox are going down too. If Luhnow and Hinch both got a year (before getting fired), for basically being in charge of cheaters, Alex Cora should get at least two, for actually doing the cheating, in both organizations.
  9. I had a "cold" the last week. I get the same 2-4 bugs a year that most adults get, but this last one... sweet mother of God. I can't ever remember having something this nasty. I'm almost better now but I was starting to think it was something serious. Yeah the Canucks lost a game 9-2 (a game I was too sick to watch, thankfully). Our 7-game winning streak ended with two straight losses in Tampa and Florida. But they rebounded this weekend with wins in Buffalo and Minnesota. One more on this road trip in Winnipeg, where the Canucks absolutely never ever win. I watched the 3rd of the Oilers/Flames game last night. Oilers fans sure hate Tkachuk now. Sounds like Kassian might get suspended though. It was actually a great game. The battle of Alberta is officially back on.
  10. RWG

    NFL Thread

    I am so upset about the Bills. I do not understand how Watson physically did not go down before that pass in OT. Please salvage the weekend, Seahawks.
  11. Canucks now have six straight wins. :o At the midway point (41 games played), we are 3rd in the Pacific with games in hand on all the other teams in the division (4 back of Vegas with three games in hand, 2 back of Arizona with 2 games in hand, two ahead of Edmonton and Calgary with two games in hand on both). This team is going to have to slug it out until the end; I'd still expect them to cool off and barely miss the playoffs, which was my prediction at the start of the season. But most were ready to put a fork in them two weeks ago, and now they're right back in it.
  12. tbh, we were lucky to get through three years without something this catastrophic happening. People learned to live with the tweets, but this is different. A nugget of truth from Donald Trump's 2016 candidacy: "By the way, when was the last time we won a war?" (Like seven decades ago?) Iran is a nuclear superpower that is very ready to fight.
  13. Canucks beat the Kings 3-2 on Saturday in Vancouver. I was there! Jake scored, and Motte and Pettersson scored too. Really fun night. Beat the Flames 5-2 tonight in Calgary. This was probably one of their best games of the year, even if Rittich was really bad for the Flames. Jake scored again. It's taken a really long time, but he is finally coming along. Two weeks ago everyone wanted Benning and Green fired. Suddenly they've won five in a row and are in second place in the Pacific. I'm still skeptical about this being a playoff team -- I think they might be good enough to get a wild-card spot, maybe -- but it's a weak division and really who knows.
  14. Happy Xmas. Canucks are always two steps forward, two steps back. Their season seemed like it was on the brink of slipping away a bit over a week ago, but they rallied with three straight wins at home over Vegas, Pittsburgh, and Edmonton. The Canucks and Oilers are now done their season series (2-2) while the Flames and Oilers haven't even played yet this year. Speaking of fights, I saw a video of a group of old Canadiens fans fighting a group of Flames fans in the Saddledome concourse. A bunch of adults were just standing around watching. It looked like middle school. Leafs fans are bad, but Habs fans are just insufferably obnoxious when they take over another team's arena. I'm going to the Canucks game tomorrow night! In Vancouver!
  15. He won't be removed, but the fact he was impeached will be in the first paragraph of his Wikipedia entry forever. It does matter.
  16. RWG

    NFL Thread

    The two teams I cheer for, the Seahawks and the Bills, are 11-3 and 9-4, and I'm not totally convinced either is that good.
  17. I was no kind of Tim Thomas fan, but it's heartbreaking to read about what he's going through. https://www.ctvnews.ca/sports/what-is-norma...amage-1.4728345 The NHL and Gary Bettman's position remains that there is no correlation between playing in the NHL and the brain damage so many of its retired players have experienced/died from.
