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  1. These clips are daily, and the Democrats are going to run a campaign saying it's acceptable for the role of president. It's reckless and hypocritical, and they should know better. It's like how in Hollywood agents and managers make old celebrities perform well after they should be retired because there's money in it. You can definitely criticize Sanders from the left. I'm just saying he's 1000x better on those issues than the rest of the Democrats and Tulsi has no chance.
  2. ^ Why not support Sanders if you care about those issues? Biden is probably going to win anyways, but Gabbard has literally zero chance and Sanders is still a thousand times more viable than her.
  3. I just watched the Luongo retirement ceremony in Florida and yikes @ the attendance. It looks like there's under 10,000 people there, as usual. The thing you have to remember about the Pacific Division is that all the teams except Vegas are basically bad (as per their underlying metrics at 5-on-5). Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver are bolstered by a lack of competition and easy schedules. The NHL announced reporters are no longer allowed in the dressing rooms because of the coronavirus. My read on this: it is one of a few small measures they will make. If the NHL and NBA ignore recommendations to cancel the playoffs or play them in empty arenas, they can still say hey, we didn't do nothing.
  4. You may as well add the 10% "No one" to Biden's odds.
  5. Interesting piece on the unravelling of Warren's campaign https://www.politico.com/news/2020/03/06/warren-team-wonders-how-they-blew-it-122628 I admired Warren as a politician focused on regulating banks and helping working people. It's too bad that whoever got in her ear was able to change her into a person focused on taking selfies and showcasing her dog.
  6. What a heartbreaking season this is turning into for the Canucks. At or near the top of the division all season long, and then injuries to Boeser, Markstrom, Pettersson (obviously playing injured), Hughes (playing injured). The team has now lost four straight, blown the cushion they had for the last playoff spot, are on the verge of dropping out of a spot altogether, and apppear to be in freefall mode. It's amazing what two bad weeks can do to a team. I did get to go see them play the Leafs in Toronto. They didn't have their worst game but lost 4-2. Thatcher Demko let in a completely unacceptable goal that cost them the game. They actually haven't played that bad since losing Markstrom, but it's impossible to win with this level of goaltending.
  7. He'll have less infrastructure and money than Clinton had in 2016, he's going to perform much worse in debates and interviews, and he's no more appetizing to progressives and young voters (probably actually less so in that the prospect of the first female president isn't on the ballot). If he's the nominee, I think he'll get destroyed. That's just me though.
  8. I think that's been her play all along, but if Biden is the nominee, I bet they pick Harris as the running mate. Their main purpose is to be an attack dog during the election, and Harris is at least good at that (Klobuchar is not).
  9. Young people like Sanders because he doesn't take corporate money and won't do their bidding. And they do want the "free stuff" that people in other countries get. I don't necessarily disagree that Sanders and Biden aren't in great shape (Sanders at least seems fine mentally), but Trump is no beacon of health himself. Mental issues aside, it's rare to see someone much older than him who is that overweight.
  10. It was nice to see that Pete's sexuality wasn't much of an issue. Agreed though, I bet the DNC really wanted him out before Tuesday to consolidate the moderate vote around Biden.
  11. Even if you hate Trump, you have to admit this is funny.
  12. I don't think Trump literally called the coronavirus a hoax at his rally, but the prospect of the people in his administration having to handle this in an election year is terrifying to behold. Of course he's not connected to Putin. Yes Putin probably prefers candidates who aren't in good standing with the DNC and have non-interventionist foreign policies. That shouldn't mean they're an "asset"--at least as the term is used in intelligence circles (having a personal/financial connection to a foreign government). And last weekend's reporting about Russian interference in this campaign was likely nonsense.
  13. Canucks recovered a bit this week, with a 4-3 shootout loss against Minnesota and a 9-3 shellacking of Boston. They also traded Tyler Madden, a 2020 2nd, and Tim Schaller to Los Angeles for Tyler Toffoli. That's a big price tag. Toffoli has looked like a good fit, and they felt compelled to do it because Boeser is now injured the rest of the regular season, and the organization is (not wisely) desperate to make the playoffs. I don't love the trade, but I guess I understand it. The Maple Leafs lost 6-3 to Carolina yesterday, in a game in which the Hurricanes had to use an emergency backup goalie who was the zamboni driver who worked for the Maple Leafs. What's worse, the score was only 2-2 after Mrazek left the game. The Hurricanes basically played the second half of the game as a team that was permanently killing a penalty. David Ayres, the zamboni driver, stopped 8/10 shots. That is humiliating for the Leafs, but the NHL should also be embarrassed. I'm happy for the zamboni driver, but why is a zamboni driver playing in an NHL game, in a city full of college and university hockey teams? Couldn't an NHL team just travel with an extra goalie that could be added to the roster and suited up in-game, if necessary? I think the Leafs will probably pull it out and make the playoffs, but if they don't... hoo boy. It's less intuitive than the previous early-web platform, but once you figure out all the quirks, it's easier to use. I like that you can do in-line formatting with the keyboard shortcuts. I had read that, while they never said a bad word about any of their coaches, Tortorella was actually their favourite, because he gave them as much ice time as they wanted. I don't think they cared for Willie Desjardins much, even if they won't admit it. In the Pacific turtle derby, I think the Flames have the most pressure on them. Edmonton and Vancouver were not expected to make the playoffs but are more or less playing with house money. Same with Arizona. Vegas has pressure on them, but I think you're finally starting to see them pull away from the pack. Whereas if Calgary misses, they probably have to do something to blow up that core. Bruce Boudreau got fired. Firing the coach is all the rage this season. This one was weird, in that he had them way closer to the playoff bar than they should have been, and on an upswing. I guess Bill Guerin, who didn't hire Boudreau, needed to fire him now, cause he wouldn't be able to if they made the playoffs and god forbid did anything in them. The first place I thought of for where Boudreau could end up next season was Calgary. If there's one thing Brad Treliving is really bad at, though, it's coaching hires. Seattle Kraken was the rumoured name a few weeks ago. I'm guessing someone in the organization leaked that out to see what the reaction would be. It was generally positive, but to me it sounds like something you'd name an XFL team. I think Seattle is having a hard time picking a logo because the team that will be their main rival, Vancouver, has a logo that uses both northwest First Nations iconography (Totems) and marine wildlife (Sockeyes). Oh no, now I'm outnumbered.
  14. Not only that, but the GOP has tried to paint every Democrat running in every general election as a socialist. I don't think people really care anymore. ...what on Earth? Even Tulsi Gabbard, while not my cup of tea, is not a Russian asset. You could make an argument for her being sort of an Indian asset, maybe.
  15. Forget all the garbage in Bloomberg's closet. Trump would turn it into a single-issue election on Big Gulps and win handsomely based on that. Seriously.
  16. Trump's list of presidential pardons/commutations is so outrageously funny: Rod Blagojevich, Edward DeBartolo Jr., Joe Arpaio, Dinesh D'Souza, Scooter Libby, Conrad Black.
  17. RWG

