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  1. Isn’t Leona the only female solo winner to still be relevant?
  2. I haven’t been around when Idol was airing. I don’t know who anyone’s favourites are apart from the earlier seasons (I’ve probably forgotten them too). Adding Tamyra and Archie to my list.
  3. 01. Kesse 02. Adrianne 03. Katie 04. Shannon 05. Ebony 06. Giselle 07. Elyse
  4. Alejandro Aranda Quite possibly the single most overrated and pimped contestant In the history of the show? and I lived through Carrie Underwood’s season but hers was nothing in comparison. Alejandro is the absolute definition of basic. His voice is mediocre and the only thing that was impressive was his guitar skills. I’m quite a fan of the judges but they must’ve been high every week. At least Katy can be sober when she judges now. Do I remember any of his performances? I think I remember his Hollywood performance when he butchered a Bieber song? What I do remember is him going further than Uche, Laci, Alyssa and Maddison. He can go this early in this rankdown and I can be a saviour. Saving Rayvon Owen
  5. save Rayvon cut Alejandro
  6. Shangela (S3) Shangela is one of my first favourites from the show. HALLELU! I stanned so hard for her when S3 was airing because of how “The Heather’s” treated her. Shangela was pretty new to the drag scene but her personality sold pretty much everything that she did or brought to the runway. The first week was to make a runway outfit inspired by Christmas from the Holiday thrift store. I wouldn’t say that Shangela’s outfit was the worst of all of them. I think it was easier to pick apart because of the finish of it so she landed in the bottom two but slayed and stayed to fight another week. Week two brought a challenge that’s as right up Shangela’s street - a comedy acting challenge. She was paired with Alexis Mateo and they both shone winning the challenge! Her runway was also great this week. She also brought us that iconic untucked moment with the help from Mini. I don’t remember much from the next challenge apart from Stacy Layne Matthews and I can’t remember which body part Shangela chose to show off so we’ll skip since she was safe. Week four brought another comedy acting challenge and obviously she nailed it. Week five brought Snatch Game and Shangela nailed it as Tina Turner. I don’t think she was incredible but I can appreciate how underwhelming some of the earlier Snatch Games were. She did a great job and sailed through to the next week. Especially after her “Best Drag” runway which was gorgeous! Something that many didn’t think they’d see from Shangela. Week six is a week that everyone should just forget about. The main challenge was absolute crap and whoever thought that up needs to be fired. Create a runway look based on the cake you’re given.. lol. Shangela received pineapple upside down cake (which I actually love) and she made what she could. She never sold herself as a seamstress and was the first to admit she loved some hot glue and help. I think she did well with what she was given. If she hadn’t have stuck a pineapple on her shoulder then the judges would’ve wondered what cake it was so she was doomed either way. She was declared safe and went on to the comedy challenge in week seven. She won both the mini challenge and main challenge this week and slaaaaaaayed! This week was probably her strongest and this pissed off so many of the queens which I LIVED for. This was also the first time of the The Heather’s went home. Thank god!! I only really remember Alexis Mateo’s performance from the next week so SKIP! Week nines challenge was also absolute bullsh*t. Same song but in different styles? Some of them were terrible and I hate the singing challenges because you can’t alter your voice. They just seem unfair imo. Shangela did good with the performance side but went for a more glam country look which the girls and judges didn’t get. She ended up in the bottom two and gave us the first death drop in the history of the show! Carmen couldn’t even match Shangela’s energy and she was slayed. Goodbye to her and her rotten attitude! Week ten allowed the queens to create looks out of hair. I didn’t mind this challenge as it was creative and the earlier challenges tended to be more craft which I enjoyed. I liked Shangela’s look and what she went for. It gave me Amazonian Warrior vibes and I love a look with a story! She landed in the bottom two with Alexis and was sent packing due to Alexis slaying. Her overall run was pretty strong and I enjoyed that she was the first comedy queen to actually bring it throughout most of the season. She was an underdog and that’s what people liked about her. She wasn’t overconfident by promising so much and under delivering. She was relatable and down to earth. This is a fantastic placement for her. Saving Naomi Smalls AS4
  7. Save Naomi AS4 cut Shangela S3
  8. I think it’s up to date apart from the last rounds. Eliminated: Brooke Lynn Heights Bob the Drag Queen Tatianna S2 Sasha Velour
  9. That’s the trouble with the new finale format. It writes off any track record.
  10. One of Adore’s greatest moments.
  11. True Competitive vs Competitive haha.
  12. Sasha Valour Aaaaand I think this makes Shea Coulee the winner of S9? I’m still indifferent on Sasha and that’s not a great think when you’re a winner baby. I genuinely don’t remember much about her time of drag race apart from her finale lip syncs. I vaguely remember her performance for the news show challenge with Shea and I remember her part during “Category Is” ....anything else is gone. I genuinely feel as if she slept throughout the season or maybe it was the fact there were many bigger personalities. I think her runways left a lot to be desired too. I don’t really remember those either. Yay! It’s a shame that RuPaul has gone to finales like this as I don’t think she would’ve won otherwise. I think Peppermint or Shea deserved to win so I’m cutting her here to give Shea the crown. An actual fan can give her a decent write up if they wish. saving Katya S7
  13. Urgh, I would’ve saved Brooke.
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