  18. So we're now at five coaches fired in the last two weeks. Peter DeBoer feels harsh. He makes really smart lineup decisions. I'd take him coaching the Canucks in a second. They're in this mess because the goalies are awful. You can argue the GM has done more good than bad in his time there, but the goaltending mess is his fault and isn't likely to change with a new coach. I like how we're at the point where the Sharks had to clarify that he wasn't fired for anything abusive, racist, or sexual--just for losing games. And there was Jim Montgomery in Dallas, a team that was doing pretty well under him. They won't say why they fired him, but we know it's not in the same genre as the Bill Peters firing and that he wasn't abusive to his players. We know he did/was doing something unprofessional that alarmed other people in the organization, and I've heard it was something illegal (I don't know whether that means against CBA rules or actually illegal). I think it's obvious if you read between the lines. I guess we'll find out eventually. Oh yeah. That's good he rallied. Still, Bill Peters is a dink for how he treated him. He also looks kind of ridiculous. I don't know why, but I'm distrustful of men 50+ who have mops like his. I'm guessing Peters was in demand despite his time in Carolina because he'd spent so much time with Babcock before that. Babcock still had hockey royalty status back then. The idea that anyone who worked for a coveted coach will have success running their own team seems to be not very valid. It's been disproven with all of Bill Belichick's disciples in the NFL, too. A lot of Canucks fan think Brandon Sutter should have to answer for the "allegations." I don't seem to recall Brandon being a coach. Why is it his fault he comes from that culture? He's overpaid and overused, but by all accounts, he's a very respected veteran on a rookie Canucks team. I have found them. The one person who likes Milan Lucic! He reminds me of a caveman. The Flames are on the quite the roll since being forced to fire the coach they didn't want to fire. The Canucks have won 3/4. Losing to Toronto in your own building sucks. That's usually the hottest ticket of the year, but apparently there were 600 unsold seats. I guess people don't have hundreds of spare dollars this close to Christmas, and most Canucks fans don't want to pay the prices for that game to go sit with a bunch of Leafs fans that take over your arena. The Oilers/Leafs game this Saturday still has unsold tickets, too. Canucks outplayed the Leafs too and lost 4-1. But Jacob Markstrom rebounded last night with a 43-save shutout against Carolina, in a game the Canucks got badly outplayed. Hockey is weird.
  19. Canucks just had one game this week; they beat Ottawa 5-2 after building a 4-0 lead in the 1st. Alex Burrows was indicted into the Ring of Honour. I just love Burr. He was an undrafted player who scrapped his way from the ECHL to the top-line of a team that was the best in the NHL while he was on it. The other thing that makes him special to us is that the rest of the fans in the league still think he's some kind of subhuman. He was no angel as a player and admits/apologizes for it now, but still, no one else gets him. Just us. Canucks are mostly at home this month after road-heavy December. They play Buffalo tomorrow in a matinee. What is with all these stupid daytime Saturday games? Like the Leafs or Habs ever have to do these. Aliu probably still wouldn't have turned into a regular NHLer--most 20-year-olds in the AHL don't--but he didn't deserve to have his career ruined like that. Peters not only said what he did to him, he immediately sent him down when Aliu talked back to him and then told other coaches he was toxic. Aliu didn't even have a chance. I feel like most of the coaches caught up in this--except for Peters--can rehabilitate themselves enough to get work in the NHL. Babcock will give it some time, do a sit down interview with one of the media shills about how he's done some thinking and reflected and realized he has to change and treat people better duduh duduh duduh. And then he'll probably get a job. But Peters, because of what he said, would just to way too much of a PR disaster for any team to want to put with. The other thing about Peters is that for all his tactics, he doesn't even seem to get results? He just lost in Carolina, and as soon as he left they took off and became one of the best teams in the conference. And he coached a stacked Calgary to a first-place finish that culminated in a brutal first-round upset, and then a season that got off to a disastrous start, and that was it. Like, what would the temptation be for any coach to hire him? I don't think this is the slippery slope many are making it out to be. The conclusion I think the league should land on is this: you can't be a racist or physically abuse your players. You CAN use any other motivational tactics--including yelling at them--at your own risk. I think what most of the yellers will find out is that their players will tune them out pretty fast, the team will lose, and they'll get fired. And yeah, Avery himself has a history of using racial slurs on the ice, made gross comments about Dion Phaneuf's girlfriend (now wife) when he started dating her, and mocked Dustin Brown's speech impediment. Don't care what he has to say. Same with Evander Kane tbh. I found Franzen's comments interesting because they revealed this whole veneer that was built around Mike Babcock. He wasn't just hard on his players, but a terrible person in general who would go off on random people who just worked at the arena. For almost two decades he upheld this perception of himself as a sage, teacher, mental health advocate, charmer with the media, etc. This has also revealed a lot about the media. Bob McKenzie was on a Vancouver station, and he and the host exchanged stories about how they'd both heard Babcock was loathed in Detroit by the end of his tenure, that the players tried to get him fired after every season, and the organization in general was happy to see him go. It's quite amazing for someone like Bob McKenzie to claim to have known all this all along and just sit on it... Unfortunately, Baertschi is back in the AHL again, and will probably soon be getting a new fresh start with another organization. His attitude has been great though. He never complains, even when the team sent him down right after this birth of his first child. Everyone who's run in to him has said how friendly he is. And he and his wife did a fundraiser a while ago where they spent a night in an animal rescue shelter to raise money. Baertschi just seems like the sweetest person ever. **** Bob Hartley, I cannot stand him. Yeah, as soon as media people started saying this was just the beginning and other coaches were going to be named, the first name I thought of was the Sutters. The thing where the Kings locked the dressing room so Darryl couldn't get in came to mind. I don't know if it's the Cherry model. I feel like all of his descends from Scotty Bowman and the success he had being a major assh0le to his players wherever he went. Lol a Lucic goal. At least James Neal only has... 14. I can't believe Treliving did that trade. Was he high when Holland called him?
