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  1. I prefer Go Light Your World to anything the other two did.
  2. You should’ve saved her. There was no chance I’d save her. I’ve never been a fan.
  3. He didn’t! She just reminds me of him.
  4. Saving Devin Velez and Shannon Magrane (for Wally, who isn’t even part of this rankdown)
  5. Beauty 01. Chantelle 02. Shei 03. Denzel 04. Kari 05. Keith 06. Adam 07. Matthew 08. Mirjana 09. Ben 10. Will 11. Lenox 12. Ivy Commercial 01. Adams backside Kari 02. Shei 03. Denzel 04. Adam 05. Keith 06. Matthew 07. Chantelle 08. Will 09. Ivy 10. Mirjana 11. Ben 12. Lenox
  6. Kent placing higher than Jakob?!
  7. Kent above Jakob and Slavick? lols.
  8. This is my least favourite season ever. I like a few queens but don’t like or don’t remember the others. I’m really for all stars.
  9. 01. Crystal - My favourite of the week because it was unexpected. She’s getting the Kameron Michaels edit and I’m living. 02. Jan - A nearly perfect performance. I struggled with her dancing and look as it was quite manly. Her voice and presentation on the runway were great thoughz 03. Widow - She wanted the Bob inspired Power character and she was really good. The runway let it down but I get what she was going for. 04. Sherry - One of the memorable Michelle’s and a solid performance in the challenge. 05. Heidi - There wasn’t much Madonna but I got more than certain people. The runway look was quite pedestrian. 06. Brita - I quite enjoyed her Madonna performance and runway look. They binned the runway look because of a pair of earrings? Judges are reaching. 07. Jaida - Decent performance as Madonna. I didn’t get any Madonna, though. The runway was something I’d expect from season two or three. I always forget her! 08. Jackie - By far the worst of the week. Her Madonna was absolutely abysmal and she had one of the easiest ones as everyone knows that Madonna era. I didn’t like her runway either. I’m ready for her to leave now.
  10. Gigi winning? Over Crystal and Jan?
  11. I was laughing. You entertained me!
  12. Urgh at Adam going. He was annoying but barely a threat when he was on the wrong side of the numbers. The scrambling at tribal would’ve been the perfect time to take out a threat.
  13. How many rankers are you needing? I’ll throw my name in if you need people but I’m snowed under with working from home lately due to covid.
  14. gtfo Gigi. Crystal being sweet and observing.
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