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  1. He has unfinished business though, so I expect him to run. I basically sum it up by saying, sometimes his instincts worked out for the country and sometimes they didn't. He did let his ego get in the way, unfortunately. He should have let Biden speak during the first debate, that would have been helpful (lol). Absent a pandemic, I still believe he would have won. Oh well. I don't want to hear any complaining from the folks that voted for Biden though, lol. You got what you wanted!
  2. Beat me to it! I'm SO excited Veronica is back. She was my pick to win the whole thing last time around. I can't wait to see the other queens too.
  3. It's almost like some of his critics think, if he just tweeted more in support of getting the vaccines, more people would get them! Not really how any of this works.
  4. As someone that finds this issue to perhaps be the most difficult of ALL the hot-button issues, comprehensive sex education in our public schools and using contraception would really do a lot of good here. People are not always going to be responsible, but most will if they receive the proper education starting at a young age. I caught a lot of you-know-what from supporters of Tom Cotton (I posted on his status on FB) and it's crazy to me. Abortion is clearly not a nice thing, no one is out there championing the fact that they've gotten one except the truly morally bankrupt or those devoid of any feelings at all. However, you're talking about using the power of the federal government to legislate morality. It would present far too many problems (babies born into horrible circumstances, desperate women that would resort to alternative means to end their pregnancies). Those that feel nothing or the outlier, those that use it as birth control are just horrendous people, full stop. There's no sugar-coating it. But they're going to have to face someone higher than you or I ultimately to answer for that. I still believe in the free will of people though, up until the period a fetus is viable. It's not a simple issue at all. This is one of those issues where I can truly see both sides. I'm personally pro-life, publicly pro-choice, but with many caveats but where a candidate stands on this isn't going to be enough solely to sway my vote.
  5. I'm SO happy with our winner! What a great end to the season! I did get to see her live last weekend along with Jan, Eureka, Rajah, Jujubee, and some local queens. She was incredible! She seems so genuinely lovely as a person too.
  6. Listened to Thank You Camellia for the first time in a while today.
  7. What does everyone think about the Texas abortion law?
  8. He's near me close to my birthday on 11/11. I have to see him.
  9. The providing of lists floored me last week. How we do expect these folks (I use that word very loosely) to act in their own self interest? If I were one of them, I would give the United States everyone on those lists, knowing they were going to pack up shop and leave and I'd have free reign of the country again, but these aren't conventional people!
  10. He's in my city on Thursday just feet from work. I need to gooooo.
  11. Well, he has been on the record as wanting to leave for a very long time, but when he was running this time around, many around him said he's been on the wrong side of every major foreign policy issue. A ringing endorsement if ever there were one, lol. The point is, he was always going to do this. At least Trump said it would be down to conditions on the ground and issued a stern warning if the Taliban tried to take advantage. I don't think these folks are scared of our new president at all. Some may think we're overreacting, but getting these matters right and preventing attacks on our homeland and other Western targets is probably the primary thing I expect our government to be proficient at. What is a nation if we don't prioritize our national defense and keep our borders secure?
  12. At the risk of repeating myself, what's with his public statements? In the few that have happened and in interviews, he's so detached and appears unemotional. The reason many voted for him was that he's capable of empathizing with what they're going through. How about a little of that?? Or is it because he doesn't want to accept blame? Yes, the withdrawal was botched under his watch, but many presidents have made mistakes with respect to this country. But claiming you didn't make any, it would have been chaotic any way you cut it, people were going to die, etc etc - that's not what we like to see our elected leaders do...
  13. #GirlLookAtThatBody I really like the song too!
  14. You raise a few very good points. In the past week, the countless interviews I've listened to with those that served have echoed many of these same sentiments about the way it was handled. Not to take it to a political place straight away, but considering President Biden has said for years he's wanted to leave, he was going to pull us out when he got in there. At least with President Trump, there was a conditions-based component and he issued threats to the Taliban as to what would happen if they immediately took advantage of the situation. I can't prove it, but I don't believe for a second he would have just sat back, disengaged and allowed these people free reign. I don't think folks are overreacting. The Labor Party in Britain is criticizing the way the United States handled this, the Labor Party! They're ...pretty liberal, lol. I've spent most of this week depressed about the situation and how we could have handled this in such a way. I hope we do the right thing by the Americans still over there and those thousands of people that helped us over almost two decades of war. Based on the decades long history, in the words of a prominent commentator, there was never going to be a spike of the football in the end zone moment (a sports reference, you know those can't be my words lol). It's tough to take, but we sent our folks over there so we wouldn't have to fight terrorism on our soil and so they wouldn't have a safe haven to launch attacks from (that's obviously now out the window, it seems) and to that end, our military has done everything we've asked them to do. Our politicians botched this and history will reflect that.
  15. I don't mean to pile on, but yes. Crises have a way of exposing elected leaders and this was managed horribly. It was almost like it crept up on him and he had to be dragged to being engaged with it. The defense can't be, well we were going to leave anyway, what - did you want to stay? I'm no expert, but I don't know - perhaps sort out getting our folks out first, and the 20K+ folks that helped us over two decades of armed conflict? Who is going to say you can trust the United States now? We made a commitment to keep those that helped us safe and we need to keep our word.
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