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  1. I am gathering up the prediction survey right now.... Will plan on posting it tonight. But just a warning - with the double elimination and the Dance Relay portion, this form is going to be A LOT to fill out. So this could be a week where some of us could get major breakthrough in points, or could flop badly. :haha: Regardless a lot of points will be up for grabs.


    And if anyone knows or gets info of who dances in what  relays, we can post them in here (or in the general discussion thread of course).

  2. Ginger Minj. 😢 Super sad to see her go as she was one of the few bright spots of S7 for me. :broken: Ugh i hate having so many targets that I couldn't even get to targeting people from that season. :/ But I'm very happy for Peppermint to survive as I love her too.. ❤️  And of course glad Shea made it too. ❤️ 


    Ooh yay Lily nom'd two people I was thinking of too! 😄 

  3. 1 hour ago, Elliott said:

    @*Wallace This post is a personal attack.


    1 hour ago, ~Tom~ said:

    Aja, queen of getting 0 points. :wub: 

    I'm jealous Acid Betty couldn't be the only one to do so. 😢 :haha: LOL JK.

    1 hour ago, JC said:

    @*Wallace dragged me down on writeups. If he likes Shea, I'm glad I gave her no points :giggle:Serves him right.


    I love how I just naturally used drag and serve unintentionally ❤️ 

    LMAO hat the heck do I have to do with any of this? 😐  :dead:  :rofl: 

  4. 3 hours ago, ~Tom~ said:

    Aja...robbed? We’re past the top 100. :haha: Good choice Andy I was considering her too.

    Exactly. Aja is like one of the few i was perfectly fine with being nominated of the last 2 rounds. :haha: 


    1 hour ago, ~Tom~ said:

    This scene here?



    I imagine she played it up pretending to think about it, but this was iconic! Her shading them while tearing up thier letters while they were watching was hilarious too. :dead:


    And I see this is Big Brother Canada. Based on this scene alone, it's got to be better than US. :haha: 

    The majority of  the Big Brother fandom would say BBCAN is better. :yes: 

  5. On 10/28/2020 at 12:47 AM, FunkyFrankie said:

    THANK GOD, Jeannie was saved. Derek, WTFF??!!!  I think she might be the shock boot though, I don't think she has a lot of fans...


    I think Kaitlyn had a Skai moment where her fans pulled through and Jeannie ended up in the bottom 


    How is Disturbia a paso song?:blink::rofl:


    Justina is growing on me 😮 


    i don't like some of the villains, they were creepy

    Ahh  this is tricky to say. I do think Jeannie has a lot of fans. She has 2.3 million Instagram followers and her dances are usually amongst the Top 5 most viewed each week. But yeah that may not all translate to all of those followers and viewers voting. :( I'm hoping this Bottom 2 scare can get her fans to vote even harder but I'm not so sure.


    Ooh and this with Kaitlyn, I think with her being a part of Bachelor Nation, she has that strong built-in fanbase regardless. That and there was literally no time for her fans to up their voting game after her scores as voting closed seconds or 1 minute or so after her scores were revealed. :haha: 

  6. Just now, Elliott said:

    It was a group decision, Wally!!


    That I’m glad was in favour of cutting a Christmas song.

    Ooh i know. :haha:  I'm gonna take notice of this in future rounds. :haha: 



  7. Not sure those of you that know but Chrishell has a blog on Entertainment Tonight, detailing her time on the show. This was actually a great and fun read here on what goes on behind the scenes.




    She also reveals her dance relay spoiler.

    She will be in the Cha-Cha relay.


    I am curious if we will find out more Dance relay spoilers throughout the week. 😮 We all must keep an eye out for this, especially for the Prediction game.


    And on another note:  It’s also interesting how she could have almost been The Bachelorette in the past (like 10 years ago). Never thought of that but I could totally see her in that role. :haha: 

  8. 3


    Johnny Weir & Britt Stewart - "Creep" (Viennese Waltz): 6

    Nev Schulman & Jenna Johnson - "Swan Lake Remix" (Paso Doble): 70

    Skai Jackson & Alan Bersten - "Everything I Wanted" (Argentine Tango): 24


    + Nev & Jenna

    - Johnny & Britt

  9. 27 minutes ago, *Chris said:

    Thanks Wally!

    It's hard to look back at her time on the show, though - apparently she didn't really want to do the show & was kinda forced to do it :(. But you can't deny the chemistry between her & Maxime - they made a great pair & had a lot of highlights throughout their time in the competition. 

    Oooh, aww wow she was kinda forced to do the show? Aww wow I had no idea about that. :( But she did do really well there, so i'm happy for her on that. ❤️ 

  10. 21 hours ago, *Lily said:

    Thanks Wally! 😄 Agree with everything of course! And love how we both ended up writing way more on Jamelia than we expected. :lmao:


    Great Zoe writeup too! I think you’d really have enjoyed her if you had watched her series live :yes: She wasn’t one of my main favourites there which maybe was kinda down to having James as a partner, but yeah her time on the show was definitely cut way too short as you noted with her scores. :( 

    Lmaooo yesss I love that. :haha:


    Ahh thank you! Ugh yeah as I always say, I wish I could find the earlier seasons as I love watching the full episodes getting to know the couples. I'm sure I would have liked her more getting to know her personality. I do wonder if it was her partnership with James or their connection or a lack of fanbase that made her struggle in votes? She deserved better on the show though.

    21 hours ago, *Lily said:

    My other favorite thing about Zoe is that she is the star of the iconic Angry White Woman gif! :wub: :giggle:




    omggg thats her? :dead: I like her more already. :haha: 


    13 hours ago, Stephhyy said:

    Samuel Johnson

    (photo will be inserted here once I get back on my computer)

    Samuel Johnson is an actor and a advocate for cancer. He starred on a few Australian shows, which I cannot think of the top of the head, however he is more recognised for his charity work against cancer as his sister passed away a couple of years ago due to it. His sister was the reason he wanted to do Dancing with the Stars in Australia. He was in last year’s season where he was partnered up with Jorja Freeman and they won the competition. I don’t want to get too into his run (but will edit this later), but he was one of the top scorers of the season premiere. Recalling his run there are a few dances that stood out to me, which were his Contemporary and his Freestyle, however I know that a lot of people are going to be happy about this placing, but this is a great spot for hi to go out on.


    SAVING: Fifi Box

    I enjoyed Samuel on his season but his run was kind of quite a rollercoaster. :haha: But he did have some really enjoyable dances, and some great moments His reason for doing the show was sweet and touching.

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