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  1. Man Democrats don sh*t except virtue signal but its starting to become a pattern that Republicans literally hate democracy. First Trump, then some of the stuff Desantis has done and now at the lower levels this... https://news.yahoo.com/florida-republican-defeated-59-percentage-202832444.html
  2. Maybe its always been this way but I feel like over the last several years the Democrats have ignored latinos (and somewhat Asians too) in favor of blacks. Obviously black people matter and their votes but Latinos are also the largest minority in the country by a large margain. And in FL/TX they make up about a third of the population. They're losing a lot of electoral votes.
  3. Yeah its pretty arrogant to try to change another language. Pro tip dress is a masculine noun..its not that deep. But it helps them not fix real problems because economically they work for the same team.
  4. Well I had my first personal experience with big tech censorship yesterday. I was reading the comments on facebook under a post that talked about a bill that gives better conditions and treatment to animals on farms. Someone said that the animals dont deserve the way we treat them. Then someone else said that he doesn't care because he's the top of the food chain and they're his prey. I told him that if he is such a predator go and "kill them yourself" Facebook sent me a message immediately that my post violated community standards for bullying. I think the bot overlooked the pronoun and thought I told the bloke to off him self. I challenged the decision but they upheld it. One of the main industries the govt is in cahoots with outside of big tech is big meat and dairy so it makes sense. I find it amusing.
  5. Thought I'd tell a semi related to politics story. Apparently yesterday Biden was supposed to fly into KY/TN area to visit the area devastated by tornadoes. He cancelled due to a winter storm. I actually flew out of Nashville yesterday back home to FL. I was lucky as mine was one of only a handful of flights to take off. But once we took off no problems. Guess he didnt care all that much then if us lowly common folk could fly out of the region yesterday Oh and there were inbound flights as well
  6. Lol Florida man is not Ron Desantis. Its our true state logo. I'm actually kind of politically homeless because I'm probably left of center socially but not left enough for the "wokies" in the establishment left. While I'm left of the establishment left economically. I believe the Scandanavians have the best economic system. Not something the folks who run the Democratic party are really fans of.
  7. But thats what I mean when I say people think they like Republican policies but probably dont in actuality. The Florida man is scarier than all those creatures. I cant say of Nashville or Austin but Miami the suburbs of Ft LAuderdale and Palm Beach County definitely lean blue. The largest neighboring town of Tampa, St Pete, also leans blue.
  8. Not to defend NYC or LA but I will say conservatives moving to FL, TN, or TX are moving to Tampa (God the escalating housing prices), Miami, Austin, and Nashville. None of these are red cities. So although you can go too far one way they cant be liking conservative policies that much. They ain't moving to Buck snort, TN or the panhandle of FL
  9. I guess the right has moved on from blue lives matter and cops are heroes. Credit though. It lasted longer than the animal rights movement on the right
  10. I dont think her focus is on music but how about Jaclyn Glenn. I want to see the bitter minivaners bitch about her
  11. I'd vote for a female dark rock singer in the vein of Pat Benetar or Amy Lee or Kelly's old material. Ftiw, first time I voted was this year for Jim and Sasha, Not sure why. I find them very intriguing and unique. Admittingly, part of it was to piss off the 50 year old housewives on facebook that called Sasha a woman too
  12. Kelly Clarkson if she performed material similar to her recent style and idol style would be similar to Wendy though. She's 40 and I think she would still win.
  13. Justin Kilgore cute country singer that the judges were fawning over. Eliminated in knockouts
  14. I cant really see a ton of solo success at her age especially because her style is old school but damn she has a good voice
  15. This board i B-I-A-S-E-D. No offense to Jershika but in the less than a minute I heard several vocal problems but people here act like Whitney Houston came back to life.
  16. Please do a little to help KY if you can.
  17. I dont think she meant it like that assuming she is good friends with Joshua. I know he's married to a woman but he's not the evangelical Christian version of a man so I dont think she's that close minded.
  18. In to say if Jim and Sasha were in it would be my favorite. Bombs away!!
  19. I think the vaccines are only mildly effective but how does the = population control? Its not like the vaccines kill people.
  20. In reference to the Shadale post a few pages back. She actually had some potential to make it in the industry. I think the hard truth-the audience does not like traditionally attractive women.
  21. Agrred. To me Wendy is similar stylistically to Kelly. Both are influenced very much by Motown and old school r and b. Both have sang country songs but neither actually sound country when they sing.
  22. So I know no one from this show becomes a big star but I would not be surprised if Sasha finds the most solo success in the music industry. He's not the best vocalist but he has the charisma and the IDGAF attitude that pop/rock music looks for. I wonder if Jim could co write/produce a produce for him..
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