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  1. Maybe not. I remember we both loved Katharine too! Hmm, Melinda, Archie, Kris... Any similarities there?
  2. Wally and I share a favorite at long last. This hasn't happened since Vonzell. #jkbutitmightbethetruth Denali was my #1, but after she left, I'm on the Symone train.
  3. Not eliminating anyone over and over is the equivalent of the participation trophy. Like, come on people!
  4. Disney+ is now on Xfinity, just so everyone is aware.
  5. I started the day by rewatching the Season 9 roast of Michelle.
  6. I also found that funny as someone that generally dislikes Loni Love and concurs with the original sentiment.
  7. If I could just say ...I love Utica overall, even though that was a mess. I love how overly concerned she was over appropriating from another culture in a past week but she totally ignored the constructive criticism about not calling people whales.
  8. Very true. I usually love the villains because they're oftentimes the most interesting characters, far more so than the ~protagonists.
  9. Phil Leotardo was such a jerk. #offtopic But I agree with everything you've said here.
  10. Jeffrey isn't returning as a judge, the other two are confirmed.
  11. Her cover of WUTB though! Listen!
  12. I think flying a flag for your candidate alongside the flag of your country should be discouraged. Has always been far too cult of personality for me.
  13. I’m happy with the result. It was well deserved, I thought!
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