  20. I'll miss a lot of the O/T subs, like music, movies, politics, and sports. It was neat how you'd meet people in the American or Canadian forums years ago, and as you grew up, found other things you had in common with them, and could still discuss them here. Redux Emporium for sure. Can't remember the exact timeframe, but I feel like 2004-2008ish was the heyday.
  21. Yup. Here is the head of the department of player safety. Kinda tone deaf. Peters "submitted a letter of resignation" today. Which is to say they fired him after reaching some kind of agreement wherein he publicly resign. I'm sure one day we'll find out how much they had to pay him. I think other teams would have just fired him, but Alberta has some law about firing people based on behaviour that pre-dates their employment with the current employer. I don't really know what to say about Peters. The stuff with Akim Aliu is racist and gross, and it was fully corroborated. Peters basically ruined hockey for him. And the hitting/kicking his players in Carolina is another issue altogether. #BadGuy. I don't believe anyone is beyond redemption, but the most generous thing I could say about Peters is that he needs anger management counseling. On a larger scale, the horse is out of the barn now. We've now heard stuff about Peters, Babcock, Marc Crawford, both Sutter brothers, and Bob Hartley. You never know who else, but based on their profiles, none of the coaches who've been singled out so far are that surprising. These stories are bad for hockey, but if they lead to teams having actual HR practices and rules instead of letting some shitkicker coach make his own rules about how players can be treated, maybe some good can come out of it. Shane O'Brien went on an Athletic podcast yesterday and said once Hartley was so verbally abusive with Sven Baertschi when he was a rookie in Calgary that he actually made Baertschi cry. O'Brien said he had to console Baertschi... "I've played for a lot of coaches, that guy's a ****ing ****." He also said he wanted to beat up Hartley... Oh I give him credit for that. Mike Babcock knows how to work the media; he's great at making Mike Babcock look good. Brilliant conman. Ugh. I guess it is technically entertainment. The Canucks lost 2-1 in Philadelphia and 8-6 in Pittsburgh, in a game in which they led 6-3 in the 3rd. Their possession metrics have fallen off a cliff with Sutter and Beagle injured, which is to say this team is not nearly as deep as Jim Benning promised it was. Home-and-home with the Oilers this weekend. Fully expecting 0 points in Edmonton, maybe 1 in Vancouver on Sunday. In fairness, the November schedule was brutal for Vancouver. They're mostly at home until early January now. I'm going to the game December 28th against LA! Also going to the Canucks/Leafs game in Toronto on February 20.
