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  1. Ooh sorry new update from germany channel “ARD” Germany Ard - https://www.ardmediathek.de/ard/live/Y3JpZDovL2Rhc2Vyc3RlLmRlL0xpdmVzdHJlYW0tRGFzRXJzdGU (live web-tv) 20:15-21:30 – eurovision song contest 2020 21,55-00:00 – eurovision song contest 2020 – europe shine a light 00:05.03:30 - eurovision song contest 2010 Or eurovision.de web-tv https://www.eurovision.de/news/Deutsches-ESC-Finale-Diskutiert-live-mit,socialtv358.html (live web-tv) so ard wil not show the officiele show at 21:00 it been move to 21:55
  2. yes its a eurovision night tonight from 21:00 cet Norway Nrk1 19:40 – 21:00 - https://tv.nrk.no/serie/beat-for-beat/2020/MUHU14000520 (episode will be add after it been on tv) 21:00-23:00 - https://tv.nrk.no/serie/eurovision-song-contest/2020/MUHU26003820 (episode will be add after it been on tv) Note Norway do not share live web-tv direckte Sweden Svt1 - https://www.svtplay.se/video/26768585/eurovision-europe-shine-a-light (live web-tv) 21:00-23:00 Germany Ard - https://www.ardme
  3. NORWAY Eurovision Song Contest 2020 - «Norge bestemmer» https://tv.nrk.no/serie/eurovision-song-contest/2020/MUHU26003720 (full episode)
  4. thursday 14-05-2020 Eurovision Song Celebration 2020 - Part Two On Tuesday you were able to see the first 20 songs that would have competed at the Eurovision Song Contest 2020. The second online show, which will be broadcast on Thursday 14 May, will feature the songs chosen for the second Semi-Final and will include the rest of the Big 5 countries: France, Spain and the United Kingdom. Here, the interval acts will shine again! Curious to know how your favourite Eurovision 2020 participants live? You'll be treated to some exclusive home tours, and perhaps even a cooking e
  5. NOTE EBU has make 2 celebrations shows on youtube this will be show tuestday 12-05-2020 ️ Here's the official running order for the First Semi-Final which was premiered on Eurovision Song Celebration tonight! https://scontent-cph2-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/p960x960/97265369_10158360665018007_8949448789471526912_o.png?_nc_cat=1&_nc_sid=8024bb&_nc_oc=AQmUxGxzect0YZMs0TGnXWyDpjpBOi1dUDDzaANcM8udZfeuOOA_YoJsgd_WYDZ1n40&_nc_ht=scontent-cph2-1.xx&oh=de8825dd73c115c2476e47ac31e20d33&oe=5EDFE034 Eurovision Song Celebration 2020 - Part One
  6. SWEDEN Eurovision: Inför ESC https://www.svtplay.se/video/26662194/eurovision-sveriges-12-a?info=visa (full episode) NORWAY Adresse Europa (4) https://tv.nrk.no/serie/eurovision-song-contest/2020/MUHU26003420 (full episode)
  7. NORWAY Adresse Europa (2) 21,20-22,30 https://tv.nrk.no/serie/eurovision-song-contest/2020/MUHU26003220 (full episode)
  8. NORWAY Adresse Europa (1) 21,20-22,20 https://tv.nrk.no/serie/eurovision-song-contest/2020/MUHU26003120 (full episode)
  9. Here's where to watch Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light Posted 16 April 2020 at 12:55 CEST 'Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light' will bring audiences across Europe and around the world together on 16 May for a very special show. 46 broadcasters have picked up the show: here's where you can watch it! Following the cancellation of the Eurovision Song Contest 2020, the EBU and its Dutch Members NPO, NOS and AVROTROS confirmed they will produce Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light to air in place of the Grand Final on Saturday 16 May at 21:00 CEST. The show will honour all 41
  10. Eurovision: Europe Shine a Light will be a live television programme, organised by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and produced by the Dutch broadcasters AVROTROS, NOS and NPO. It will replace the Eurovision Song Contest 2020, which was planned to be held in Rotterdam, Netherlands, but was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. The show will be broadcast live from Hilversum, Netherlands on 16 May 2020 and is expected to last approximately two hours. It will be hosted by Chantal Janzen, Edsilia Rombley and Jan Smit, who had been chosen to present the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 be
  11. SWEDEN Melodifestivalen 2020: Final https://www.svtplay.se/video/25118598/melodifestivalen-2020/melodifestivalen-2020-7-mars-19-55 (full episode) DENMARK Dansk melodi grand prix 2020 https://www.dr.dk/drtv/se/dansk-melodi-grand-prix-2020_172971 (full episode)
  12. SWEDEN Melodifestivalen 2020: Andra chansen och Hall of Fame https://www.svtplay.se/video/25334919/melodifestivalen-2020/melodifestivalen-2020-melodifestivalen-2020-andra-chansen-i-eskilstuna (full episode)
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