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  1. Aww, I get that. But yay! 72. Wanted - I know I've heard this song, but I can't remember where and it's annoying me. This has a different sound for OneRepublic, and I do think it's a grower, but I also really like it hearing it again now. The message of the song is definitely relatable. Wow, this is under 2.5 minutes though. Why are songs getting shorter and shorter? 71. Catch - It's interesting you say we didn't hear much from Brett in 2019 because his previous single, Here Tonight, hit #1 and was a big one for him this past year! I know it came out in fall 2018, but songs can take awhile to catch (no pun intended) on and I heard it on radio all the time in 2019. It hit #1 in April. The album also only barely came out in 2018, so at least there are two singles from it so far. I hope they're not done with it because I have some songs I really want them to release to radio. But I love this song and how they related the video to his first love of baseball. It's very fitting with the word "catch." I love the feel of this song. It's "catch"y. It's sweet, cute, and all the things. I wish I heard this one on radio more like his other singles, but I still listened to a lot on my own, and am glad you like it too. And oops, I wrote a novel. 70. Broken & Beautiful - Love this song from Kelly too. I also haven't seen UglyDolls, but am curious to. Her little character is so cute. Anyway, love the empowering message of the song and the feel of it matches too. Kelly's vocals are fantastic, as always. I don't think I knew P!nk wrote on this, but that's cool. 69. Eres Tú - Not familiar with this, but I do really like the vocals and melody. I don't know what they're saying, but I still enjoy it a lot. It has a sweet and romantic sound. 68. Aleluya - I prefer the previous song, but don't mind this one. It does have a nice sound as well. 67. Adore You - This is probably my favorite song from the album! I'm glad it became a single and seems to be taking off. I agree with your thoughts on the grooviness and the great vocals. 66. London Boy - One of my many favorites from the album as well. So fun, catchy, and cute! The lyric you quoted is my favorite as well, along with the "He likes my American smile" right before it. I just love that whole part and the song in general. It's infectious. 65. Yo Te Extraño - I don't know what he's saying, but I can hear the emotion in his voice and he sounds very good.
  2. This was everything. One of my favorites from the album. So glad she chose to perform it on the Grammy stage. Oh, but darn. This specific video won't play for my country.
  3. Yay Dan + Shay winning Best Country Duo/Group Performance! OMG Camila sang First Man. HER DADDY. That was such a sweet and special moment. Wow.
  4. - It was just the wording of that sentence. Sorry for the trouble. You're welcome. lol I already told you. - You're watching something hilarious. Calling him extra. You're welcome. I thought it was so funny. The ending specifically kills me! - Okay. I'm saying what I said and this can be discussed further later. - I just knew. Ah wow. I hope you at least like that one. Thank you for this. lolll okay. - You don't need to try to sound cool. - Huh? “this is my only fear" is said in Demons? I don't see it in the lyrics. https://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/imaginedragons/demons.html - Okay, I don't ever remember hearing Shameless on the radio. - Thank you. I did think of that song, but thought it would be higher. I included it in case, but thought this one was more likely. Hm maybe because of other similiar songs, but I don't know. I do like this though. Yeah, never heard that... no clean version? They play one on radio. - Oh okay, thanks. I wouldn't say it works for him so much as he gets away with it, lol. Yayy. Yes, because instead of American Top 40, it's Wally's Top 40. 40. Cardi B & Bruno Mars - “Please Me:” lol I was joking when I posted this last year and said whatever about your #1. I seriously thought it about Finesse, but not this. They didn't waste any time collaborating again though. I love the feel and vibe of this too, and of course agree about Bruno's vocals! He's amazing. It's past time for more new music from him, I say. Love the parts you named. Oooh these Cardi lyrics... wow. The ow's are my least favorite, but seeing some of these words are yikes. I still like her delivery and the sound, and it's fun how her and Bruno go together. What about "her lady parts" though? I don't know anything about this, and okay, it becomes more clearly looking at the explicit lyrics. But still not. Anyway, I just love the vibe of this and Bruno's vocals a lot. I feel the same on the bridge part you named. You think they'll release another song together this year? 39. Ariana Grande & Social House - “Boyfriend:” I don't know who Social House is either. I feel this song kind of went unnoticed by me and was maybe bigger than I know of. Hmm. Interesting with the comparison. I feel like this is a grower for me and I like it more with each listen. I'm not sure what I like about best about it, but like the parts you mentioned. I like some of these lyrics. 