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  1. At least I know two favourites of yours. You only know one of mine. NOW WHO’S DOING ALL THE
  2. I haven’t even nominated yet.
  3. Oh I know you wasn’t. I’m thankful!
  4. 01. Adrianne 02. Kesse 03. Giselle 04. Katie 05. Shannon 06. Elyse
  5. I love how honest she was throughout that interview. She’s obviously in a better place now than she was and I’m happy. I genuinely had no idea or I wouldn’t have misgendered her. I feel terrible now as I know how hurtful that is.
  6. That’s sad. No one should have to struggle.
  7. Was that during Idol or after?
  8. JDA Poor JDA falling in to Victoria’s little plans when there are semi finalists in this who actually gave bad and/or underwhelming performances. This is noted and there are contestants on that list now. JDA was screwed over by the terrible format during her season. She had a strong audition, Hollywood round and semi finals performance. In fact.. I’d say it was the most dramatic semi final performance ever on idol. Her vocals were really strong and her spreading on the floor routine added to it! I lived for it. I think she deserved to go further based on vocals alone and that’s why I brought her in to this rankdown. I’m just happy she got through a couple of rounds when she’s an easy cut for people. saving Caleb.
  9. Save Caleb Cut JDA Cutting my own semi finalist because Victoria is questionable.
  10. you don’t want a mediocre winner but you nominated Caleb? okay. Game on.
  11. Genuinely don’t know who to cut. Suppose I’ll have to rank them all and the queen at the bottom will be my cut unless anyone has any other ideas.
  12. Go for it. I have very few favourites left so another one wouldn’t be such a disappointment.
  13. I’ve learned that it takes one person to get messy and then it’s a domino effect from there. Even though Elliott was nominating honestly and basing it on his least favourites.
  14. Same thing. Jeremy from ANTM. Me too! What’s the next round Vee?
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