    Baseball Thread

    ^ lol. The Astros have gotten off scot free. Why not the 81-game suspension and no playoff eligibility for all the players involved (wherever they're playing now), like players caught for PEDs get?
  18. I'm not an app truther--I think it's more just Democrats being incompetent and terrible at optics--but I certainly understand why some are for the reasons above. I'm kind of sad Andrew Yang dropped out. Imo he'd make a good mayor of like a B- or C-tier city.
  19. RWG

    Baseball Thread

    This Astros thing feels like it has the potential to get really out of control this season. They are going to get beamed all season. It didn't occur this many players in the league, outside the Dodgers, would be this irate at them. I wouldn't vacate their title, because it seems likely that other teams have done this or something comparable, but with the domestic abuser defending, executives screaming at female reporters, the cheating... what an absolutely toxic organization.
  20. The Sedin retirement ceremony was so amazing. As Friedman pointed out, it speaks volumes to the Sedins' character that so many Canucks alumni, mainly the four GMs they played under, were willing to be there for them and sit next to each other. (Burke/Nonis, Gillis, Linden, and Benning all have some kind of beef, with the one exception of Burke and Benning being friends.) Everyone that was mentioned or that the Sedins thanked got cheered, with the exception of Tortorella (the crowd laughed) and Willie Desjardins (crickets). Even Kesler finally got cheered by Canucks fans. It felt like a huge family reunion for a dysfunctional family. Canucks beat the Blackhawks 3-0, despite the Blackhawks outplaying them badly and Markstrom standing on their head. Most sites have their playoff probability at around ~90%. Don't want to get ahead of myself, but they'd have to choke massively in the last seven weeks to miss the playoffs. I was sort of surprised by that. Not to defend Roenick in general, but he basically made a joke about a threesome with a woman he works with who is friends with his wife, called Patrick Sharp hot (even most straight men admit he is good looking), and called Anson Carter ugly. I doubt there would have been much outrage if NBC had brought him back after the suspension. That was scary. I'm glad Bouwmeester is doing ok for now, and I hope he can resume playing. Apparently he is one of the kindest players in the league. I figured out how to multi-reply! Mwuahaha.
  21. There are all kinds of things to complain about the DNC over, but this is silly. Every client who hires a company to build them an app is intimately involved with its development. That has nothing to do with the app having bugs.
  22. He thinks this is a coronation.
  23. Sanders wins New Hampshire. Buttigieg 2nd, Klobuchar 3rd. Biden is floundering, but he at least could still win some upcoming states. Warren looks done.
  24. Canucks had a bad weak with regulation losses in Boston and Minnesota, then a home loss to Calgary, which cut into the lead they'd built atop the Pacific. They did rebound with a 6-2 win over Nashville, thanks to great goaltending from Markstrom and the power play finally returning to form. I've always thought Nashville would be the Central team to surge up the standings and grab a wild-card in the second half, but starting to think it's not possible with goaltending that bad. Also, John Hynes, who generally just rolls four lines, was a weird choice for a team that needs to get hot fast.
  25. Bloomberg is now in third nationally... https://poll.qu.edu/national/release-detail?ReleaseID=3655 As a political science experiment, Bloomberg is sort of an interesting case study: how far can money alone carry a candidate who has absolutely no charisma, gets in at the last minute, and has no argument to be president other than that he's rich? I think he got in to increase his name recognition so that, in the event of a Sanders or Warren nomination, he could run a third-party campaign to split the vote in favour of Trump. That's just a guess though.
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