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  1. Whoa... we are getting placements. :o WOW Lauren & Gleb came in 4th? Surprised. :o HAPPYYY for Ally & Sasha getting 3rd!
  2. Awww love that Kenan gave Kel a message in this segment. :bye2:
  3. I try my very best. :" border="0" alt="blushing.gif" />
  4. Like everyone else, I really can't wait for this season to be over. It's been EXHAUSTINGG. Predicting either Kel or Hannah to win but best of luck to everyone.
  5. Yeah hers wasn't as strong as the others, but it was a really fun dance that suited her. just trying to bring some unity in here.
  6. No matter who you are a fan of, I do hope we can all agree that everyone BROUGHT IT with their Freestyles and these Freestyles suited all of the celebs so perfectly.
  7. OOH AND I LOVE how Tom mentioned Cher as "Former DWTS Guest Judge, Cher!" "Cher, 9" will ALWAYS be ICONIC.
  8. Wow Kel absolutely killed and CRUSHED and slayed that Freestyle! Loved the Salsa bits at the start but the parts where it got really fast was soooo good! Kel is my kind of contestant dancing to these classic 90s R&B and hip-hop jams. Wow if Len doesn't give a 10. :) :) :) :) Although I do wish they chose a different dance from the Jazz.
  9. Where are Lily and Alex? :bye2: OMG I'm crying.
  10. Not exactly. But she did deliver a really fantastic Freestyle and I did love it. I do wished it stayed as "Girl on Fire" only. omg CA commenting on a stumble. :ph34r: OK she still gave a 10. And yayy Hannah's got her perfect 30, so congrats!!
  11. Oh wow 5 women and 1 man on the DWTS tour this year? That's the total opposite from last year's tour where it was 4-5 men and 1 woman on the tour.
  12. I still beg to differ. Since her routines can only really finish 3rd at best lately. No. The one from Fifth Harmony.
  13. Aww you will get points for something, at least. Hopefully Len can give the 10 to her. :shiver:
  14. Ooh and Chris saying that the majority of IDF are Ally fans.... proof in tonight's thread, that this really isn't the case. :bleh:
  15. I'm sure Hannah will get a 30 for her Freestyle too. If not, I'm gonna hide from IDF for the next 10 or so minutes.
  16. Aww really happy for Lauren getting her first 10s and first perfect 30! :D
  17. Really fun Freestyle from Lauren & Gleb. That was a lot of fun and really suited her. She looked like she was having the time of her life there. Thinking she can finally get some 10s and that 30 too. :o
  18. Ughh don't remind me. :'( I feel the same way.
  19. :) LOL I'm beyond happy and more than good right now. :bleh: :*
  20. I would be fine with none of these Idol contestants winning this. :ph34r: But guessi rooting for Logan for Elliott. Oh, it went to Layla. Congrats to her. :o
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