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  1. Ooh goodness, this Vernon intro of him losing his grandfather. This is so sad and tough to watch. Nice he turned this intro an encouraging story with his football game though.
  2. Ooh and also, I love Nicki but agree. That section of the song seemed like what really threw her off.
  3. Agree with you on all of this. I really like her but yeah that 18 was very fair.
  4. Gahh, oh Skai. Poor thing. Gah there was a whole section that got messed up for quite... a long time there. I thought she recovered from that after a point. And there were certain parts where she looked like she was having fun and performing well - and did have some nice Cha-Cha. Could have been her best Latin but.... gah Latin is a struggle for her.
  5. Aww Skai going to college while doing DWTS. That is a lot to handle. Props to her for that! I remember Nastia doing the same thing too.
  6. Preach it, Chris. Fingers crossed! Love her song choice! And i really want her to slay a Latin dance now.
  7. Lol yess, I feel the same way. I thought it was a really solid 8s dance - but not quite 9s level yet. Ugh I'm scared this push for her is gonna screw over some of my actual faves.
  8. Really pretty Rumba from Monica. She did dance it beautifully with nice shapes, lines and elegance in there.
  9. Aww at this Monica story here. Happy for her finding her happiness with her husband after going through a divorce.
  10. Same. I think it was the song and choreography mismatch for me. LMAOO yeah. I give Jenna props for pulling together an actual Jazz routine there. Nev has got the training to pull it off - so it all worked in that sense.
  11. Nev's Jazz was really good. Like Lily said, not the Jazz I was expecting - but it felt like a true essential Jazz dance with the technique, moves and all of that. His training clearly showed and shone there. But I felt like the song was a mismatch with the routine. I think that was what was throwing me off there.
  12. OMGG Jenna not knowing that Mark Wahlberg was Marky Mark. Nev going 2nd kinda worries me my prediction of him having the highest score might not happen.
  13. How you said this cracked me up. Ooh I thought Johnny was gonna get straight 8s there, oops. But the 7s and 8s are fair.
  14. Really fun Salsa from Johnny & Britt. Love his energy and how he performs, as he has so much fun with it. Some of the technical elements to it - like some of the partnering and lifts weren't as smooth and slick as it could have been. And yeah it did lack some proper Salsa flair. It's tough he had this dance to follow up from his Contemporary.
  15. Johnny & Britt dancing to one of my favorite songs of "On the Floor"? Looking forward to it!
  16. YESSS! Tara Lipinski has been on my dream list for years! Hoping with Johnny doing well and having fun on the show, he can convince her to do the show!
  17. Ooooh I think I predicted Johnny to open? At least I hope I did. I know I did Justina for closing, so #bless.
  18. You should know. They've been promoting it for 2 weeks.
  19. I want to give a huge congrats to Johnny & Britt, whose Contemporary is not only the top scoring dance of the season - but it takes them going from 6th to 2nd. The couples in the 2nd to 6th range are all super close - all within 1 point so anything can change amongst those couples.
  20. IDF Rates Dancing with the Stars Season 29 Routines (Week 5) Score Averages: 1. Johnny Weir & Britt Stewart - “Total Eclipse of the Heart” (Contemporary): 122 / 9.38 2. Kaitlyn Bristowe & Artem Chigvintsev - “I Think We’re Alone Now” (Tango): 108 / 8.3 3. Nev Schulman & Jenna Johnson - “Take On Me” (Quickstep): 102 / 7.84 4. Jeannie Mai & Brandon Armstrong - “Like a Virgin” (Jazz): 101 / 7.76 5. AJ McLean & Cheryl Burke - “Open Arms” (Waltz): 100 / 7.69 5. Skai Jackson & Alan Bersten - “The Power of Love” (Jazz): 100 / 7.69
  21. Voting for this round is close. Calculating the results now. Thank you everyone for voting!
  22. This all seems very likely. I could see JJ lasting awhile considering if his backstory garns him some public support for awhile. Yeah I agree with you on this. I'm gonna try to figure out my pre-series predictions this week but I could see Bill going quite far, like a Final 6 or something. I also feel like this year is super hard to predict. I see Jacqui as an early boot, but everything is a toss-up. And not sure who I can see as the winner. It's all gonna be so unpredictable, I feel.
  23. And here is a fun preview of this week’s rehearsals!
  24. Some little tidbits for tonight’s show. Skai’s look tonight seems like a Doja Cat / Nicki Minaj (a la Super Bass) inspired look, at least I got that from her hair and make-up. Chrishell’s dance will be dedicated to her parents, both of whom she lost to cancer. Now the song choice is so fitting. Also heard that Jeannie’s dance will be an emotional story regarding her family too.
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