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  1. Ah okay! Set to go on vacation up into northern Maine in late July. Fingers crossed! I’ve never been and have a passport that expires in two years. Would be exciting!
  2. Drew

    HBO Max

    Finished It's a Sin yesterday and I'm going to rewatch it with the boyfriend. Also convincing my mother to watch it. The performances were absolutely brilliant and I highly recommend it. The subject matter is extremely serious and sad, but you won't regret it! Only five episodes in the miniseries.
  3. Guys, what's with the border still being closed even if you're fully vaccinated in Summer 2021? Do you think the guidance is going to change soon?
  4. I'm sad there's only two episodes left. I know it's an unpopular opinion (but welcome to my life lol), I really enjoyed the season though!
  5. The lip sync songs on this season have all been amazing, by the way.
  6. I really loved this episode! I was sad to see the eliminated queen go in general as I really liked her personality. She was sweet. I’ll do the ranking this time! 1. Scarlet 2. Elektra 3. Art 4. Karen 5. Kita
  7. Yes, someone that was 26 at the time should know better, no doubt. I think there comes a point where you've made your point and if the person is open to/willing to or has changed, why continue to rake them over the coals? I believe the show handled it perfectly.
  8. Drew

    HBO Max

    I was SO happy with the reunion. Perfect!
  9. I’m very glad Ru addressed the controversy but handled it in an even-handed way. I won’t bother with the ranking as Scarlet is my favorite, I enjoyed the episode greatly and I’m proud of Elektra for finally having a great moment.
  10. Drew

    HBO Max

    I am SO excited! Can't wait to watch.
  11. Hello all! I miss Reduxes. My anniversary just passed on the 19th, the evening Vonzell was eliminated from Season 4 and I was a freaking mess. 16 years on IDF! Whoa.
  12. I love so many of them, wow! I'm going into it with an open mind, but Scarlet and Jan are early favorites of course.
  13. Awww, look at the hair! He still looks so young.
  14. I Believe followed by A Moment Like This
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