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  1. I think he was trying to help him, as I said previously in the other thread. I like Nick a lot and I want the voters too as well.
  2. He did strike me as a bit arrogant in the way he carried himself. This was also edited so there's an outside possibility we're missing something here. I think they did it to help him because the show hinges on personal likability.
  3. How is he nasty? He's probably one of the more kind folks we've had on the panel.
  4. How many of you heard about Deval being assigned some of Bernie's delegates ~by accident initially? What a mess, lol.
  5. 52-48 on Article 1 - Not Guilty 51-47 on Article 2 - Not Guilty Trump is acquitted. Only Romney crossed over on the first Article.
  6. I think Pelosi ripping up the speech was probably one of the highlights for sure. There was so much nonsense and it was such a waste of time. I wish the Senate would make things right tomorrow, but I know they won’t.
  7. They had one job. Seriously, what a disaster.
  8. All those things, but most definitely the post count! #stillbitter
  9. You're so sweet! I think I do. Album coming up in just a few days! Hope all is well with you.
  10. Oh man at the post count. I'm devastated. How did it carry over and then disappear?
  11. Oh wow, the recommended feature is a thing? I wasn't even aware.
  12. I'm just going to leave this here and get the popcorn out.
  13. He's just my favorite.
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