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  1. It snowed and hailed yesterday, May 9. There basically isn't a spring where I live.
  2. I don't really buy that citizens in different parts of the country are doing a better job than others. Most people everywhere don't want to get the virus, and everywhere has some people who think this is all overblown and stupid. It's just population density. When I go out in the city, most people try to stay away from me. There's just so many people and so little room on the sidewalk or the grocery aisle. British Columbia is getting a lot of credit for flattening its curve quickly, given that it got the first cases and looked like it was going to be Canada's hotspot. Though the theory that the mutated version of the virus that came to the East Coast through Europe is more contagious or severe than the one that went to the Pacific Coast directly from China seems plausible.
  3. The government's handling of the coronavirus has been ok. Basically competent. If had to give it a pass or fail grade, I guess it would be pass. It hasn't been nearly as good as many think because Trudeau is being graded on the Trump curve, as usual. The economic response was typically Liberal, wonky for the sake of being wonky. It seems to have helped the middle class and people in the service sector. Not so much the poor and vulnerable. They had CERB money going out fast, but when they announced the Emergency Wage Subsidy, the people who were better off with that had to give the CERB money back before they could get the CEWS (again, overly wonky). The daily Trudeau briefings are a bit ridiculous. The situation in long-term care homes is a scandal. I guess technically that's more on the Ontario and Quebec provincial governments though. I don't know about the Conservatives. The opposition in general was right to deny Trudeau's attempted power grab. The leadership race is another story. To the extent that anyone is paying attention, it's just devolved into an utter tire fire.
  4. People who continued travelling into March, then returned during a full-blown pandemic and immediately rushed to long-term care homes to visit relatives, had a devastating effect on those homes. You had to expect people would keep leaving for vacation if the government was saying it's ok, I guess. If we're taking inventory for next time, the handling of people re-entering their home countries needs to be different.
  5. RWG

    Netflix Thread

    I finished season three of Ozark. The performances and production are very high quality and consistent throughout the series. It's really cartoony with regards to how cartels and organized crime work, but it's a very fun watch once you get past that.
  6. It's not certain but starting to seem more likely with sources other than just U.S. intelligence believing that. Even if it's true, they'll probably just tell their people he retired and doesn't want to be seen publicly.
  7. I just got an email from Loblaws saying staff at the store I shop at tested positive. I guess they know where I shop because my email is linked to my points card. It doesn't sound like they closed at all, just did a "deep clean" overnight and told potentially affected staff to stay home. For all intents and purposes, it makes more sense to view outbreaks and responses (and reopening) as 50 individual states instead of one country. Eg, your state has one of the lowest cases per capita in the U.S. Some will be hit harder than others, and they'll all hit first-wave peaks at different times.
  8. RWG

