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  1. Trump is getting the same rally around the flag bump all leaders are getting. Any suggestion he has done a done a good job handling the coronavirus is just insane. Frankly, all world leaders should objectively get an F based on how late they all were to address it. But Trump and Boris Johnson are the two whose words and actions have actually made it worse than it needed to be.
  2. I agree about Cuomo. I'm experiencing the same thing, where I didn't vote for my province's premier and certainly don't like him politically or even as a person, but he hasn't politicized this and his press conferences are just him urging that people do the things public health experts are advising. You have to give credit where due.
  3. I don't know about as much about Apple--they're primarily a hardware company--but companies like Google and Facebook will use/share your data how they see fit, and deal with fines, if any even come, later. My point is that I think most people who use these company's products's thinking is "they're already using my data in ways I'm not aware of, so what difference does it make if it their data is being used for good in a pandemic?" Maybe not, I don't know. Anyways, we're getting off topic.
  4. ^ They basically already tacitly consent to it, by the terms and conditions they "agree to," and just in general by having a smartphone.
  5. I think most people would be in favour of letting the government access everyone's mobile data to figure out exactly where people who have the virus have been and who they've come in contact with. I probably would be, and I consider myself an alarmist about surveillance capitalism. The problem is that that would become the new normal... to the extent it's not already, of course. Whether it's that or military in the streets or having your temperature taken before you're allowed in places, there is probably some draconian stuff coming.
  6. The Boston Bruins are now the only team in the league who have not offered to help their employees at all. Not Ottawa, not Florida, not Arizona... Boston. Their owner, Jeremy Jacobs, is worth almost $4 million. There's a group of teams that just did it, another group of teams that had to be shamed into it, then there are the Bruins. Even the Massachusetts AG has shamed them...
  7. The reporter he flipped out at today was not only not asking a combative question, but one that most would construe as a softball that most leaders in this situation would want to be asked to score political points.
  8. I think you're right. The regular season is RIP in peace and I doubt they get any playoffs in, either. Let's say the league is 10x more desperate to resume than the NBA is because they make a good chunk of their revenue off the gate, and not based on their TV deal alone. I don't think there's a way to get all the players in shape and book all the venues in a tournament that conforms to the league's "integrity" level for awarding a cup. And would they have support from the health authorities to resume? It sounds less and less likely. What a PR mess it would be for the league if they resumed and there were another outbreak throughout the league, or one stemming from attendance at one of its games. The draft, conditional picks, who for the record "made the playoffs." It's pointless to speculate at this point. It's going to be messy to sort out though, and whatever the league decides, a lot of owners and executives will be pissed. Canucks initially announced they were creating a "program" to help part-time employees based on "individual need." They got a lot of backlash, because they owner has like 3.5 billion dollars, and today they announced they'd send their proof of employment to the government so they could easily apply for EI, and pay them most of the rest of what they'd make without EI. So we got there but it would have been nice if the owners had just done this out of kindness. Businesses and services are increasingly closing here too. We still have transit so people can get to work, restaurants doing take out and delivery, grocery stores, convenience stores, and pharmacies, but that's about it. On Friday, it was still ok to go out if we avoided crowded indoor spaces. On the weekend and Monday, you could at least go out for a walk. Now it's as if, socially, you need a good reason to be on the streets. I was ordered to work from home, and I'm not allowed in the office without permission from my boss. I live in a 1-bedroom apartment (by myself, thankfully), and I have everything I need, but I don't know how I'm going to do this for maybe 6-8 weeks without going crazyyyyyyy. Anyways, hockey fans, wishing you and your families all the best. Message me if you ever want to chat about hockey; it not like I have anything else to do.
  9. Well then that's stupid. They should be encouraging moving primary dates so that fewer people get infected and die. The memo said states that move their vote beyond June could face penalties. Whether that's a new policy or not, they included it in the memo they just circulated. I don't care what the score is. It doesn't excuse holding primaries today.
  10. I saw something that said a family of four would have to sh*t something like 182 times collectively a day to go through 30 rolls during a two week quarantine. And since no one is going to be in a rush to be anywhere in the next two months, you can just take a shower instead of wiping. I think you're supposed to stock up for two weeks (that does not mean panic stock or hoard) in case you have to quarantine. But I don't think we in NA are going to get to the point where people aren't allowed to leave their homes to go to the store. Even in Italy, they can tell police they're in the street because they need to get food. If it gets that Draconian, the measure would probably be the gov't keeping you in their quarantine after you test positive, instead of letting you quarantine at home. But it doesn't seem like that is even within our ability.
