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  1. Why do I keep doing this to you? I didn’t mean to as I didn’t know. I’m gong to send you something else I feel so bad.
  2. This. (!) Shang can get it though. (!)
  3. I tanked Mulan because Christina Aguilera told me to.
  4. Into my bedroom? Yes. Not Jessica’s Cody though. He would get denied at the door. o:)
  5. Articuno is fine. Haunter is legendary but like we couldn’t have Gengar instead? :)
  6. I’m not even kidding. China hated the film.
  7. I hate crocs. They are so tacky looking.
  8. China didn’t even like the film. I stand with China. Aladdin. Mushu is not in the live-action version and neither are the songs. I do not stab for the time being.
  9. The Ground and Mythical survivors are flops.
  10. Mulan better not win because this rankdown would be a flop. :)
  11. I have a year subscription to Disney+, Wally. Of course I’m happy.
  12. And before you threaten me with Cody; you’ve done that already and he got eliminated so thank u, next. :*
  13. Translation: Nominate The Nolan Twins to get a quick decision. ROGER THAT.
  14. I used your name didn’t I? :) So I’m not mad at you but I can still have my hopes and wishes fulfilled. Neither was how many times you nominated Coco but it happened...
  15. *cue Wally saying TLK is his favorite* Well, that one can’t win either. :)
  16. So groundbreaking, shocking and unexpected that cut was. I need to admit myself into the ER from the shock. :teehee:
  17. Can Megan and I eliminate all of Gen III?
  18. If my number can’t win neither can yours, Wally and D**.
  19. This would have been my write-up for Bre: Lisa is better.
  20. I hope number 8 is Toy Story or Aladdin.
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