  22. The NHL suspended Garnet Hathaway three games for spitting on Erik Gudbranson. They were fine with Brad Marchand licking guys two seasons ago though. I guess spitting is more culturally degrading, but it's OK to put your saliva directly on the other player's face using your tongue, but not to send it through the air? Roberto Bortuzzo should get at least 4 games for that trash on Viktor Arvidsson. Arvidsson is going to be out 4-6 weeks now. Because there was no contact with the head, and because the head of the department of player safety collaborates with a clothing brand called Violent Gentlemen, I imagine this will be deemed part of the game and worthy of a one-game suspension or fine. They actually pulled this one out, 2-1 in a shootout. Edler got injured though. We had made it REALLY far into the season without an Edler or Tanev injury. What happened to Brodie was scary. It's awkward because that's the player you've heard about them trading for a long time. If the Flames don't turn it around and make the playoffs, I think Treliving will be forced to address the nucleus of the team, not the coach. I think it was 5-7 minutes, mercifully. I do like the 2nd intermission segment, Headlines. Even if it is just half Leafs stories. Babcock and Dubas were like two single people with that really annoying mutual friend (Shanahan) who thought they'd be a great couple and forced them to date, when it obviously wasn't going to work form the start. Babcock is overrated. I think we know that now. He already was, but he hasn't shown any willingness to adapt to the modern game in the last 10 years, either. Friedman said Babcock is going to take some time before coaching again, which makes sense given how much the Leafs are going to be paying him to not work now.
  23. Don Cherry has a podcast now. That he does with his grandson and son. I haven't listened, obviously, but apparently the first one was predictably bad. Yeah, the Canucks have also had a rotten November, but they've at least got three wins and picked up a couple loser points. They beat Nashville last night. It's weird, the Preds are the one team that has soundly outplayed them based on underlying metrics, but the Canucks, who can't seem to beat anyone else, have won both games. They kept taking dumb penalties last night and couldn't kill any of them (Canucks had 5 PP goals). Washington tomorrow, early start, which should be a guaranteed loss. I have noticed Nashville has a southern equivalent of Calgary's Tina. Every time I watch a Preds game, she is sitting there, behind the bench. The Flames feel like they are in freefall mode. They've been shut out in three straight road losses. There are Gaudreau trade rumours. After they lost 5-0 in St. Louis last night, their team plane had to be grounded due to mechanical issues. Sounds like fun. Btw, Friedman talked a lot about the Flames and had a lot of tidbits on them in his last podcast, RE what players they might trade, Bill Peters's job security, etc. It starts at around 8:15 below: https://podcast.sportsnet.ca/31-thoughts/no...ockey-universe/ Says they want to make trades, but they're not at trading Gaudreau yet. And the organization isn't going to let the players run another coach out of town like they did with Gulutzan. Same. I usually mute it and play music during intermissions. I won't lie though, I don't really mind Burke as a commentator. I heard that too. The Coach's Corner segment was recorded about three hours before it ran. They could have re-shot it if Ron, or anyone else on the crew, had realized what he'd said would become a big issue. Not to defend Don Cherry at all, but Ron did kind of weasel away. I think he knew what Cherry was saying, but he didn't have the energy or courage to challenge him on it. He claimed he was forced to choose his principles over friendship in apologizing and condemning Don, but it seems much more likely that he chose his job security over friendship. It was surprising and not at the same time. After Lou Lamoriello and Mark Hunter were forced out/fired, you knew Babcock was next. I didn't think they'd fire him when they did though. Conventional wisdom was that he'd get one more kick at the playoffs. Even with the start as bad as they've had, I at least thought they'd give him until Marner came back, or at least until the road trip ended. Leafs fans are pretty gleeful he's gone. It's funny how the media in Toronto never challenged Babcock at all or reported anything negative about him. As soon as he was fired, they're all relaying anecdotes about how prickly Babcock was and how no one in the organization could stand him. Yep! I'm starting to think they won't repair the old treads, so it's just as well.
  24. What a mess this whole Don Cherry thing has become. Just generally, I'm sick of the poppy shaming in this country. It feels like something that has really ramped up in the last 5 years. I choose to wear one, but I feel like I need to wear it with a sign that says "not because I'm a good Canadian or because Don Cherry told me to." I've said my piece about Don Cherry. I haven't watched him or cared about him in years. Meh. The Canucks have now lost 6 of 7. They are outshooting teams most nights but can't generate goals any more. And they're terrible in OT. And they ALWAYS give up the first goal. Brian Burke is the betting odds favourite to replace Cherry. (Yep, people really bet on that.) He's a more progressive pro-brain-damage loudmouth, so it could be a fit. And fans in Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary are very familiar with him. But they will probably do some kind of feature segment in the short term. Ron had to apologize to Don for hurting his feelings in his apology for Don's comments about immigrants the week before. It's very Canadian meta. Ron's "address" last night was awkward. This has obviously been hard for him. I'm back...
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