38. Lil' Nas X - “Old Town Road” (feat. Billy Ray Cyrus): I thought you always loved this and didn't know about all this drama with you and this song. Oh wow. Wow. I don't remember when I first heard this song, but I do remember I had just got home and was in my parking spot hearing this on the radio... I thought he was saying "I'm gonna take my horse to the hotel room" or something. I searched that lyric and it seems other people had done the same. But I was trying to find out what the song was and was not impressed. I didn't like this for awhile, but it did randomly grow on me and now I kinda like it and get the ness of it. Aww One Sweet Day. Did not know about that. I did know about Billy Ray Cyrus being on this, but.... never heard this version at all. Why wasn't this on radio? I only heard the solo and I guess thought Billy was just on guitar or something. Wow those lyrics you quoted that you didn't know about. Yeah wow. Okay then. I think Billy sounds great too and of course it's my first time hearing his part. This is cool. Oh and so is he considered a country hip-hop artist? Also, this cracks me up. 37. Post Malone - “Circles:” "It has also been a long time since Post Malone hans shown up" I think I was surprised hearing this too since it was different from what I'm used to from him, but I like it a lot. Interesting comparisons to those songs... I don't really get the folk thing, but I guess it makes more sense with the examples, hmm. Wow the song still growing on you though. Wow. Niall or Liam said this is their favorite song of the year? I see. I like the beat and all you mentioned. I don't feel like there is actually a Billie shout out there? But I see. Yes, the chorus, the way he extended those parts, and the second verse part you named! My favorites. You didn't know he said that one lyric though? I always heard it. Hmm. 36. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie - “Look Back At It:” Oh, I didn't know he's a new rapper. I never would have guessed. I never heard of this song or heard it before. I kind of like the dark vibe of this. Wow those lyrics. I would think it's clear what he's talking about. The "drat" parts are kind of fun. This isn't really my favorite, but it's okay for me on first listen. 35. Taylor Swift - “ME!” (feat. Brendon Urie): Yes, it is always a huge event when Taylor has new music. I remember the days when this was coming. I remember the premiere with the music video, but you weren't a part of that, I see. Yes, what you said about the fans here is exactly what I talked about earlier. It's really annoying. This is so fun, positive, happy, and everything. I love the video and watched it in full several times. omg and I quoted parts of this video to you before and used the gifs, so wow you not having even seen it. The chorus is the best and I love how infectious it is. Also love that she collaborated with Brendon in this and it works really well. Wow your misheard lyric. That wouldn't go with the spirit of the song. Ugh, I feel this song was gone too soon because of how soon they released the next single and it just disappeared after all the hype. Not cool. I love all these parts, but actually love that part more from Taylor. But it's all so joyful. - Something big and bouncy people can jump on: Shaed - Trampoline - This singer is having some thoughts about a certain person she’s singing about: Ciara - Thinkin Bout You - Another song from an artist just posted in this set: Ariana Grande - thank u next, 7 rings, break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored, Post Malone - Sunflower or Wow., or Taylor Swift - You Need to Calm Down. Hmm I can see it being most of those. Maybe BUWYGIB, Sunflower, or YNTCD. - A multiple artist collaboration, where all of the artists are the same gender - even though only one of them has shown up on the list so far: Ed Sheeran - Cross Me (featuring Chance the Rapper and PnB Rock) - Another multi-artist collaboration but this song features two male artists and two female artists - with the male artists making their first appearances while the female artists have shown up here already: Oh my. DJ Snake, Selena Gomez, Ozuna, & Cardi B - Taki Taki - Seems like this artist will not respond back to whoever she is singing about: Ooh that don't call me song? Mabel - Don't Call Me Up.
  5. 14 minutes over because 3.5 hours isn't long enough. Watching the replay now to see what I missed in the first part of the show.
  6. "We stand up here confused and grateful" Congrats Billie and her brother on all the wins.
  7. So so horribly tragic. I've been thinking about this all day and how devastating it is for all involved. May they rest in peace and their friends and family have the strength they need to grieve this shocking tragedy.
