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  1. I can't wait for the next episode! Already loving this season.
  2. This is a difficult one because things that Biden has spoken about and paid some level of lip service to critical race theory and to a lesser extent, the green new deal are two things I'm NOT on board with at all. That said, he's only said he'd reinstate the former, which is an awful idea but not a deal breaker for me. Areas of agreement would probably include at first glance: paid leave, his view on campaign finance reform, expanding background checks on guns is fine, but too many restrictions makes me uncomfortable and would be a slippery slope, though I'm personally not a gun o
  3. I'm watching live, while working. I hope we can come together on those things we agree on and have spirited, policy-based debates on things that we differ on. I hope he's what he promised to be.
  4. Nothing, I love her. It's an expression. Here. Has to do with her longevity and being able to weather many storms throughout the decades.
  5. Okay, I will watch then! Plus, anything Shonda has her hands in, I'm just like give it to me.
  6. I can't wait until the new film comes out!
  7. ^ Should I put that on my list to really watch? Can someone tell me it's worth it?
  8. Sometimes I just sit here and catch up on all the performances I missed. Holy moly, she's amazing!
  9. Hey, your avatar! One of, if not the greatest television series of all time. I'm rewatching it with the boyfriend as we speak and he keeps trying to play Solitare during it. Ugh. Some people just don't know greatness. Anyway, I actually agree that if he had just handled the pandemic differently, he would have won comfortably. I've said from the beginning that the public likes to feel cared for. Do we think Bill Clinton genuinely "felt" anyone's pain? Probably not, though I don't know. When you're leader of the free world, you have to play the game. President Trump isn't wired that
  10. Glad you're watching live! I remember when I used to do comments for each contestant and performance for other shows. Now I just find one person and stan them to high heaven. It's so much easier.
  11. But you understand, and I'm someone that fundamentally believe most of us aren't THAT far apart in terms of policy...with the exception of public perception on COVID, it's difficult to get a straight answer out of the vehemently anti-Trump folks as to what he did to really impact them in a negative way. I don't think it's completely ~fair to put all those deaths on him, but the messaging publicly was all over the place and downplaying clearly occurred. But I get that for better or worse, the incumbent gets credit things that go well when they're physically there and blamed for the bad.
  12. Watching his farewell address right now.
  13. If you were speaking to someone that didn't understand your perspective on the guy, what would you say?
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