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  1. I remember a few more from Nigel, mostly about season 6: - When Sanjaya kept advancing and the nation was in an uproar, he said nobody should worry because he has no chance whatsoever to win, so he was probably middle to low of the pack each week. - He also revealed Lakisha would have gone home at the Top 6 during Idol Gives Back week if they held an elimination. - He states he watched Jordin Sparks "climb up the mountain of voting" throughout the season, so she probably started out middle and rose throughout the weeks. - Carmen from season 2 stated during the early Top 12 rounds, Nigel told her she did well in the voting, but when the mountain time zones kick in, her numbers especially soared. - This one is very very random, but I remember Nigel talking about season 3's Wildcard round, Katie Webber would likely be included because based on the vote totals "people loved her." - Also this is not official, but I rewatched the season 3 Top 32 rounds recently on YouTube, and one of the comments said something that I'm 99% sure is true: on the Top 32 results shows, the order Seacrest revealed the results was in reverse voting placement. So they were in groups of 8, and he would start with 8th place, reveal they are not in the Top 3, then the next person he told that was not in the Top 3 was 7th place etc. (this doesn't apply to the Top 3 themselves though, but those NOT in the top 3 was likely revealed starting with last place). To me it's canon because the way it happens for each of the Top 32 rounds makes *perfect* sense.
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