  8. This is the opposite of what you kept saying, but lol good, as you should. Yes. You don't know what was on that night and ended at 10? It's something that always stuck with me. Ugh, probably. - Okay, but I didn't mean his songs and don't really know them that well. There does not. - Aww. I try to keep up with her releases. I was actually asking here and not saying it's a good thing (or not). I didn't use a sad face either though, so not sure why you'd remember that. - I think I confused it with Don't Let Me Be Yours for some reason. Yeah, that's annoying. I hoped you like this and agree with your comments. Oh, well it's under 3 minutes. - Oooh hmmm. Interesting comments. I hope it could grow on you, but yay liking these parts. This came out at the end of September and the same day as the one I posted earlier. Yay! - I wouldn't think so. lol... Levi can be a woman's name? But yeah. He is a country singer. Wow all your comments and questioning on this. I thought you might like his voice and the sound though. Oh, but I thought you would to begin with, so at least you did. - Ooooh but yes, I wanted to have it too. Same and I think even just saw them on my TV a few minutes ago. Same. It is lots of fun. Yay! I know he's rapping, but I don't know what he says. Oh, I have noo idea. - Yeah. It is very sad, but really good and love his voice. I would still want to hear it. - Yes, I've always thought that, I think. Yay our agreement! Yep, love these parts. Swish swish! - Ooh, I didn't think you would have heard of this, but interesting. Yes, but it sounds really forceful? Oh strange because I can tell their voices apart so easily. Yeah. Yes, but the song itself should be! Yay! Ugh no, I was gonna say I changedddd that clue. But okay, then you saw. Hmm. I know about previous lists, but you gave a clue like this too. And you always seem to remember where I ranked things really well. lol I'm now trying to figure out what songs from some of these people would have been that high that year.
  9. No. I just found it on Google.
  10. - Oh yay! - Wow, how interesting. I'm going to have to listen for that. Glad you like the song, at least. - I don't think him and Hunter sound alike, but I could maybe hear Hunter singing this. Yay, I hope it does! - Okay. - Ahh yeah, I would recommend it! He has a lot of great songs. - You're welcome. Oh, well it's better it grew on you than the opposite! - Aww okay. You're welcome. Glad you like two of these songs. They are both fun.
  11. What about the Milo and Witney one?
  12. Oh no, I’m sorry. I would have been fine changing it. But thanks for the compliment.
  13. - Yes, it is from Klaus! Thanks for the recommendation. I didn't get to watch it yet, and feel weird watching Christmas movies now, so not sure if I will soon or next season. But I do want to see it. I'm glad you like the song as well! - Yeah, they are doing pretty well for themselves. Love that you hear the Ed influence too and that you like this more than expected! - It's been so long since Julianne released music, so it's understandable. I thought you would have heard this though since I thought you watched AGT. Agree on that lyric and the rest of your comments! - I understand. This song at least has some build-up in it that makes it stand out to me more. Glad you still like some things about it. - Yeah, I only know about this since I listened to the album. I wish it got more notice. lol I'm sensing a theme with songs being better than you expect. Glad you think so! And - lol the pun. Oh, you're the first person I've seen to prefer this to Sucker. That's "cool" Yeah, the GoT reference always stood out to me. Agree on your other comments! - Aww, too bad this doesn't appeal to you more, but glad you at least like the chorus and lyrics. - Yes! I know you're a OneRepublic fan as well. I agree! Thanks so much for catching up on some. I know there's a lot, so whatever pace is fine. I appreciate your comments.
  14. I believe this is what's left: 1. American Crime 3. The Surreal Life 5. American Horror Story: Roanoke 6. Touched By An Angel 13. Rectify 14. The Deuce 18. Revenge 21. The Society
  15. My Hero Academia My Hero Academia is an anime series adapted from a Japanese superhero manga series that was written and illustrated by Kōhei Horikoshi. The series began airing in 2016, with a fourth season that premiered last fall and is still going on. The show tells the story of a boy named Izuku Midoriya, who is born without superpowers. Where he is from, superpowers are referred to as Quirks, and are extremely common. He dreams of becoming a hero like everyone else, and is scouted by Japan's biggest hero, All Might, who shares his own Quirk with Izuku. All Might sees potential in Izuku and helps get him enrolled in a high school specializing in training heroes. A movie called My Hero Academia: Two Heroes was released in 2018, and with a follow-up My Hero Academia: Hereoes Rising released just last month. There are plans for a live-action film in the works. It looks like there have also been video games and musicals based upon the series, so that's cool. This genre doesn't particularly appeal to me, but it seems to be a success, so good for it. As of December 2019, the manga the show is based on had sold 26 million copies. I also want to post one of the closing theme songs, only because it's called "Heroes", and that's the name of the show I'm saving, so it ties everything together. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YRU7MZWDmgg Linking because the embedded version won't center. Saving: Heroes
