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  1. Ugh got the Memphis one wrong.
  2. Lol yay got 3 right so far. I would surely lose this lmao.
  3. OMG I finally got 1 right.... got the Kevin one right.
  4. LMAOOO I got that question wrong and answered as she did too.
  5. Yayy Final HoH time! Excited to seee how badly I do on this.
  6. LMAO Don't start. This is sooo true lol. Lmao of course not.
  7. Ah I was gonna recommend you watch it so I'm glad you did. Yeah I'm glad she's doing better now.... and she mentioned a lot of things I didn't know she's gone through.
  8. LOL IKR? Oh you. He certainly did.
  9. Ooh lol I know but I love them all so much that i would love to see it that long. But realistically, a shortened season with all the BB female legends works for me.
  10. LOL She's better off not watching that with how boring that triple eviction episode was.
  11. LOL Did someone say "Cody became Derrick"? Derrick taught Cody VERY well for this season. Gotta admit that.
  12. That's all we need. A 2-3 month season with just those 3. YES! Didn't really care for Dani in the game tbh, but i've been really liking her in the jury.
  13. Boo Boo the Fool Fool. Tamar! Although I watched her Tamron Hall interview today and it was so heartbreaking. LMAOO I know.
  15. I watched but I was busy catching up on other things, and couldn't chat in the thread with you. I apologize.
  16. I really liked her on her earlier seasons but sadly she's gotten kinda insufferable on later/more recent seasons. Oh true. But then Cody won the Veto, would have saved himself and still evict Valentine's Day.
  17. Sameee. I never laughed so much on this show in weeks. RIGHTTT? MTE. I get this! BUT LMAOOO This is totally true.
  18. Lmao that's Cody's brother, we were bound to see him.
  19. LOL Enzo calling himself not a sore loser… YET HE IS MELTING THE EFF DOWN right now.
  20. I feel bad for Enzo but I can't stop cracking up at his meltdowns. Victoria! LMAOO I did not see them. Predicting this too.
  21. YEP. Although he couldn't keep Halloween as Cody had all the power and sole vote to evict that week. But keeping Nicole over David..... SUCH a bad move for him right now.
  22. OMGG Enzo is melting down like whoa.... yikes. I do feel he is destined for 3rd, although Cody could possibly take him to F2 with him.
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