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  1. Ok I think it should be available to everyone now. Should be at the bottom of the page in the middle, right above "Neurox Media".
  2. Hmm, I didn't think it was permission based when I set it up. Time to look a little more into it!
  3. Just installed what I think was the best dark theme available. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, expand the "Theme" menu and select Bravo 6. It seems to work fine for me, but if you (or anyone else) notices issues using it, please let me know.
  4. The option should be available to all usergroups. What does it look like now for you? Can you post a screenshot?
  5. At the very least they're aware of the problem so hopefully it gets fixed before too long. I've noticed that it also isn't working on a few other sites so it's good to know that it isn't just isolated to us.
  6. Looks like it's a widespread issue but Invision is aware of it so hopefully there will be an update to fix it soon. https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/459255-instagram-embeds-not-working/ I'll install the latest update tonight so that Instagram links will at least be clickable for the time being. As soon as they put out an update for the Instagram bug, I'll make sure to get it installed.
  7. Looks like there was an update early this morning! 1. I just moved the "topic summary" from being a sidebar to just under the 1st post. 2. I have no idea what's going on with the mobile page, and there not being any way to log in. Hopefully I can get an update on that soon.
  8. My faves so far have been The Mandalorian, The Imagineering Story, and The Legend of the Three Caballeros. Can't wait for the new Marvel original series to show up!
  9. Ok I think we removed the top anchor ad on mobile so it should only appear at the bottom now. I hope so. That would be a great feature to have here. Let me see what I can find.
  10. I can try to block a particular add, however to do so I'll need to know what the ad was. If anyone sees an offensive advertisement send me a PM with a screenshot and I'll try to remove it. I'm hoping somehow we can change the anchor ad to be at the bottom of the page rather than the top because it does block that website element.
  11. Awesome, thanks for moving those. That forum and the other two I created are still without descriptions so if anyone has a suggestion, please share it!
  12. Rankdowns forum is alive! https://idolforums.com/forum/719-rankdowns/
  13. @istersay @Elliott Thanks for letting me know. I'll create it tonight.
  14. I think we can look into that as being the next one. How many rankdown threads are there now and would there likely be more created when we open the forum?
  15. I made a minor tweak to the forum description. Nothing seems weird with the new forum so I'll go ahead and make Games and Graphics now. I'll leave those forum descriptions blank so if anyone has a suggestion, feel free to post it here.
  16. TV & Movies forum is up. I also re-categorized things a bit. Going to let this settle for a day and if nothing blows up, I'll add the other two tomorrow evening.
  17. We can always add more forums if the demand is there. Music threads still fall into Entertainment and at the current time I don't see a huge benefit to separating them out. They'll be more visible with the removal of TV, Movie and Game type threads so it's almost like getting a Music forum without actually getting a Music forum.
  18. From reviewing the replies so far I think we can start with the following: Games Graphics TV and Movies Thoughts?
  19. Yeah, it's definitely a little bit confusing! Wouldn't be a bad idea for people to add who they used to be in their signatures for a while until people got used to their new username.
  20. I've never seen this error myself but if it's happening regularly, please let me know. Keep a log of what page you were on, and what page you were trying to go to when it happened. Send me the results in a PM after you've got a few of them.
  21. The few I've seen so far seem to look ok. If someone notices any weirdness with it please point out the signature to me so I can look into it. We may need to adjust image sizing or other rules to make sure everything looks good on mobile for everyone.
  22. I just enabled signatures on mobile devices. Lets see how this goes.
  23. As far as I know there's no way to turn them on/off based on a members usergroup so not at the moment. It would be a nice thing to have (like we did before) so it's definitely something we'll look into soon.
  24. I was never a huge fan of the subtitles. You can hover over a thread title to get a preview though (at least on desktops).
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