  16. Save Heroes Cut My Hero Academia
  17. I will respond back to comments later, but I just changed one of the clues.
  18. 107. Zara Larsson - Don't Worry Bout Me I don't know why I feel like I've known this song for years and am so confused by it being a 2019 single. Maybe I'm confusing it with another song. But I love a lot of Zara's music and really like this one. She is telling this guy that she is no longer into him, even though he seems to care most for her after the relationship is over. Well then. Looks like he had his chance. "Don't worry 'bout me, you should worry 'bout you, keep doing what you do best, babe, that's loving only yourself, babe" It has a more laid back jammy feel to it. I really love how Zara's vocals elevate starting at this part of the second verse: "You're tryna stay in my life, ain't got the space or the time, it's too late now, I'm moving on, I'm so unfazed, you ain't what I want" It just keeps getting better. Oh, but wow this song seems to end so suddenly and feels really short. I guess she said what she had to say. 106. Dove Cameron - Waste This song is pretty much about being so ~love drunk~ or obsessed with someone that you want to waste all your time and everything else on them. It's like about some really intense feeling, but the song has such a slinky kind of feeling to it with the music. "My mom thinks I need therapy 'cause I sing, only sing about you" The way she sings the chorus is really cool and some other word I can't think of. "I wanna waste all my love on youuuu" She has all these little different inflections on her voice throughout the chorus that make it so interesting, despite the same lyrics being repeated. And those "wa-a-a-a -aste" parts are so good too. I also love how she sings the "I bet you do this to everyone" line before both choruses. Oh and look at this lyric... "And it's so cruel, but I'm having fun" That is a testament to what kind of crazy feeling this is. She did describe it as kind both pain and pleasure, so interesting. This is another newer song that it still growing on me, but I really like it a lot with each listen. 105. Levi Hummon - I Still Do I first heard of Levi Hummon because he was on tour with Hunter, soo... that's my story. I decided to check out some of his music and really loved this song right away. Although now I don't see this listed as a single on Wikipedia. Why does this always happen? It seems like one to me, so here we go. There's just something about the melody, the vocals, and the sincerity that he sings with on this that I really love. He can't get over this girl and that is what the song is about. He sings about stuff he still does, but I also like how the song title could be interpreted as him still meaning "I do", as in from marriage, even though it doesn't actually imply in the song. I really enjoy his voice and the chorus is especially my favorite of this. "But I still do crawl back to you 'stead of running home and moving on" I love the little "I still do" parts he sings in a higher register. But then I love how he sings the next part of the chorus faster, as well. "Yeah I thought it'd be okay but it isn't, Thought a little space from a distance would make you go away but it didn't" Ahh and then 'Wish I could say I don't love you but I still do" But wait omg, I forgot about the bridge and how much I love that. He sings it kind of fast, at least compared to the rest of the song. "It feels like a waste of time convincing myself that I don't want you all that much when I know all too well" And of course, I love a good stripped down chorus following a bridge. That happens a lot, it seems, but I always love it. He has some really pretty vocals near the end of this too. 104. BTS - Boy with Luv (featuring Halsey) omg I remember first hearing about BTS and how huge they were. Their fanbase is no joke, but I only really see them sometimes on award shows or talk shows. I hardly hear them on the radio, but this song really stood out to me when they performed it with Halsey on whatever award show that was. I wonder how this collaboration came about too. But yeah, this song is so super catchy and I caught on to it right away. OMG okay so many of the lyrics are in Korean that I can't quote them or even make too much sense of them, but from the English ones... well, I guess they want this girl to text them, send photos, and she's making them fall in love. They are ~boys with luv~ after all. I definitely know this "Oh my my my, oh my my my" part of the chorus though and that is the JAM! No clue what is being said at 1:54 at all but lol omg I love the guy's delivery there. It's fun. The whole song is so catchy, despite me not understanding most of it. I still live for the chorus the most though. OH MY MY MY OH MY MY MY! I hear Halsey there and wish she had a more prominent part, but that's fun. 103. Chris Young - Drowning Another day, another great song from Chris Young. I just adore his voice. This is a really sad and emotional song about losing someone. At first I thought it was about a breakup, but it's actually a tribute to a friend of his who passed away. The opening verses outline him still calling their phone number to hear their voice, which is so "So, I'm gonna pull out pictures, ones with you in 'em, laugh and cry a little while reminiscing by myself" The next line reveals that this is more serious than just the end of a relationship as he says "I can't help that all I think about is how you were taken way too soon" So sad. Anyone who has lost a loved one likely can relate to this, as he sings "I gotta say, missing you comes in waves, and tonight I'm drowning" Sometimes the pain is a lot harder than other times. The whole