  11. Heinous, reckless, downright evil by the DNC. There is no defense of this. I seriously can't wrap my ahead around this, it's astonishing.
  12. So Trump is finally admitting the virus is out of control. Good. Can't stand the man, but we need the people who will only listen to him to take this seriously.
  13. Here are how the kids at Queen's University, one of Canada's most prestigious universities, are reacting to the coronavirus. Don't be these people, tomorrow's supposed leaders. I think closing the US border is very much still on the menu. The fact Trudeau was 30 minutes late for his own conference makes me think they might have been trying to hammer out how they can close the border to most civilians in a way that keeps it open for trade. I'm guessing this has to be negotiated. I was ordered to begin working from home today. I'm not allowed in the office without permission from my boss.
  14. The US's numbers are completely irrelevant. The data is weeks behind the virus. My province's health minister just told young people to use their own judgement for going out for St. Patrick's. Can't make this up.
  15. Drinking seems to be something people are unwilling to give up. I walked by my neighborhood pub last night and it was absolutely packed. I went to the liquor store today, cause the stress of all this makes me need a drink, and the beer and wine sections were half empty.
  16. The grocery store I went to today was completely out of meat, except a couple turkey products, and frozen foods and non-perishables were very picked over. Lines were normal. Places like corner stores or drug stores that have basic groceries have been completely normal, I've noticed. People aren't going there to stock up. I'm just picking up a few items at a time and have a pretty good pantry going now.
  17. He's not even elected to anything, in which case... who cares.
  18. It's going to be interesting to see how the league handles this IF they are able to resume the season/playoffs at all. It's totally possible that's it for the year. They could do an abbreviated playoff with the top 2 teams from each division. Or they could do a full playoffs, but maybe there first one or two rounds are best-of-three. If they do say the regular season is over and the playoffs will immediately start the playoffs, what criteria would they use, especially vis-a-vis the Western Conference? If the go by points, it would be ridiculously unfair given that some teams have played two more games than others. But Calgary, Winnipeg, and Nashville would make it, Vancouver would miss (they are tied with Nashville but would lose the third tiebreaker). If they go by points percentage, which adjusts for games played and is used by the league for things like waiver wire, the Canucks would move ahead of the Flames for third in the West, the Flames would drop into the 2nd wild-card spot, and Winnipeg would be the team to miss. And how are players supposed to be in shape when hockey resumes? They shouldn't be working out anywhere that's not a personal home gym. How will the cap work? Will UFAs whose contracts expire July 1 be allowed to play for their current teams in the playoffs? It all feels very insignificant. Is winning the cup after all this something a team's fans would brag about 10 years down the line?
  19. This is basically it. People 25-35 want to live somewhere big and exciting, but if you want to want to keep enough of your paycheque to not have to live with roommates and eventually make a down payment, you're better off in a suburb or a B- or C-tier city. In general, these kinds of places are becoming more millennial-friendly, while big cities are becoming increasingly gentrified and isolating. I rent my own place in a very expensive city, and my company treats me fairly with regards to pay, but it's still way too much... eventually I'll have to move on.
  20. Sophie Gregoire, Justin Trudeau's wife, has tested positive for the coronavirus. The prime minister is also in quarantine... The situation in the US is an outrage--it is a scandal--but people should just focus on sanitizing and social distancing as much as possible to give healthcare workers a fighting chance. When we're through the worst of it, then deal with the political stuff.
  21. I don't think the doctors know enough about it yet to say. The people who recovered then tested positive again probably just relapsed from the first infection and didn't actually get infected a second time.
  22. The coronavirus is going to be a teaching moment for all of you who thought it would be a hoot to put Donald Trump in the White House.
  23. The Governor of Ohio has requested that indoor public sporting events be closed to spectators. The Columbus Blue Jackets are ignoring the recommendation.
  24. Trump is not helping himself politically with the public panicking and downplaying. For once, the responsible course of action is actually in his best naked political self-interest, but he's not able to see beyond the short-term news cycle.
  25. These clips are daily, and the Democrats are going to run a campaign saying it's acceptable for the role of president. It's reckless and hypocritical, and they should know better. It's like how in Hollywood agents and managers make old celebrities perform well after they should be retired because there's money in it. You can definitely criticize Sanders from the left. I'm just saying he's 1000x better on those issues than the rest of the Democrats and Tulsi has no chance.
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