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  1. We're such impatient people. :lol: I'm right there with you though. (Also, LP1 is FIRE) o:)
  2. Of course I'll be watching. :lol: :shifty:
  3. If Alejandro was a little more visually appealing, that would have helped him.
  4. At the risk of stating the obvious, these acts have to sing songs by Syco artists to promote the songs huh? I like One More Sleep, but it didn't suit Megan. My favorite sang a Labrinth song when he was in the Bottom 2. I actually like both songs, but I'm just saying.
  5. Thank God for a strong winner. Best possible outcome after a nightmare of a season. And I was living for the PCD reunion.
  6. I'm curious to know this too. I'm excited. o:)
  7. Layla was the strongest, but Logan is the cutest. o:)
  8. Megan, please win. Also, Vinnie going home just proves once again, all of us were right and Simon was wrong to save him. It stings because it’s basically confirmed Kevin had more longevity in him than Vinnie, which once again...any of us could have told you, Sy. >.
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