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  1. Cast my vote early for the first time ever in a general election. I'm so happy it's over with and all set.
  2. Well, we’re not living our lives. Most of us are merely sort of existing. It’s taking a toll emotionally.
  3. I was listening to an interview and it was stated so nicely - time is being stolen from us. It's so true and I'm so incredibly angry about it.
  4. Is Halloween "canceled" where you are? For me, it is.
  5. I went to see Eric Trump last week and then President Trump on Sunday. It was a really cool, almost surreal experience seeing Air Force One land just feet from me and taxi in.
  6. People are dreaming if they think TX and GA have any chance at going blue. Just because the polls are close now doesn’t mean a ton.
  7. The segment about energy was so cringe worthy when it came to Biden. Other than that, I thought he had a number of good moments actually. Trump was more well behaved than ever, for the most part.
  8. Final presidential debate tonight at 9:00pm eastern from Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. NBC's Kristen Welker moderates. Let's get 'er done!
  9. I can't wait for April!
  10. LOL, exactly. I never understood why him or these reporters are wearing masks when there's no one around except a cameraman. I know it's ~to set a good example, but it reminds me of when newspeople stand outside before a hurricane even makes landfall pretending to get tossed around by the wind. You just look ridiculous.
  11. I might be early voting too, even though traditionally I've always gone the day of.
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