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  1. Me neither, LMAO. It's seriously sooo bad. He was not prepared for this.
  2. It really is. They let Cody run away with this game all game.
  3. Enzo had no targets? LMAOOO WHATT?
  4. ENZO continues on killing me tonight. He was NOT prepared for this.
  5. Samee. His delusions tonight are giving me so much life.
  6. This vote wouldn't surprise me. Either 8-1 or 7-2.
  7. For real. Da'Vonne spilling the tea of how it would be smart of them to get rid of Nicole. An she was right.
  8. OOOOOOO omg, wow. I knew she was apart of this messed up stuff but wow i had no idea she lost sponsors for that. Yikes. But not surprised Twitter dragged her on this.
  9. Samee Enzo has been a STAR tonight. I will give him that. He sure did. UGH We deserved this iconic F5.
  10. Well Enzo defied the odds and made it past 3rd place. Well done to him there.
  11. First Enzo saying he's not a sore loser but he's clearly melting down. Then Nicole saying she isn't angry when she clearly is. THE DELUSIONS from two of this Top 3 right now.
  12. Omgg she lost sponsorships? Whyy? What did she doo?
  13. It REALLY is. And Nicole saying she's not angry about it?
  14. Cody & Nicole? Cody & Enzo? Same.
  15. Ooh wow Cody evicted Nicole. I think that was the smart thing for him to do there.
  16. Danggg that is seriously so impressive!
  17. Wow Cody is getting super emotional about this.
  18. Is there even a wrong decision for him to do?
  19. LMAOO I can't remember this. Agreed! Sure sounded like it.
  20. Yay I got 4 right, which is so bad. Well done to Cody on winning (the final HoH). I knew that he would.
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