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  1. Yeah, I understand the logic McConnell is trying to use. The Senate and the presidency are held by the same party and they more than likely have the votes. That said, it does come across as hypocritical. That said, it's politics. He has a chance to build on his legacy and help put conservative judges on the court. I do agree that the discourse has gone way down and yes, both sides have contributed to it for sure. Yes at your final statement.
  2. I made a few important points to a good friend of mine for a number of years. He kind of gave me side-eye and disagreed, but it is what it is. Boring world if we all agreed. He starts our discussion with "How in the world can you defend this man?" Long sigh. In the beginning, I did defend him at every turn. If you recall, there was a massive throng of people that refused to give him a chance from the very beginning. That said, did he regularly say things that undermined his own message and policies? Yes! After a while, I started to call those out in the hopes that perhaps he might pivot and emulate some of the qualities I've admired about a great many leaders in the past. Somewhere along the way though, I made peace with the fact that he's just a different kind of person. He pretty much says what he's thinking, not a lot of guesswork to be done there. My friend wanted of course to fixate on the lying. He just lies so much!! ...So, okay. I'll go in on that. But all lies are not created equal, it's a matter of degree and always has been. Is the fact that less people showed up to his inaugural than President Obama's an example of a lie? ....If we take everything literal and must spell out everything, then yes. That said, is it as problematic as say, the call with the Ukrainian president? UH, NO?! The problem is, when you normalize calling everything out that's the slightest bit of an exaggeration, it's a lot like crying wolf. Then when something that's actually worth spending airtime on occurs, a huge segment of the public will lambast you as fake news and then media types are mystified. It's not that difficult of a concept, guys! Somewhere along the way, some of these folks became the thing they were accused of being in the first place. Now, the other point. I watch all cable news networks pretty much, including CNN. That said, they've become very sensationalist in the Trump era. I get that it's a symbiotic type of deal, they need him to make news and to a lesser degree, Trump (kind of) needs him to get his message out. At least, that was the case in the early days of the 2016 campaign. When some of these folks are and have been out to nail this guy since he was sworn in (some, not all - a strong press is important, holding the powerful to account is important), I originally enjoyed when he would berate them. Many of them have led lives of privilege and I'm not simply jealous, good for them. The majority went to grad school in the D.C. corridor and made it to one of the premier cable news networks in the world, all good stuff and I'm sure many of them worked very hard to get there. That said, they're not folks I identify with, but ones that are trying to stay relevant and drum up ratings. It's not about reporting the news and getting to the facts. It hasn't been that way for quite a long time. The folks that attend rallies, Trump and Biden are my kind of people. I came from a solidly middle class existence and my parents both worked very hard for everything they have and to live in a safe, quiet community. Yes, President Trump has money and came from money, was essentially supported at the outset by an investment from his Dad, so yes, he lives a life of privilege too but as the PBS doc revealed to some for the first time, those that were well off in New York City largely didn't care Trump. All the money in the world didn't necessarily make him solidly one of the beautiful people and I think there's linkage and identification between for example, your run of the mill factory worker in one of the rust belt states and Trump for that reason. There's been this tinge of elitism and looking down on folks that supported Trump and assuming they aren't educated and the working class see them in him. It's very powerful and definitely something I've taken notice of. Some of them have to be willing to engage those with whom they disagree. Don't be afraid to have difficult, but respectful conversations. Some partisans on both sides you won't be able to convince to even have those conversations, but it's vital for us to move forward as a society. We are in it together to an extent. When you dismiss someone because they have a different belief from you, or supported a different candidate, you don't have to be nasty or berate them, attempt to "educate" them because you just come across as a self-righteous, you-know-what. It happens on the right too, but geez have I seen it big time on social media from folks on the left side of the aisle.
  3. RBG has passed away at the age of 87.
  4. I agree that regardless of the outcome, we'll remain polarized. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that.
  5. I get like that on occasion and have to take a hiatus for about a week and then get back into it.
  6. So I take that as a no, no one here saw the town hall on ABC?
  7. Thank you for the update and everything you do to make sure this runs smoothly!
  8. Anyone watch the town hall with the president yesterday or plan to watch the one with Biden tomorrow night?
  9. Debate night in America two weeks from tonight.
  10. I'll post my prediction, but it's really just impossible to predict because we don't know if something else is going to happen and further shakeup the race.
  11. 19 year anniversary of 9/11 today. I was in 7th grade math class and will never forget how scary the entire situation was and how President Bush helped to rally our nation together.
  12. Pretty effective ad. I don't know that you can lay the blame on Biden though.
  13. A day removed from this, I'm not sure how damaging it ultimately is. Like most things, if you already have disliked the president from the beginning, you're going to make Watergate comparisons. If you believe there was a large segment of people that were never going to give a chance from the outset, you'll view this as another attempt to blame everything on him.
  14. To me, this is why it's going to be close. I rarely see any enthusiasm for Biden. If you're voting for Trump, you're still energized.
  15. Yeah, I never understood this. Ideologically, they have similarities in terms of trade policy but that's about it. Still, I can't help but recall hearing from primary voters in New Hampshire way back when, the two candidates they were torn between: Trump and Sanders. You could chalk it up to wanting to disrupt the system/burn it down, but definitely interesting.
  16. I will say, Bernie did manage to make sure his messaging was right immediately after he withdrew from the race, so it certainly took place a lot sooner than it did when he lost to Clinton the last time around. Do you think this will make a difference? Obviously you can't be responsible for bringing along 100% of your supporters because that's never going to happen.
  17. That's a very good point. If anything, it's a wash. Look, do I think Trump has extremely thin skin and probably does lose his temper frequently? Yes. Do I think said what he said about John McCain? Of course. Was it low rent bordering on just flat out cruel that he then went on to criticize him publicly long after he had passed away? Yes!! At the end of the day though, these things aren't going to move the needle on whether folks are going to vote for him.
  18. Drew


    This is what we need to beat COVID, Adele. Let's go!
  19. I'm so happy for Priyanka. Definitely very deserving!
  20. Oh, I wasn't referring to you lol. There was a post in here about a day ago by someone else saying something unnecessary about him that clearly showed they didn't like him, so I removed it.
  21. The only problem I really had with the McCain feud was that Trump continued to bash him long after he had passed away, publicly. It was just unnecessary. Did John McCain partially want to stick it to Trump when he went against the health care repeal? I'm sure he did, but when someone dies, if you don't have anything nice to say (and there are plenty of not so nice things one could say about McCain, personally or professionally if you look hard enough), don't say anything at all, but at times he couldn't help himself. People tend to excuse things if they're in line with what they might be thinking though. As far as the article goes, it's always curious when you have anonymous sources and we're referring to comments made two years ago, allegedly. Now they're being put forth 90 days before an election. Of course, all is fair in love and war, but folks should examine things with a critical eye as always.
  22. Reminder: Fan threads are for fans. Not a difficult concept.
  23. I don't believe it either. So many anonymous sources everywhere, but people take it as gospel. I'm all for criticism when it's called for, but this seems very fishy.
  24. I think many people focused on the percentages over everything else, which pretty much looked like her win was a foregone conclusion. I agree that it's not as if polling is dead because some got it wrong. She did win the popular vote, so it wasn't off by a ton. Trump does tend to over perform what the polling says though.
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