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  1. I love this song so much! Omg, I can't wait to hear it live.
  2. On that note, Happy Birthday 60th President Obama!
  3. On a somewhat random note, I was talking about presidents with my parents and who some of their favorites have been and it reminded me of a quote I heard from someone on a podcast saying Biden isn't our first president not to have a great command of language but he has been the worst and I had to laugh. So I mentioned that and they kind of whined a bit and said, well who are the other ones? What do you all think about this? Clearly, President Trump was a barstool speaker and very plainly spoken and from time to time, it would grate a bit as he often wouldn't give specifics that I was used to. Most others did, so it really did seem to be a stylistic thing. Some say they would rather have someone with a positive vision for the country and accomplishments as opposed to being a fantastic orator. Do you think a bit too much is made out of having to speak well, as odd as it is?
  4. I'm sad Jan left, I really like her. 01. Kylie Sonique Love 02. Ginger Minj 03. Eureka! 04. Pandora Boxx 05. Ra'jah O'Hara 05. Trinity K. Bonet
  5. There is, it's too new for people to potentially be forced to give their children. I know I'm jumping the gun, but it's being talked about and when you're talking about a community of people that pose very little risk, we need to be pretty confident before we mandate them getting it. We don't have to even get into the amount of times people like Fauci have reversed themselves on various things throughout this entire ordeal. I would say to people, consult with your doctor and make the best decision you can for your family. I got the vaccine as soon as I was eligible because I'm a frontline healthcare worker and have had no side effects, am in a group that isn't likely to die from the virus were I to get it, the hysteria has been incredible. Is getting the vaccine generally better than getting COVID regardless of your age and health? Duh, yes! But the messaging on this has been so odd. You have people that were told it would take a small period of time to bend/flatten the curve and then folks went on to lose a year of their lives, we destroyed our economy, people lost their livelihood, many of them. Children lost out on meeting friends and being able to socialize at a very critical time and folks have become depressed and suicidal. Our leaders have given misinformation and wrong information. I think we're going to look back on this time and say much of this was unnecessary. People tend to have an effect on the folks closest to them, friends and family. Why not simply have the discussion with someone that's hesitant rather than yell at strangers online and say they're awful people who want to readily infect others when you don't know what you're talking about, quite possibly? In other words: your point - do what you believe to be the right thing for you and your family after consultation with your doctor, but understand the medical community is not infallible, everyone is learning together.
  6. Watched Blood Red Sky last night, which didn't help my anxiety but it was fantastic and I recommend it for fans of horror films.
  7. Please! Come back to slay.
  8. Drew

    HBO Max

    Is anyone watching Gossip Girl?
  9. I refreshed my memory quickly. It was worth the wait!
  10. Watching Cruella for the first time tonight.
  11. I feel like I have a better chance than a decade ago of getting a shirtless pic! ...Still unlikely, but the odds are improving!
  12. People like to be seen as doing the right thing on social media as simplistic as it sounds. It's exhausting. Make the best decision you can for yourself and your family. The end.
  13. Happy belated Birthday to him. I was just watching old performances.
  14. I would rather have people be able to say anything short of fire in a crowded theater or the equivalent. Anything else would be far too scary. Should never be the job of big tech or government to tell us what we can and cannot say or view. In the same vein, if Nazis want to march, hey — go for it. It’s still America, you’re allowed to express your opinion, no matter how reprehensible it is.
  15. My favorite went and I'm so bummed out. She was really robbed. Hopefully there's a chance for her to do something with this whole game thing going on. Hmmm....any thoughts on what's going to happen there? I don't know who to root for now, most likely Kylie Sonique. I really love Eureka too, her personality is infectious.
  16. The problem is, it's an extremely slippery slope. In the same vein as what you said, I don't want big tech and the government deciding what I can and can't view. It's my job to due my due diligence and figure out whether or not the information bares any semblance of truth.
  17. At the risk of sounding ageist, Clinton, Bush, and Trump were all born the same year and together represent 20 years of rule starting in the early nineties and going until the early 2020's. What the actual...that's crazy town! And the incumbent is older than all of those people. Eeeek.
  18. Gasp, the very idea that someone possibly voted for Trump for the same reason. Many can't even process that.
  19. Yep. People tune out immediately, it's just noise. Ask folks to define white supremacy and how Trump somehow supports that? One of my childhood friends brings this up all the time, along with "fascist" and if we just stopped and asked them to elaborate and better yet, give an example or two to illustrate what they mean, it would be an interesting situation for sure. In 2021, I feel uncomfortable putting on a team jersey and saying "I'm a supporter of the Republican Party" (or Democratic). I'm an Independent and have been since I was old enough to cast a ballot. I recognize no single party has a monopoly on good ideas and I also recognize, people are complicated! Donald Trump is an imperfect man and was an imperfect leader. Hell, he may be one of the only one that let his ego get in the way of what was otherwise a winnable election (although my personal view is absent COVID, there's no way Biden would have won). That we won't know, but dismissing half the country is a severe misstep and trying to tar folks as sympathetic to white supremacy.....Holy moly. You're not giving your fellow Americans anywhere to go. It can't be - you're all awful. If that's your take, don't speak about wanting to unify and solve problems because you don't want that. We still need to live alongside each other and we'd be better served to have conversations about issues rather than personalities. I vote for the candidate based on the issues, not how they make me feel.
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