    Baseball Thread

    Not holding my breath for baseball this year. =/ My Jays would have been fun this year.
  9. There is no shortage of grifters in the medical community.
  10. Regardless of whether they say it out loud, it's kind of embedded in every argument to reopen the economy immediately. I agree though, whether it's ethical or not, we'll probably end up in some kind of half-reopened economy where older and medically vulnerable people are still advised to stay in, no visiting senior homes, businesses can reopen but gatherings are capped to 10 or 50 or whatever, etc.
  11. Apparently there's a new suggestion where all the teams have their points reeled back to whatever they had at 68 games played (all the teams had played 68 games). I don't know if it's any fairer than points percentage, but the matchups are more interesting. You gets Pens/Caps, Oilers/Flames, Canucks/Avs (Hughes vs Makar). It's all academic though because I still don't see how playoffs will be able to happen. I'm working from home, streaming (Tiger King and Ozark), reading, sleeping lots, cooking, talking lots on the phone, relaxing. As horrible as this whole thing has been, it's made me realize that my day-to-day life was way too busy before. The Canucks mostly left town too, except for Stecher and Virtanen (who live in the Vancouver area) and Jordie Benn, who lives in Victoria. I saw the Bure goal from when the Canucks eliminated the Flames in OT of Game 7 in 1994. Also the one where Gelinas scored to eliminate the Canucks in OT of Game 7 in 2004. It's cool they re-airing these games, but I find it hard to get into them when you know the result.
  12. Many politicians seem to be using rhetoric that generally goes, "the better we do at social distancing, the sooner we can get back to normal." That doesn't seem to be the purpose of all these measures. It's merely so that we can slow the spread so that the healthcare systems can handle the number of cases that require hospitalization and save as many lives as possible. "Getting through this" is going to take as long as it will take. And thus we are getting these psychotic "let the vulnerable die to protect the economy" arguments.
  13. Probably. Trudeau today said we're not going back to "normal" until there's a vaccine.
  14. Asian countries that were able to extinguish the initial spread and tried reopening aspects of the economy are just finding the numbers go back up again. It's looking more and more like we'll have to continue social distancing--to at least some disruptive degree--until the vaccine is approved for public use and available to all. There's going to be a large delta between the end of the first wave and the vaccine. I'm worried that people are going to get fed up when they're told to continue to stay home into the fall, and governments are going to cave to pressure from the economy, at the risk of our most vulnerable.
  15. The governor of Georgia says he learned in the last 24 hours that asymptomatic and preymptomatic people can spread the virus... I realize he's probably pretending to be ignorant so as not to seem negligent/responsible for thousands of deaths, but what a statement.
  16. A scary prediction you heard before this was that it would affect people we know. Right now it's public figures we all know, but soon it will be people we know personally.
  17. You can tell that Bill Gates thing was written by an insane person just by looking at the formatting.
  18. I don't know what he thinks he's declaring with these dates. The United States is a federalist system. Governors and mayors will decide when activities can resume in their areas. Working backwards from a date is not helpful or realistic. It's better to think of how we re-open society, not when. Eg, things like eating out or going to the office will probably be green lighted sooner, and things like large sporting events and international travel will be last. Trump will want to make an announcement that the pandemic is over, and I'm guessing they will let him, but nothing's actually going to be different the next day.
  19. Optically, British Columbia has probably been the worst behaved province in Canada, but social distancing efforts seem to have shown up in their data remarkably fast. In Italy, where you have to fill out a form to go for a walk, social distancing seems to have had little or no effect in slowing the spread. Citizens' behaviour obviously matters, but it seems like there is an element of luck wrt to who breaks the rules and where they go.
  20. A part of me would like to see all the players compete for the cup out of shape. The NHL insiders are still throwing out weird playoff scenarios. Apparently the 24-team playoff is popular because it gets Chicago and Montreal in. I think it's nuts. They're naive to think they can finish this season, at least without interrupting next season. I think the Gare Bear knows the season is RIP in peace, but he has to posture for the owners. Given that China hasn't gone fully back to normal and we don't know whether there will be a second wave of infections, there is no way health authorities will give them their blessing to host events with 20,000 people by the end of the summer. The Bruins announced layoffs and salary reductions to their staff, too. What do they always say about playoff revenue? It's massive and it's not in the budget; it's just extra revenue for the owners. Last year, the Bruins went all the way to the cup final and hosted four Stanley Cup Final games. And they're STILL the second (after the Habs) team to announce staff layoffs during a pandemic? What a POS owner, just motivated by sheer greed. I'm bored too. I've been watching lots of movies and reading and getting back into running.
  21. Yup. He and Fox News spent weeks potty training their base not to take the virus seriously. Apparently they've backed off. https://www.wsj.com/articles/canada-objects-to-u-s-plan-to-put-troops-at-border-11585247654 I don't know the supposed reasoning was, but I'm guessing it was part of a larger campaign to equate the virus with migrants in general.
  22. ^ It's true. It's not a criticism that's unique to Trump, and it's against human nature to get people to completely change their lives for a threat that we're told is two months away. But countries could have saved themselves hundreds of thousands of lives and trillions of dollars by reacting in January, when they were briefed on it. Just because it's bad leadership on everyone's part doesn't mean it's not bad leadership. I personally was rolling my eyes at this into March, and I know people who were making fun of it right up until the sports leagues started shutting down.
  23. I was told to plan to work from home for the "foreseeable future," but I expect to get laid off eventually. I get the sense my company's management feels we'll be able to resume normal operations much sooner than we actually will be. I don't think the economy is going to fully return to normal until there's a vaccine--say 14 months--and I bet my company thinks it'll be June or something. This coronavirus was not on our CEO's radar at all until the 13th. I work in IT. We can release software while working remotely, but my company can only do so much without testing hardware and firmware in the office. It's not just small and medium businesses, but large companies too. They're the ones who value their margins the most and are already starting layoffs to protect them.
  24. Nope, they're staying open. Limited hours though. Close at 6 I think.
  25. Israeli doctor in Italy: We no longer help those over 60 https://m.jpost.com/International/Israeli-doctor-in-Italy-We-no-longer-help-those-over-60-621856/amp Italy has a higher hospital beds per 1,000 people than the United States and Canada. Mercifully, the LCBO and The Beer Store have been deemed essential. I've read that health officials worry about people getting creative if you take away their access to legal toxins.
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