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  1. Hey producers, Can y'all bring in Lauryn Hill as a battle advisor? ]
  2. Masha, Stellar and Johnny for the Top 3. Either one of them will win.
  3. I won't mind a season without audiences. And can we have a new coach replacing Blake please? Kenny Chesney? Brett Young? Sam Hunt?
  4. Nezz


    1. Thunderstorm 2. Micah / CammWess 3. John Legend Hopefully Nick wins season 18.
  5. Arthur needs to sing this for Disney Night.
  6. I just watched the new episodes of Songland yesterday. We need Jeffrey James on Season 19. He is crazy goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood.
  7. Looking forward to watch James Taylor's comments on the performances. The producers should have also invited Carole King though.
  8. USA is currently at no.1 with 279,500 cases and 7457 deaths. I won't mind if they postpone the live playoffs and the live shows for goodness sake.
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