second verse is really powerful and so sad. "Yeah, I know you're in a better place, and one day I'll see you again. But it's killing me we can't be face to face I miss my best friend." That last part especially. Ugh, I feel I'm quoting way too much, but these parts all speak to me. "I know it's a part of life, but I wasn't ready to say goodbye" The broken down chorus after the bridge is so pretty, but his voice on the whole song is amazing. And the video of all these people holding up pictures of people they've lost is so sad and emotional. Chris holds up a photo of his own at the end. 102. Miley Cyrus - Mother's Daughter I really liked this song from Miley since the first time I heard it. It kind of reminds me of something that might be on her Can't Be Tamed album. It just has that sound. I also love that music right at the start before she starts singing. But yeah, this is kind of an anthem or tribute of sorts to her relationship with her mom and how she got her fearlessness from her. "Oh my God, she got the power. Oh, look at her, she got the power" I really like that pre-chorus, but the chorus is my favorite. "Don't touch my freedom, I came back to get me some" But then I love that "So, back up, back up, back up, back up, boyyyy, ooooh" part a lot too. It's all kind of catchy and just has this echoey, kind of feel I can't describe. I love her vocals there too. The bridge is probably my least favorite, but I do really like these lyrics: "My mama always told me that I'd make it, that I'd make it, so I made it" Aww. Those "swish swish" parts near the end are fun too. I wish I could accurately describe the sound of this song, but it's really cool. 101. Julia Michaels - Anxiety (featuring Selena Gomez) Wikipedia tells me this is a single, so I'm going to include it because I love the song. It's a nice collaboration between Julia and Selena, and I'm sure is relatable to many people, including me. I also love the stripped down arrangement of it. It's so good. This lyric near the start is also so good: "I'm holding hands with my depression" That's a clever line and same. "I make all these plans with friends and hope they call and cancel. Then I overthink about the things I'm missing, now I'm wishing I was with 'em" omg but this can be all too real for some people. The pre-chorus is probably my favorite part of the song where she says "Feel like I'm always apologizing for feeling, like I'm out of my mind when I'm doing just fine" Agh yes, this. But I also love the way she sings that second line. It's got such great rhythm. I love when Selena sings that too and probably even more that time. "But all my friends, they don't know what it's like, what it's like, they don't understand why I can't sleep through the night" Such sad lyrics, but the melody of the song is subtly jammy. Oh, and this lyric stands out to me too: "I've been told that I could take something to fix it, I wish it, I wish it was that simple" Yeah. The bridge is kind of repetitive, but in a good way because it has a great vibe and flow. "I got all these thoughts, running through my mind, all the damn time and I can't seem to shut it off" Ugh, again... same. Basically this is a really relatable, relevant song with a great melody and is a strong collaboration between these two. I wish it got more attention... a lot more. Oh, and there is this live performance of them singing it: https://youtu.be/MNYxeHFHqcU This was in November and has 2.3 million views. Any chance radio will pick up on this soon? Hmm. 107. Zara Larsson - Don't Worry Bout Me: 106. Dove Cameron - Waste: 105. Levi Hummon - I Still Do: 104. BTS - Boy with Luv (featuring Halsey): 103. Chris Young - Drowning: 102. Miley Cyrus - Mother's Daughter: 101. Julia Michaels - Anxiety (featuring Selena Gomez): AT LAST. The Top 100! Clues for 100-94: - A piece of clothing is mentioned in this song title. - A song featuring someone from a reality show. - This song title is something that people can break. - Two country songs both from all male groups. - The lead singer of this song had an appearance in my Top 10 back in 2014. - The name of this song is something that everyone has, but it could be very different from someone else's.
  19. Hmm okay. Let me know when you find out, but yay thank you! - lol that's ~what you meant to say~. Okay. But I have no response to this. - Awww well I hope so. You're welcome. - I didn't say what you said wasn't those things. I'm only saying I don't think you forgot, but you probably did by now. Hey. It shouldn't be wow that I couldn't sleep. I would think you'd expect it. I don't know, but you can still hover. You know what was on. lol I know. I always remember that and it's so silly to think about, but it really happened. - lol. Oh hmm okay. I can get that more, I suppose. Not me. No, I don't know what all his songs are about. I don't listen to most of them. Because... I don't know what to say about it. - Ooh I feel like this has come up before and how I rank her songs so much higher too. But it's okay. I love her music. That's the smiley! Hmm okay. I meant it as a good thing? Okay. lol well alright.
  20. Slow Hands is still my favorite from Niall and will be tough to beat, but I still like his other songs. Glad you at least like this song from Samantha. Click "quote" under the post. - Aww. I like both sides, but yay! - Ooooh, that's too bad. At least it's okay for you. - I'm not a fan either, but I do prefer this style of song from him as well. - Aww but oh yay, glad this was a standout for you too! - Aww, oh well. - Ah, I see. I don't love it as much as her others, but I think it's a grower. - I get that, but yes agree!
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