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  1. Can we talk for a moment about how flawless Brooke Lynn is? Even though I love Ru beyond words, I echo the sentiment expressed that he's not on the panel in Canada. I think the show just works flawlessly.
  2. Beto O'Rourke is running for Governor. I guess he's going to try everything until he wins something.
  3. Loving this season so much!
  4. Alesha can be a permanent judge, please. LOL. I love how loud she was during the lip sync.
  5. Exactly. To the talking heads like Joy Ann Reid, please DO keep saying the things you are regarding Virginia voters that cast ballots for Youngkin. That is if it's more Tuesday nights you're looking for.
  6. Governor Murphy is ahead slightly now, but it's a dead heat and definitely a message to Democrats. That race wasn't supposed to be close. I'm a Massachusetts person, but I think of Murphy as one of the Governors having instituted the harshest COVID policies along with NY, CA, and so on. Individuals are more than capable of making their own decisions. If they make the wrong one, they will live (or not) with that decision. By the way, congratulations to Governor-elect Youngkin. He ran a fantastic race. His opponent who has a long history in the state, he completely screwed up by indicating parents should have nothing to say about the curriculum and then went on to double-down. Even if that's not the complete context, he didn't attempt to clean it up and that killed him. He also attempted to tie Youngkin to President Trump and that just didn't work out. Can we talk about how pathetic the Lincoln Project is attempting to do what they did in this race? A prominent commentator said you'd be better off burning your money in the street than donating it to these idiots.
  7. Interesting to see what happens in VA tonight! Looks like education has swung it in favor of the Republican. Parents have had enough and Youngkin is the beneficiary.
  8. Easy On Me has grown on me so much. I loved it from the beginning, but it was also a grower and just hits different now. Anyone going through a difficult time in a relationship or that has can relate. It's our song.
  9. I think we should focus on taking care of our service-people that return from overseas before migrants, the optics of it aren't good for the Biden administration.
  10. Oh, I saw someone driving yesterday with a "F*** Biden" flag out his sunroof, he was holding the flag with one hand and driving with the other. That's crazy town. You can think Biden is a weak, ineffective leader and still continue living your own life. Thinking we elected the wrong person doesn't have to dominate your life. I feel bad for that guy, it's serious but invest your time differently. Support candidates at the local level that are advocating positions on issues you care about. The tribalism doesn't feel good, ultimately. But when you're being assaulted by someone else verbally, it's tough to not engage. It really is.
  11. I didn't notice a thread for him and wanted to create one. I was watching recent and old performances. He was my favorite from his season and his voice and spirit was SO incredible and infectious. Anyone else a fan?
  12. I can't wait for this record.
  13. Yes. I think the number was 44% or so (Democrats) backed him because he wasn't Trump. Not exactly a ringing endorsement. Sinema is very authentic, but she's not going to get through a primary. People are busy following her into the ladies' room because she thinks 3.5 trillion is too much money. It is!!
  14. The Democrats need someone that's authentic and they need that person soon. I'm not just saying it because Biden's on the ropes either. Does anyone feel the same?
  15. Entered a sweepstakes to try and win tickets to see her in Vegas.
  16. Congrats to him on the book. I listened to his conversation with Derek Hough and Lindsey Stirling over the summer and it was incredible.
  17. He has unfinished business though, so I expect him to run. I basically sum it up by saying, sometimes his instincts worked out for the country and sometimes they didn't. He did let his ego get in the way, unfortunately. He should have let Biden speak during the first debate, that would have been helpful (lol). Absent a pandemic, I still believe he would have won. Oh well. I don't want to hear any complaining from the folks that voted for Biden though, lol. You got what you wanted!
  18. Beat me to it! I'm SO excited Veronica is back. She was my pick to win the whole thing last time around. I can't wait to see the other queens too.
  19. It's almost like some of his critics think, if he just tweeted more in support of getting the vaccines, more people would get them! Not really how any of this works.
  20. As someone that finds this issue to perhaps be the most difficult of ALL the hot-button issues, comprehensive sex education in our public schools and using contraception would really do a lot of good here. People are not always going to be responsible, but most will if they receive the proper education starting at a young age. I caught a lot of you-know-what from supporters of Tom Cotton (I posted on his status on FB) and it's crazy to me. Abortion is clearly not a nice thing, no one is out there championing the fact that they've gotten one except the truly morally bankrupt or those devoid of any feelings at all. However, you're talking about using the power of the federal government to legislate morality. It would present far too many problems (babies born into horrible circumstances, desperate women that would resort to alternative means to end their pregnancies). Those that feel nothing or the outlier, those that use it as birth control are just horrendous people, full stop. There's no sugar-coating it. But they're going to have to face someone higher than you or I ultimately to answer for that. I still believe in the free will of people though, up until the period a fetus is viable. It's not a simple issue at all. This is one of those issues where I can truly see both sides. I'm personally pro-life, publicly pro-choice, but with many caveats but where a candidate stands on this isn't going to be enough solely to sway my vote.
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